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  1. Well played to Denmark, better team tonight, but certainly not disappointed with the Czech’s they can hold themselves high as they weren’t tipped to get out the group never mind quarters…..it’ll be a hard game for England if the put Ukraine away tonight! Onwards to England…..come on!
  2. Last year of his contract some talk of signing permanently.
  3. Here we go again! We’ll have Lakey giving us top 4 finish again soon! Reality is we’re fighting relegation and I think 99% of us would be ecstatic at 17th come end of season!
  4. Longstaff and Ajer will be the last two, with Skipp on loan! I called Webber as instructed by Cambridge and he confirmed it!
  5. Manor Ground Oxford……spent many an afternoon watching Oxford as a kid, it was great to visit family and watch my home club. I suppose I’m lucky to have been born in such a lovely city, raised in Prague for early part of my life and finally settling in this area from 1976 so adopted Norwich as my team.
  6. It’s funny but the Spanish Flu, wrongfully named as it started in the US, was spread globally thanks to the end of WW1. It spread through US troops, to all nations who then went back home with the virus! First truly global virus.
  7. I’d suggest you go into a bunker until this is all over, as you’re pretty panicked by Covid. Having gone through loved ones deaths recently, my younger sister with liver disease who passed both my partner and mum come through cancer, myself through serious illness, I have no fear of Covid, it is what it is, as long as figures show a level of control I’m all for moving forwards not backwards. I know the next generation of vaccines will deal with all variants so as long as we continue to vaccinate on a global scale then there’s nothing to fear as you will die some day! Time to move forwards not backwards, Aggy correctly says the numbers back the process in place.
  8. Do you know if the inpatients is the combined numbers including those outpatients? So the difference or is it just inpatients with Covid? Is there a number of Covid outpatients?
  9. Indeed, me too! We’ve gone as green as we can in our normal lives, just changed to an all electric car, had a smart meter fitted, using less water, back to using a small glass of water for brushing my teeth, got used to leaving the tap running….etc….. I’m trying as it’s clearly a massive issue, if we all did a small bit it’s amazing how much we can achieve! Now I’m not fully turning into a hippy flip flop wearing ecoist, but trying to be a better person. I even take a bag and clean any waste from the beach while walking my dog.
  10. It’s the unusual jet stream this year Ricardo, it’s much farther south than it should be drawing the cold air down from the north! It’s also to be blamed for the real high temperatures in Canada and northwest USA. Might need to get used to it as it’s supposed to be getting much stronger in ferocity!
  11. Indeed Ricardo, with time even the lesser effective vaccines will do a job, but we know that there’s more treatments every week, there’s advances in vaccines which certainly will suppress the virus and as you say viruses have been around for ever, we need to accept in an overcrowded world with easy links there’s always a a threat of this occurring again! But it’s a shame government and people don’t use the same energy on global warming and it’s effects which we are now seeing!
  12. Unfortunately the human nature is to panic……you know we’re all going to die of something! There’s too much emphasis on saving everyone at any expense. It shound be noted that there’s too many humans totally *******g up this planet as it is, so the real question which no one likes is should we allow nature to cull the human race as humans do all other species?
  13. Should have added, that Grealish for Sterling was a like for like swap in position, as others pointed out might be an option to drop Kane and push Sterling more central. I’m no Grealish fan for his theatrical manner but he’s definitely a talent which when he came on charged our threat considerably.
  14. I’ve added him to the blocked list, can’t be done with people like him, I’ve no time for them..
  15. Great result, not the best of games, funny having watched it with other fans, we all have a divided opinion on Sterling, but majority would rather Grealish start in his place, as he brought mor to the game once he was on. I’m on the fence, yes he’s scored three but had Grealish started all three how many would Kane have scored by now being set up by Grealish? One to debate, but certainly the best chance of a run through to the final, probably Belgium at Wembley!
  16. What a t**t you really are! Maybe one day you’ll become a decent individual till then go away!
  17. Indeed from what I know he was bought for around 12m euros two years ago, so you’re probably right, I’m trying to find the article which mentioned the £10 million which was linked to West Ham bid about a month ago. As you say it doesn’t make sense…..
  18. I believe he has a 10 million release clause.
  19. Get a £1 on Ukraine! That would be funny, beat Portugal, go to Rome, beat Italy, play France in the semi! As you say tough games then lose to Ukraine!
  20. Yes I’m thinking Belgium but with Ronaldo, anything is possible! Winner plays Italy in Rome don’t they?
  21. Possibly, good player and good age at 26. Again at 6”3 and pretty solid would certainly add to our squad. Trouble now is that those younger next in line from these leagues are out of our range due to Brexit!
  22. Indeed Herman, still buzzing, be great for a Czech v England semi final………been banging on, Hlozek 16 million, Karl 10 million buy out clause two young and talented players….we still have money left from the sale of Buendia!
  23. Still time to go, Holland are always dangerous with their players…..
  24. De Jong is very good too. As for McCoist I like him, he’s good for a laugh or two urging a match, by far not the worst.
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