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  1. It’s like the Ipswich to our Norwich, so Swindon is to Oxford! ****ehole!
  2. So if we can get Ajer, it’s going to be tough to get a first team CB. I can’t say there’s many out there who we can afford. Might be a breakout season for Omobamdele!
  3. Indy

    The Tree

    I’m old school this just made me laugh……reminds me of that Esther Rantzen That’s Life show in the 70s where they always had a funny vegetable photo!
  4. May I just point you to the following! Can you guess who’s career didn’t develop since leaving Newcastle! Certain Tim Krul! 2007–2008 → Falkirk (loan) 22 2008–2009 → Carlisle United (loan) 9 2016–2017 → Ajax (loan) 0 2016–2017 → Ajax II (loan) 6 2017 → AZ (loan) 16 2017 → Brighton & Hove Albion (loan) 0 2017–2018 Brighton & Hove Albion 0
  5. I like the idea of Gilmour, but he’s not. Exactly played a lot of games, 11 fisrt team, not been out on loan to any league clubs just playing youth games. As much as I like the potential, really not sure he’s for us given our season is all about survival. I’d much rather get Skipp back, had a full season in the championship with us, we know what he’s about. Be an exciting signing, interesting.
  6. I agree but it has to be said….. it’s died With Covid, excess deaths last year was around 60,000 above average, that’s the key figure for me. In 2017 I think we had a very high number of flu deaths around 55k but generally going up as the ageing population end up with flu figures will tend to increase. Of course we had to have the lockdowns pre vaccines, but if not everyone takes up the vaccines then there’s always going to be a small chance of Covid lingering longer. I was told that the next generation of vaccines are being developed to target the nucleus not the protein of the virus as the marker, thus making the variant a non factor. I hope they break through with this. A measured controlled easing as we’re doing is the best way forwards. Remember just because others don’t have to socially distance or wear masks doesn’t mean we can’t, we all can be careful, **** our own risks for the time being.
  7. Hi Sonyc, my view on flu is that each year globally it kills between 600,000 to 750,000 estimated, year in year out, we vaccinate the over 50’s as they are the vulnerable group plus some others who also need protection. Like for like with the Covid, flu effects the over 50 far worse than youngsters. My point is that flu vaccines at best give 50% effectiveness, yet we’ve lived happily with this every year, but Covid now at numbers where it’s comparable with flu probably this winter, some people have kittens about Covid yet don’t bat an eyelid on flu! There comes a point where life is valued, but it has to be against the benefits of the masses, it’s too easy now to get swept up in wanting zero Covid, which in time might well come, with future vaccines being developed, but for the time being we must move forwards, in a control manner, in my opinion. My last point is as I’ve been told by my mate involved, with 66% vaccinations it is the tipping point for as he put it firebreak scenario, where it only has certain paths it can run as the vaccine walls stop it spreading on mass as it was free to last two shutdowns!
  8. A little unfair Herman, I’m no lover of this useless manipulative government but this time they’ve initiated local mass vaccinations, those of us who have kept a close eye on the figures said that the way we have vaccinated means there’s firebreaks in the spread of this variant and it can only go down certain paths, dangerous paths are pretty well covered by dual vaccinations and these are in te very high 90s % of protection to the elderly and vulnerable. As Ricardo posted even the best case scenario predicted over six weeks ago hasn’t happened. We must not get complacent but we must also accept to move forwards and live with Covid like we do flu. I predict Flu will kill thousands of who won’t get a mention.
  9. I actually think£45 a ticket is poor, it should be a ballot for 600 season ticket holders and free……after missing out on seeing it first hand, it would be a little gesture by the club!
  10. What does this have to do supporting your home nation at football? And no I’m not following England in the Euros, I’m supporting my Czech team.
  11. If you hadn’t said anything it’s frightening how Rashica has the same style, passing range and scores goals ala Buendia! Could our club just pulled off a master stroke? Sell Emi for 33 million and buy Emi clone for 9 million! Looking forward to comparing him next season i the fine Yellow n Green! Looking good!
  12. Great player isn’t he, Grealish is a must start for me too.
  13. Reminds me of a certain little Austrian who manipulated himself into power in someone else’s country, then stirred nationalism and United his old empire by annexing Austria, parts of France, the Sudetenland and then went on to try the rest of the world! Nationalism, the path for fanatics, for extremism and ultimately division! Funny how history does repeat itself in a manner of speaking! Our very own foreign prime minister campaigning for Nationalism!
  14. Was pretty good Greavsy….. we love you on here, I’d only transfer Swindo, Jools and RTB……for free!
  15. I believe the Czechs won’t want to finish top as who wins will face one of Portugal, Germany or France at Wembley, Second is the better position where the likelihood is a less ranked team, but played in Copenhagen. I can see a 2-0 win to England.
  16. Did Swindo really say pay a decent wage…..in a shrinking economy, with a benefit system designed to keep the lazy Brits in comfort!
  17. Brilliant, since Brexit, there’s been a massive exit of NHS staff back into the EU, since 2019 the UK have recruited NHS staff from the Philippines, India and other countries outside the EU to fill the massive holes left behind! Only 30% of nearly 270,000 immigrants came from EU last year the rest were from Middle East, Africa and non EU, out of them only 1% have been refused entry! The racist bigots on here, have stopped those who actually contributed to our country in terms of growth and finances with free movement but haven’t stopped the influx of immigrants……I can tell you not many Europeans actually want to come to the UK anymore and most in Germany, France and Central Europe really don’t want the Brits there either! Really was a win for Brexit wasn’t it! One last thing to mention, since 2017, just Poland alone had an increase in nearly 40% of agricultural and produce to the EU, they have been slowly taking up the exports from the UK. That’s just Poland, Estonian, Slovakia and other nations are also gaining massive increases thanks to the UK tariff produce being too expensive.
  18. Indeed, there’s likely to be some form of restrictions in place by October through to February due to Flu concerns…..as Aggy said, too many people have become accustomed to as many restrictions as possible at the detriment of other factors. We need to get a grasp that we will live with this and there’s going to be a risk in the future as not everyone will want to be vaccinated.
  19. Yes it’s certainly the case in the younger age groups Ricardo, I bet their uptake would soar if they were threatened to restrict travel, nights out etc. Without double vaccinations!
  20. Have you thought about the need for a big holding midfielder or floating DM third CB to sure up the defence? Both Hanley and certainly Gibson are prone to injury in the pas5 and Ajer is a damn sight better than Zimmermann, Klose or anyone else we have at present. Would be great to have Sorensen & Ajer both young and both comfortable ball players in DM or CB. People are forgetting we’re Norwich City, not Villa, we don’t have the financial clout to offered stupid wages and we’re shopping on a budget, Ajer would certainly improve out starting 11.
  21. Not many decent kits in their range, don’t they do the Spanish team kits? Well I’ve not bought a new shirt since the Green Lotus shirt, I’ve bought a few retro tops instead. Be interesting to see the new kit!
  22. Ajer would be a quality signing, at his age and experience certainly fit our profile. Those who are writing him off because of this season at Celtic, well little narrow sighted as three seasons before has been superb and only due to the poor set up and changes this year has made more than Ajer look ordinary. But on the positive it’s put us in contention as has he had another outstanding season we wouldn’t get anywhere near him signing for us!
  23. Sorry but without Andy Hughes there’s no way that 11 can be used……come to think of it, big Dave Strihavka or RVW should be considered!
  24. I haven’t noticed the Brexit or Covid threads
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