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  1. People still believe we’re shopping with an open choice! The reality even if we could afford a hell of a lot better, we wouldn’t pay the wages, these guys being talked about are in our market and all young enough to benefit from our fantastic coaching to develop them into far better players.

    I don’t think we could ever afford to pay Skipp’s wages, I’m sure he’s on a damn site more money than we’d ever pay! Billing isn’t convinced on coming here that says it all! I’d be happy with all four, decent age and bags of potential!

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  2. 55 minutes ago, ricardo said:

    I think we need to remember that despite the vaccinations, the risk of death is still massively tilted towards the over 50's


    Very true, but I do wonder how many of the over 70’s were pretty much on their last few weeks anyhow? It’s always with Covid! I’d like to see the deaths for June & July 2021 v the average pre Covid! That would make more sense as most who do die with Covid are generally in poor health!

  3. 39 minutes ago, Van wink said:

    All going in the right direction atm Ricky, a good sight for all. If my prediction of doom is found to be off target I will be the first to happily admit it, as like the  posters of Armageddon on other threads have hurried to confess they may have been wrong😁

    But no, I will be honest, I’m sure others on other threads will do the same 😁

    VW no one knows for certain, but I’ve been more confident since my mate said we’re more likely to see more deaths this winter from what is being cast as a bad flu strain this winter. But it’s all good news.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mr Apples said:

    Especially when we'll have 1000's of people flying into the UK in November to tell everybody how we need to cut emissions. 🤣

    As with all of these things it's going to take a radical combination of measures such as decarbonisation of energy, reductions in demand & consumption, changes in land use, new/emerging technologies, cultural/behavioural shifts, etc. but as Indy says, this should have started 30 years ago and now we're up against it.

    It could be done, but there'll also be a lots of closing of eyes and hoping it all goes away and just keeping our fingers crossed too.



    I made some big changes in the past 9 years, I’ve encouraged others too and though my training and career has been in oil & gas I’ve been involved in major step changes through the years including Co2 re-injection, carbon capture, green platform designs and subsea technology. It’s hard to work and get paid in that industry yet be as green as I can be. I’ve downsized my house, installed intelligent meters to minimise my utility use and gone electric car route. Not the cheapest but not done many holidays more family visiting holidays. I’ve cut my spending and used the money from the downsize to try and do things I can.

    Its difficult to say for people as going greener isn’t cheap and it should be encouraged by the government by helping with grants for people. 

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    7 minutes ago, Alex Moss said:

    What is Parmo? Is it just cheesy chips?

    I’ve been going upto Boro for years got some good friends there, a Parmo is a Friday night for drunken people only, it’s either chicken or pork hammered out, deep fried and covered with bechamel sauce and cheese then grilled! It’s really good!

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  6. If we did sell Cantwell for the £30 million it would mean in that in 4 seasons under Webber / Farke we’ve had two premier league seasons, including this one coming, solid five big players, Maddison, Lewis, Godfrey, Buendia & Cantwell (if it happens) for a total estimated in the region of £130 million. That’s some turn around to the years previous to our Webberlution! Credit to the set up in gaining premier league in two years out of five including this coming season. Credit where it’s due, but surely we now have a position where this money will be used to strengthen the squad and push on!

  7. 2 minutes ago, ricardo said:

    Get a 🚴‍♀️

    Got two and use them more than any car.

    Bill I agree, it’s not a change to be done in a year, it should be as it is a long term project to buy electric in the future.

    The biggest issue is we never started to address climate change when we knew it was an issue and I don’t back the tree hugging Greta Thunberg lovers, their actions are damaging and not at all helpful in teaching the real world small step changes we can all make.

    Governments are still more focused on GDP than real issues. That’s life and it’s up to each of us to react teach our children what is important and what isn’t for their futures.

  8. 10 minutes ago, Bill said:

    I was actually thinking of the construction of the car - the metal, plastic etc

    It’s no different to any other car, I’m not sure what you’re comparing it too? It’s an aluminium skin on different materials, the same as any car. Car technology will no doubt move forward. The issue is we’re all in homes, drive cars most households have three kids who all end up driving so in the 70’s & 80’s we had one car families where I borrowed my dads car, now as soon as kids turn 17 they end up having their own car. Families now have three or four! Like I said population demands mean massive impact on Co2.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Essjayess said:

    He does not want to come here? Has he specifically said "I dont want to go to Norwich?.  Todd to is happy at Norwich and wants to be part of our first team..that wont stop him going to Villa if the right negotiations are met.  Plus all this is for fun, right?

    To be honest I’m thinking even now Skipp will be on wages we could not spend, so really can’t see him here other than loan again, which looks like it probably won’t happen given his pre season involvement. I don’t think we need Skipp now, as good as he was we need a real powerhouse DM who can sit and break the game up, we’ve got such a choice of different midfielders but we don’t have physicality option.

  10. 1 hour ago, Bill said:

    as long as you don't have any problems either 😏

    the question I have is how much fossil fuel is used in making an electric car

    compared to using a fossil fuel car for another 10 years, and what fuel is used to generate the electricity ?

    To be honest Bill, lithium mining is becoming more scrutinised and being made to be greener in itself, then to think how much co2 is used in producing petrol, platforms built, manned & powered, refineries manned & powered, petrol stations, not to mention distributing fuel to all the petrol stations, it’s certainly far greener to have and us an electric car.

    The myth of electric cars being less green is just that, the cycles on recharge mean I can have a lifetime range of between 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles on my battery cells. And using over night cheap electric from a network which is now nearly 60% green (including nuclear power which in itself isn’t very green to build) certainly greener and only will get more green over time.

    Nothing is ever going to be totally green until solid state battery’s come in line, more wind, wave and sun powered networks are added. But it’s the only option, hybrid are only 40% more efficient than small engines petrol cars and need to be phased out. Hydrogen is certainly needed but will be used to power aircraft, larger lorries, as it’s so much more expensive to produce and uses a lot of energy to produce. Though there’s a lot of technology moving forward.

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  11. Some good points Villafan, I’m in the build for the future mind set, it makes sense for a club like ours to buy the best we can, we are in the different shop window to Villa as you guys are in a different shop window to the Chelsea and Man C. 
    I always say depth in squad beats a single player as Liverpool found out, one bad injury to that player and the side looks far different. Better to have a balanced squad as high quality as you can afford give you the best chance of survival.

    If we can buy Tzolis for ten million then get Billings and a CB in for the money from Cantwell I’d be very happy. If you guys genuinely want to buy Todd, it’s all press and fan speculation at present.

  12. 1 hour ago, Dean Coneys boots said:

    Yes we could get lucky and unearth more gems like Pukki and Buendia. But do you accept in return that selling players worth £30 million and replacing them with players worth £10 million - more often than not- is a downgrade not an upgrade? 

    Nope you can argue that Buendia was developed from a £3 million pound player to a £38 million pound player, so if then buy a £10 million pound player you’re starting with potential of better quality. 
    By selling one player you then buy better quality across the pith in three players thus give in us more strength in depth.

  13. The problems come in emerging countries, especially like India with such massive populations who as they grow then demand the trappings of wealth, so cars, infrastructure etc. All, adding to carbon growth not cutting. 
    I read that China have decided to increase their forrest by 35%, Brazil on the other hand is destroying its forrest faster! The massive forrest fires round the globe aren’t helping, it’s a massive issue in lots of countries too. 
    Totally agree we have the tools and could certainly make changes, the sad thing is it’s 50 years too late. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned is that we have hit average temperature now which is allowing large areas of permafrost to melt increasing the trapped greenhouse gasses, it’s estimated that there’s a potential three times the total of current co2 in the atmosphere trapped ready to be released. So regardless of our efforts to stop our production any cuts we make now are overtaken by other greenhouse gasses which were trapped.

    Like I said I worked for two massive oil and gas companies for many years and one thing they were all very keen to publicise was the billions spent in future green technologies, the reality was buying up certain companies and rights to slow down development. Now the big companies are acting.

  14. 1 hour ago, Bill said:

    Crossing the land border into Denmark is a certain way to avoid drowning - so well done to Denmark for joining itself to Germany to serve that purpose.

    Australia pays Papua New Guinea money to house asylum seekers - perhaps you could suggest which of the UK's neighbouring countries might be willing to offer that service.

    It was France till the stupid voted for Brexit, now it’s our nations fault for not wanting to work with our EU neighbours, you reap what you sow, cut ties you cut the cooperation.

    Sad people of the bigotry nature cast dark shadows, they can’t see the light for their blinkers. RNLI have a duty of care first and foremost and have no legal right to deliver them back to where they came from. It’s our own inept government which has allowed this to have happened and you only have yourself to blame RTB. You voted for this!

  15. 4 hours ago, Big Vince said:

    No, no, no. You only have full democratic rights when you have the right to go or not. As soon as entry into the ground becomes conditional, then democracy goes out of the window and you might as well live in China or Putin's Russia. What happened to the libertarian Boris? He has become the reddest and most nanny-statist Conservative prime minister in history. These passports will be the grossest violation of civil liberties this country has ever seen. And also give Delia an easy excuse not to expand the stadium.

    Load of old tosh…..if you don’t have a season ticket or an entry ticket you don’t get in! As soon as you buy a ticket it comes with conditions! This could well be another condition, you have no right to enter the ground without the invitation of the club, they can stipulate any condition they want as a business! If you don’t want to comply then they have a right to restrict entry!

    I’m pretty sure if you went to a game without clothes you’d be stopped but it’s your democratic right to be a naturist!

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