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  1. They are a fickle bunch. Been monitoring some of their forums. 6th in the league and a large chunk of the posters are calling for Moyes''s head! Most also recognised that there was only one team who went out to win that in the second half and we were good value for the 3 points.
  2. [quote user="Hannibal II"]the ten game unbeaten run is where most of our points have come from i notice you ignore our current 6 games without a win and 1 point from 18 also before the ten game unbeaten run how many wins did we have a big fat 0!!! Also our wonderful 10 game run included draws against the mighty Southampton Reading and Villa who in reality we should be winning those games especially against two newly promoted teams and a villa side even all their own fans are calling the worst they have ever seen. The facts are you take out our unbeaten run we would be on 4 points and comfortably bottom of the league. Us and Newcastle have the worst for in the league i am very worried. Your all hiding behind this 10 game unbeaten run to avoid the uncomfortable true that we are going the wrong direction. And the point about Swansea is very valid options for attacking managers were and still are out there. My choice in the summer would of been Poyet and it still is.[/quote] "The facts are you take out our unbeaten run we would be on 4 points and comfortably bottom of the league" Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahah. Quite honestly the worst statement I have ever heard!
  3. I maybe clutching at straws but......the second goal, a foul throw in my opinion, game should have been stopped and goal shouldn''t have stood! :-)
  4. Sounds like a good game. Both goals were shown seconds after they were scored on Sky Sports News if, like me you can''t wait!
  5. We were also faced with the proposition of an in-form Newcastle visiting! We all know the rest!
  6. http://www.statto.com/football/stats/england/premier-league/2011-2012/table/2011-12-03 As you can see from the link above: Same games, same points (last year, we had won 1 more game but lost 2 more than this campaign) Represents an excellent start to the season in my opinion.
  7. [quote user="lake district canary"]Its not the striker''s fault! Holt isn''t getting any decent service. You have five midfielders who are not gelling as they should. Hoolahan flatters to deceive most of the time. Snodgrass plays too selfishly. Pilks needs a bomb up his backside. Johnson needs to stop shooting and only play easy passes. Tettey is exempt - a key performer, but the rest of the midfield - the chemistry is not good. [/quote] Tettey is proving himself to be a very classy player indeed, head and shoulders above the rest in the middle of the park at the moment. Didn''t put a foor wrong again this evening. Johnson''s shooting has been embarrassing at best! He will connect one day soon and score an absolute screamer!
  8. rather lose than, not only gain a point, but take two from a team that needs to be relegated this season? very odd. Couldn''t agree more, this is what people seem quick to forget. At Carrow Road, I could accept being dissapointed with that performance, but 1-1 away at a place we traditionally get nothing from represents a great point IMO, even if was a little dull and un-inspiring!
  9. Would have taken that point before kick off. 4 pts from these 2 games (Soton/Sunderland) would be huge against 2 teams who will be down in the basement come the end of the season. Great point in my eyes and yes I did watch the game!
  10. H4H, Completely agree with you mate, really good chance for all 3 points tonight, although I would (and have) put money on a 1-1 draw :-) Having read the Saints forum boards, they are very respectful towards us and see tonight as a much tougher test than Newcastle last Sunday. Either way its a massive game, just wish I was going! C''mon City!
  11. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Nice You Tube clip1[/quote] Did put a smile on my face. They really are a bitter bunch though, check out the cleverly titled thread "I hate Norwich more than the scum, I really do" for more laughs!I regularly take a look at the oppositions main forum sites, and have not seen as much hatred since (funnily enough) QPR''s last meeting with us at Carrow Road.Still......taking 10 points from 12 in the last couple of seasons will give cause to some resentment I suppose!
  12. What a bitter lot QPR fans are...... Thought this would make you chuckle, seem like a really intelligent bunch. http://www.qprdot.org/viewtopic.php?t=58155  
  13. Grant Holt for England..................according to Stan Colleymore! He''s been singing City''s praises all weekend. Might be a slightly ambitious statement but on current form.....who knows?  
  14. Kidderminster Canary - Completely understand your issues, experienced exactly the same trying to book two tickets together for the Newcastle game. I was unable to log on at all using the internet, despite using 3 different computers! I ended up waiting in a queue on the telephone for 20 minutes and fortunately managed to pick up 2 tickets in the Jarrold stand. Heart in the mouth moment though, as I had already paid for accomodation/travel etc!
  15. [quote user="Twitchy"]No tellybox at the mo, any update on how MOTD painted us tonight?[/quote] Very well I thought.......showed plenty of City''s chances and possession with very little of QPR, Warnock''s post match interview and QPR forums seem to tell a different picture however!
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