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  1. I wish these opening gambits would put some flesh on the bones. Based on what? Have you seen him?
  2. Here''s a link from the Chronicle Live site saying it looks like Cabaye and Steven Taylor will still be out on Saturday. That''s got to be great news if it turns out to be the case. Newcastle injury worries
  3. I think it''ll be very difficult. Cisse has a ''knock'' so will more than likely be fit and i''m sure I read somewhere that Ben Arfa could be back to face us. I''ve got a nagging feeling of foreboding about this one but hope i''m wrong. I''m travelling from Rotherham to Lowestoft on Thursday to stay with friends before heading to the game on Saturday. Fingers crossed it''s a worthwhile trip.
  4. I''d still go with the tried and tested Danny Graham. I''d be underwhelmed by Charlie Austin if we are in for him but I doubt there''s truth in it.
  5. Depends on who we sign. Quality AND quantity factored in.
  6. Some letters got missed as I copied and pasted from a PDF. "A claim of wrongful dismissal may be lodged only for on-field offences which result in a sending off, except for two cautions leading to a dismissal."
  7. Can''t be appealed. The FA website reads; "A claim of wrongful dismissal may be lodged only for on-fi eld of ences which result in a sending of , except for two cautions leading to a dismissal." Section 5 (b) of ''Field Offences''
  8. Peterborough will be scrapping and I expect they''ll score but i''ll go for a professional 1-3 win.
  9. 26. I was born on April 23rd 1986, my brother on April 23rd 1988. Was cool sharing birthdays growing up.
  10. I''d be more than happy to have him. Scores goals.
  11. Excuse the horrific grammar at the end of my first post! I don''t know a great deal about Kayal, is he a combative type like Johnson?
  12. On my way to work and the Sky Sports News app reckons us and Reading have "made approaches" for Danny Graham. A seperate article states that Hughton was watching Hooper at Celtic with one of their coaches stating it would be "madness" to let him leave. I think they''re is definitely some rumblings of activity.
  13. I''m on mobile so it was a bit fiddly to stick it through translator. Cheers for doing so. Too many articles keeps cropping up for us not to be at least chasing the lad, i''d be over the moon if he was indeed undergoing a medical.
  14. I''m struggling to fathom that. Is it stating Mulenga is having a medical with us today? Really hope we act sharpish during this window.
  15. I have no idea how some people get on in life. Yes it''s not great but looking at the overall season so far, we''re doing ok. Newcastle will be tough and important but won''t be season defining. I''m sure with time to regroup and recover, we''ll start kicking on again. Some people should stop instantly s*itting the bed when we have a wobble.
  16. I certainly didn''t mean this to be an anti-Kane thread. We may have lost all our games over the festive period but looking at the bigger picture, our survival prospects haven''t been dented too much. Sussex makes good points though, in the sense that we don''t want our cushion to become a cross to bear and it ends up eroding away. Squad strengthening and a bit of rest will do us the world of good.
  17. Newcastle will be very important especially when you look at other fixtures that weekend. Hopefully Ba will be in the process of moving on by 12th Jan! Which players are Newcastle likely to lose to the ACON?
  18. Those in and around the bottom haven''t really been winning too many during our slump. Obviously there is still a long way to go and it''s evident we need to buy but it''s a real blessing the likes of Reading, Wigan, Villa haven''t capitalised and closed the gap on us. If Southampton lose to Arsenal then we''ve certainly got away with the poor run to some degree with a chance to recoup during the week and into next. Looking ahead to the cup, it is probably a good idea to play a second string and focus on getting the first team squad freshened up for Newcastle. We''re only four points off 8th so although there are issues that need addressing, it could be a hell of a lot worse. Personally I think a total of less than 40pts will be enough for survival this season, maybe even as low as 35.
  19. I doubt he bothers looking at clubs'' message boards. He strikes me as the type of pundit that''s happy to pick up his wages having done the bare minimum of work.
  20. LOSE 2-1. As always his analysis is thorough, articulate and his prediction based on not a great deal. "West Ham could not believe they didn''t nick a point form the trip to Reading. Ricardo Vaz Te''s miss was arguably one of the misses of the season. Their manager Sam Allardyce got it absolutely right when he said they had had a good start but for the first time they are starting to look at teams below them. They are hard to play against at home, which should help. Norwich have started to lose games after a good run. It will be interesting to see how they respond after feeling they could have earned a point in the defeat by Manchester City. They might get a tougher game at West Ham and a completely different one. Steve Wilson''s verdict: A clash of styles could make for a good game, 2-2. Lawro''s prediction: 2-1"
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