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  1. Hey Hucks, just wondering if you have stopped doing the Hucks Meets interviews? Been waiting forever for the stringer interview. If hes not got time to do it can you get some one else soon? Also thanks for the book, finished it in 4 days. Love the honesty! Great read!!
  2. The major difference though hucker is that the Canadian animals are actually quiet amazing, where as the "moose" you refer to in Norwich are substantially less so ;)
  3. Hello Kathy, Im a life long city fan living in Canada. Watch all the games online or on Radio Snorfolk.BUT your website is saying i need a username and password to access. DUM DUM DUMMMM!
  4. Ive seen this guy a few times as my mate is a Russki and has drawn my attention to him. He is awesome! But, i dont think we will get him unfortunately. Im surprised hes not being linked with the top end league clubs (which i guess we are one of at the moment) But this would be one hell of a coup if PL was to get him in.
  5. I could very easily be wrong, but dont we normally only wear the away kit if there is a clash of colors with the home team?
  6. I think it was implied in the title? ''Which club should YOU support''. I was born a long way from Norwich but lived most of my life near the city, and now live 4000 miles away. So Adam,  who should i support?I have more respect for the people that live further away than the ones in walking distance as its a lot harder to support a club 30/40 / 4000 Miles away than when its in walking distance. Ive done both, so i know. Interesting website though. shame it only shows EnglandAll good fun
  7. I know we are not allowed to be insulting to each other on these boards but you really do bring it on your self Banana with your really crap posts! What is it with you? A competition on how much cras you can post, a competition with yourself on how many threads and posts you can reply to? Seriously dude! Having a high post and thread number doesn''t make you ''cool''Side note: This is neither meant to be insulting, cruel, mean or hurtful. Look at it more of as character building. And yes he would be a fans favorite cause he is an all round awesome footballer and guy. Same as most of the team when they perform. Look at Jackson once he started banging them in. Instead of thinking before you speak, think before you post should be the life lesson you take away from today.
  8. So whats with the new front page? I dont like it Pete... Turn it back please ;) 
  9. interesting that he refuses to speak about Rodent! I would love Hucks to come out one day and tell the fans what he was really like. Although i think we have a fairly good idea already it would be great to hear it from a footballers perspective....
  10. What job do you do James?Well im afraid to tell you the company has just got a load of dosh and although you are responsible for getting us that dosh we are replacing you with the guy that use to do your job back when we were a smaller, skinter club in an easier market ! FF Was great, it was also league one! JR Has also been great, in the championship against some top notch strikers. JR deserves his chance! And im sure he wont let any one down!!!!
  11. this one is almost as funny!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyy4mUVanbc&feature=related   < our pies are better than yours
  12. Just remember life could always be worse.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXZFcXd7dX8&feature=relatedImagine being related to that!! How many family members mixed to produce that?(This is an Ipswich Crazy video) < the best yet
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