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  1. Typical England rather than play Sancho in his natural position try and cater for a really average Sterling tonight!
  2. Brilliant play both times down that right! Well deserved!
  3. Sorry but that’s down to the defence and playing two holding players, he’s been ****e!
  4. How **** is Pickford! Surely there’s better!
  5. Yes but that’s because you’re ****e!
  6. That’s true, but I would imagine there’s going be a portion of those not taking up the vaccines who will have caught or will catch Covid at some point so the figures of those with some form of protection going into the winter might be higher.
  7. Do you think that Ajer could play a flexible third defender holding midfielder position in the team, where he’s given freedom to play out of defence and taking the ball forwards, playing alongside Gilmour? Also we need to remember we are only just promoted and our budget constraints and our attraction is not that high, getting a player like Ajer at this stage would be quality in my book.
  8. Haven’t Scotland got the worst Covid rates at present? So is she following the science?
  9. Oh my, I remember watching him, he had that steam engine and caravan, must have been late 70’s early 80’s! I love some of you guys who bring up things like this! I’m on YouTube to see if I can find those episodes.
  10. I think this was part of the thinking of easing now, taking the hit while hospitals can cope with any increase, as come winter there’s other strains on the NHS.
  11. I think they have when backed into a corner! But I wouldn’t want to be prime minister or president of any country, I think you’ll find that all countries government have been criticised for their actions all over the world regarding covid response!
  12. And there’s the 64 million dollar question, when is it OK to open up? On a downward curve? Will that then rebound back up? I don’t think it’s a one way track, for me there’s always going to be a fluid perspective as the figures change reactions might need to be made, mandatory face masks, social distance might need to come in for some reason! But we need to be realistic and accept Covid will continue to be around, as flu will kill the older vulnerable even with vaccinations. I’ll wait to see but I have an inclination that we will still see some forms of control in place till 2022 where theatres, pubs, public transport continue with face masks in public areas.
  13. We certainly can’t say Hugill is happy to be third choice, if that’s true I don’t want him in a City shirt! Too many like Naismith are happy to sit around and take the money without putting in too much effort….I want Hugill to be unhappy every time he doesn’t get picked, I want him keen to show he deserves a place on the pitch…….. The reality is we could be reliant on our third choice striker if Pukki gets injured and Idah fails to step up! So are we really happy to say Hugill can be a striker to get us goals in the premiership? I’m not so confident and as such would much rather see a real challenger to Pukki bought in!
  14. That’s interesting, I was under the impression that was AZ and Pfizer was much higher. But hasn’t it got a 96% protection against hospitalisation?
  15. I’m still at a loss to why people are against an easing! I’m sure that public transport companies might well carry out a risk assessment and continue to ask people to wear masks for the time being! It’ll be down to individual companies to carry out risk assessments and down to you guys to ask for it to be carried out! All the government is doing is reverting back from a dictatorial enforcement back to a democratic implementation where the emphasis is on each of us to be sensible, for companies to to get back on their feet, people to get back to work and back to a level of normality where we have the power to use our judgement and encourage our environment and companies to implement measures we feel comfortable with as a free population! I don’t think it should be law any longer than it should be.
  16. Oh indeed but when asked what his plan would have been, went into repeat mode with nothing substantial! All bull, the same as any politician. I’m sure if it was the other way round then bumbling Boris would have said the same! Let’s not forget Boris hasn’t said this is what’s happening it’s what is likely to happen, proviso that any more data between now and the 12th shows different. I’m sure if the science dictates the need for more measures then more measures will be adhered to. Please feel free to keep socially distancing and wearing masks if you feel that’s what’s needed,
  17. If we can pull off Ajer and Billing, then add a decent striker who can challenge Pukki, with keeping Aarons then with a little bit of luck, not too many long term injuries we could certainly put up a decent showing and possibly stay up. There’s lots to be positive about the two permanent signings, Gilmour on loan and getting lots of deadwood off our books certainly looks like the club are certainly giving it the best go we can, can only praise the staff and club……
  18. I liked the fact that it’s now up to people to take responsibility! You can all buy better masks if you feel uncomfortable in crowded areas…..it’s about time everyone policed themselves, it’s amazing that those who have had the bad fortune to go through long term cancer treatments will know all about managing hygiene risks and once you have gone through this, you tend to carry it on….the same should be considered for Covid…..living with it, might mean differe measures for different people. It’s all still advisory yet, nothing confirmed by Boris, just laying it out prior to the 12th where I’m sure there’s more to be assessed.
  19. I don’t see it myself, we’re lumbered with Hugill here regardless of third or fourth choice. He’s on decent money now, not many in the championship will be looking to spend so much on a players wages with his background or age, so he will certainly be utilised in games like cup and lost cause change up. I hope to god we get someone in to challenge Pukki, Idah hasn’t developed as quick as most expected but we still hope this might be a huge season for Idah, he’s certainly a talent and can be utilised out wide too! I don’t rate our chances reliant on Hugill as a third choice option!
  20. Indeed people forget it’s still far more effective than any flu vaccines! Yet people don’t rant about that! We’re just damn lucky we have great scientists round the work working hard and got great results so fast!
  21. I’d be happy to see that football changed it looks more like a canon ball at present…..go to a retro ️.
  22. I’m not sure he’d qualify for a Norfolk work permit
  23. OK I’m buying this hoping for the best! Messi still a free agent, I hope he’s earned enough money and has had enough winning trophies that he’s up for a real challenge and will choose to play here! That might be the start to convince me a top 6 finish could be o the cards! COYY!
  24. But if everyone ignores the lies he spouts and doesn’t react he’ll have no platform, it’s only because some still react that he’s on this board. I’ve not seen a single contribution by him on the football threads, that’s a good thing though. But I’m with you he should have been banned with his anti European comments regarding the WW monuments and graves of all brave servicemen and then trying to claim some far out lie about financing the Canadian pilots bench in Swindon when the news article on it proved otherwise! Horrid little bigot along with a few other who have been blocked by myself…..its far better on here when you do block them. Swindow and his sister?
  25. Sterling having a very good game today. Him and Sancho running the space.
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