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  1. [quote user="Canary1902"]IS IT FAIR that you play at 17:15 on saturday and we play at 19:45. That means you get an extra hours rest before the last game of the season[/quote] already posted above how that could work both ways
  2. have the exact same problem at cardiff city stadium, no matter if we''re losing, drawing or winning, you get hundreds leaving even as early as the 70th minute. I personally can''t stand it but i suppose people have got places to be and things to do
  3. some good constructive posts, cheers guys.
  4. [quote user="PhatCanary"][quote user="CCFC Fan"]i was just looking for some discussion and debate on the topic, not start an argument[/quote] Honestly mate,no it''s not fair but the police made the league move the game,not our fault,to be honest i think both our clubs should be more concerned with the fact that QPR cheated and should get docked points.Also the fact that we play after you next week is a bit unfair but again not our fault. [/quote] Hear, hear! would really love it if they were deducted 10-15 points so we would be champions and you go up in second place ;)
  5. after reading all of the replies i must admit that it is a bit of a silly argument but i still think it is slightly unfair although every single club all over the country could argue the same exact point so it is slightly pointless
  6. [quote user="GJP"]Oh, look at that, Cardiff kick-off before us next Monday as well. Something else Jones and McPhail can whinge about. [/quote] Could look at it both ways there. It might be an advantage to Norwich as they know the exact result they''ll need from the game or be an advantage to cardiff to put pressure on norwich
  7. i was just looking for some discussion and debate on the topic, not start an argument
  8. what was the reason for the game being moved anyway? (haven''t been able to find out anywhere)
  9. Cardiff played QPR on Saturday afternoon so only had 48 hours to recover to play Preston who they started off playing brilliantly against but clearly tired towards the end and probably would have drawn the game if not for some heroic defending by all and especially Mark Hudson. Nevertheless a cracking 1-0 victory to relegate Preston. Derby also played on Saturday afternoon and only had 46 hours recovery time to play championship high flyers Norwich City and they fought very well against all the odds to try and secure themselves championship football next season while also doing Cardiff City a favour at the same time. But almost inevitably they were worn out by the crucial final quarter and were denied a point but as results went tier way they will be playing in the championship next season. Norwich played on Thursday night so had 87 hours recovery time, almost double what city and Derby had, and they then go on to benefit from higher energy and fitness levels after a longer period of recovery to beat Derby into the ground in the final quarter and win 3-2 with a 95th minute winner. Is this fair? Is that a level playing field at this crucial stage of the season?
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