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  1. I''d love to see him here. Does this bid possibly mean we''ve tested the water with Hooper and he doesn''t want to come?
  2. I really hope that''s the case and he does end up play. You''d think Hughton might''ve mentioned it in his PC. I feel with him marshalling the back we can actually give Liverpool a game. Without him, park it.
  3. We should just park the bus. A point would be incredible.
  4. Looked like he was moving awkwardly in the opening stages of the Newcastle game so there might be something in it. He played 90mins though I figured it wasn''t serious.
  5. I''ll go for 1. Just got a feeling something big is going on.
  6. Wouldn''t it be fantastic to have Hooper in the building before Liverpool on Saturday!
  7. Norwich 5 Luton 0. And you''ll be lucky to get nil.
  8. Fantastic news! Cheers guys. Really should get with twitter if only to keep up NCFC stuff.
  9. Sorry, it''s 10 + member. My thinking was that our QPR allocation is unlikely to be huge.
  10. Hope that trend continues. Already looking forward to trip to the capital and never been to Loftus Road before so it''ll be another one off the list.
  11. I''ve applied with 10 away stubs for QPR and with applications closing on 6/01, i''m curious as to when it''s likely an announcement will be made. I''ve got the weekend off work and it''ll be the first away game i''ve been able to make since Everton so really hope I get a ticket!
  12. Born in Norwich, grew up in Beccles and Ditchingham. Now living in Rotherham as a result of a Uni of Lincoln romance.
  13. Bolton won''t want Butterfield back. He wanted to start every game and Freedman (rightly) said he couldn''t guarantee it so the loan deal ended.
  14. Granted he did that. I guess i''m hard pushed to think of any either really. Even fleeting appearances from the likes of Michael Rose were warranted and ''did a job'' for us.
  15. Did Lambert bring in McNamee or was that Gunny?
  16. Nursey also tweeted that he''s established that NCFC categorically want Hooper and are seriously chasing him. Apparently Danny Graham is plan b and cheaper.
  17. Hughton was quoted yesterday as saying they''re "pushing Grant very hard for Saturday." Whether that means training, i''m not so sure.
  18. I''ve put Snodgrass in my wild carded Fantasy Premier League team. Think he could bag a couple on Saturday.
  19. I think he really needs senior players to buy into what he''s doing. Him and Norwich were right for each other at the time and when players start kicking against his regime it all comes crumbling down.
  20. Bradford fans were singing "are you Arsenal in disguise?" Fantastic banter.
  21. Lol, it would appear it was 4-2. Still, I reckon there could be a few goals in this one.
  22. Weren''t they in a similar state when they came last season? Wonder what the odds are on another 4-3!
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