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  1. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Just for your info Rotherham Canary, his facebook page has been linked to on this forum, I think in this thread as well.[/quote] Cheers. Blatant example of only skimming previous comments!
  2. On some of the Wednesday forums they''ve posted a link to his Facebook page! Judging by some of the disgusting comments congratulating him, it''s more than just a few Leeds fans. They should definitely look at banning them all from away games.
  3. He''s been named this morning and if you Google his name, you get this; http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Football-fan-says-m-hooligan-ban-breach/story-13251413-detail/story.html
  4. I can remember the L1 days and we have indeed come an incredibly long way. Some might say too far too soon as we''ve almost hit a bit of a plateau, where we''re struggling to maintain progress. I''d like to think we''ll scrape survival this season but if not, doing a West Brom for a few seasons wouldn''t be bad. I''m concerned that my usual optimism is ebbing away though and the season has barely started. On to next week I guess. Well, maybe the week after next...
  5. Forced to resign? Bit of a ''poultry'' excuse.
  6. I''ll be travelling from Rotherham and getting in fairly early. Would be nice to know what pubs people are aiming for as i''m going on my own. Went last season and I really enjoyed the day despite the result. The city has a welcoming feel and I liked the stadium even though we have to view the match from such an obscene height.
  7. Me too! Really hope I get a ticket. I''m a member with stubs so i''m fairly hopeful. Looking forward to contributing to one almighty racket!
  8. Thanks guys. Sounds like it''s a decent area to be in. I quite like sitting in different parts of the ground so it''ll be another one ticked off. My seats are on the end of row R, 2&3 if I remember. In terms of the journey, it''s about three and a half hours by train so i''m crossing my fingers there are no delays. I struggle to get to many home games now so i''m quite looking forward to getting back down for this one. Got my ticket for Newcastle A at the same time. Hopefully two great weekends coming up!
  9. Didn''t think i''d be free for the WHU game but turns out I am. Pretty pleased that I managed to get two tickets in row R of the upper Barclay this close to match day but never sat up there before so just wondering what it''s like. Anyone got an insight? I''m leaving Rotherham at 7am to get down there in plenty of time so i''m hoping for an exciting afternoon!
  10. Could be that they''re both more comfortable with Hughton''s ethos. I guess it would make sense that it suits their natural game and sets of attributes.
  11. In the 3rd Round of the Capital One Cup. Winnable home tie.
  12. Bit weird that ain''t it? Possibly a mistake or will he be pushed up alongside Holt a lot of the time?
  13. He was superb. Very comfortable to pick up the ball and carry it forward. Not only that, he''s confident in taking his man on and has a mean delivery on him. Think he''ll have a blinding season.
  14. [quote user="ImDrunky"]Exactly, Jackson may not score a lot, but he will be a handful and hopefully it will give Holt the space to score. (Getting really nervous about the game now btw lol)[/quote] Agreed. This is the most nervous i''ve been about a Norwich fixture for a while now. Pleased to see Jackson starting, his pace will wear out the Rs defence for sure.
  15. Immediate concern to see Barnett on the pitch but I fancy us to take a point.
  16. He went down after a challenge in the Fulham game. He stayed down a while and looked to be in quite a lot of discomfort.
  17. I''ve got a feeling it might be Tettey. Considering he got shown around today and all. Praying it''s Biglia though. It would galvanise the yellow army for the season ahead.
  18. During the warm-ups at Fulham, he was wearing a pair of Grant Holt''s number 9 shorts!
  19. I sat in P4 of the neutral block and the guys behind me took the edge off a tough afternoon with their sheer comedic genius. After we went 3-0 down; "Well..it is hot after all." , "Yeah..it''s too hot for the lads." After Ruddy shanked a clearence; "England''s number 3!, England''s England''s number 3!" 4-0 down; "Suppose i''d take a draw then" It''s hard to convey how dry the humour was but it was ace. Nice one lads if it was you. Also the group down in front constantly yelling "MARK!" At Schwarzer was excellent. Went on for ages and it gave me the giggles.
  20. [quote user="paul moy"]Neither of those codes work for me, but the system is a bit fragile on set-up, maybe due to millions of entrants and data update delays so I''ll try again later.[/quote] You probably have done, but just wanted to make sure you selected the ''private league'' option? This is the code copied and pasted 23203-36965
  21. There''s about 20 teams from Pink''Un users already in mine if anyone fancies joining in? Code 23203-36965
  22. One of the Sheffield clubs as it would be nice to stroll down after work.
  23. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]Still not as bad as the ref away at Tranmere... [:S][/quote] Eddie Ilderton I believe. Absolutely atrocious officiating. The guy was never in control of the game. I remember Lambert''s furious antics were pretty hilarious though.
  24. Top pocket like a toaster, more cards than Paul Daniels etc etc. The game has a sending off and a pen written all over it.
  25. [quote user="Lambo"]Sorry, wasn''t aiming my posts at yourself fella! Was backhandedly agreeing with you haha.[/quote] Lol, no worries! I did kind of get that. Just wanted to clarify my position!
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