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  1. 1-2. Kane & Hoolahan in reply to an early Vaz Te strike.
  2. Bassong. Settles the backline and has scored some blinding goals.
  3. Merry Christmas to Canary fans everywhere. Have a belter.
  4. It would be prudent to have the issue of goal difference in the back of our minds and set up accordingly. Having said that I think it could be 1-4.
  5. Over 4.5 goals for our Boxing Day game is 4/1 with Paddy Power. That''s got to be worth a punt surely?
  6. I don''t think we should be laughing (sniggering maybe) as we might also get walloped on Boxing Day.
  7. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I agree. I have huge respect for Houghton and think he''s the best out there, but it''s clear for everyone to see that Houghton can''t motivate Morrison, can''t get Garido playing to his previous levels, struggles to get the best out of O''Hoolihan and has restricted Tetley to a holding role when he could be a box to box goalscorer like Yoyo Taurus. I also felt Whitacre looks lazy at best, Bassoon was off his game today and Simon Jackson should have been given more game time. So while I hold him in massively high regard, I think we should give him until Christmas to turn things round. [/quote] This is absolutely hilarious! Bassoon and Simon Jackson were particular highlights for me. Top stuff.
  8. Is it confirmed they are without Mulumbu and Yacob?
  9. They''re stuttering a bit. 1-3. Same pattern as the Wigan game except we''ll add another late on.
  10. I''m fairly certain that Ruddy regularly donates his entire clean sheet bonus to Help For Heroes. I can''t wait until he''s back, is about a month he''s been out already?
  11. Oh Sammy Clingan, it could''ve been you!
  12. I also think they''ll struggle as a result of their defensive injuries. 3-1 City. 2-0 up at the break, Kone to pull one back before Holt seals it.
  13. After a few minutes of disappointment I whole-heatedly agree. Three points on Saturday should now be firmly in our sights and ultimately that''s more important. Gutted to lose in the manner we did but fair play to Villa, they got one over on us. We move onwards and upwards. OTBC
  14. I don''t support them but I check for Rotherham United''s result. It''s where my girlfriend''s from and her dad does a bit coaching for the youth team so it''s nice to keep an eye out.
  15. As awful as it would be to lost the big man, Bunn had a stormer against spurs and I''d be comfortable with him deputising if the need arose.
  16. That really is incredible isn''t it? How bad do we reckon it could get? I''ll stick my neck out and say -50 doesn''t look too outlandish.
  17. Under Lambert were a thrashing, untamed, young beast, now we''re growing into a calm, collected, dangerous juggernaut. I hold my hands up though, I did spit my dummy out on my Facebook status about Hughton after Liverpool. I apologise for that and I''ve thoroughly been put in my place which is great. OTBC.
  18. I think it''s a mistake to simply expect three points and I can it being a bit of a nail bitter. I feel that we''ve got a great chance of winning but Reading will put us under considerable pressure with their style of play. Hopefully we will have the same back line that started on Saturday fit and raring to go. Perfect game for Hoolahan and Tettey to showcase their attacking flair too.
  19. Haha, yeah that was excellent. Bassong gestured to him to go down and had a little tantrum when he didn''t. Also I was near one of Holty''s trademark ''drawn'' freekicks and it was comical to see him grinning while trotting off.
  20. Not sure how many of you have seen this but made me smile. Would''ve liked to see a video actually! Quite an interesting bit of banter and illustrates that he probably had a decent working relationship with the players. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/20122497#asset Sorry for not linking properly!
  21. I''ve predicted it on another thread and I''m sticking to 2-2. Got an inkling Tettey will bag a worldly too.
  22. Lambert''s Lions, are f*ckin shitt! Lambert''s Lions are f*ckin shit!
  23. If we''re a couple of goals to the good i''d love a rousing rendition of "Lambert! What''s the score?, Lambert Lambert, what''s the score?"
  24. Lambert will most likely take the ''balls out of the bath'' approach and attack hard from the outset. I do feel we''ll get something though. I''m going for 2-2.
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