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  1. Yes, working normally. Guess I was lucky - safari on Mac.
  2. If you are already logged in and have a pass (or a season ticket holder), going straight to the ifollow url worked for me https://www.canaries.co.uk/ifollow/next-match the stream loaded and is playing.
  3. Ah, no just commentary, using the iOS app. In the Channel Islands so can’t get video as now considered part of the UK by the providers (although initially it wasn’t ).
  4. Just logged in and iFollow feed working fine.
  5. I eventually found how to access commentary via the iOS app. * Go to fixtures * Tap on the vertical 3 dots to the right of the fixture * Select "Match stats" That brings up the same page as available via the site, tapping on "Listen live now" there provided the commentary. That definitely wasn''t straight forward. I assume the main links in the app refer to the video streaming, which wasn''t available today (regardless of Watch or Listen being tapped).
  6. "MyGodWeArePoorToWatch" said: ======================================= The Ifollow app on IOS simply does not work. Wont even allow me to listen to commentary. And there support is a joke. ======================================= Totally agree, tried chat about 4 or 5 times, each time I just got a "chat disconnected", when I asked them about the iOS issue. Also, you no longer hear the half time discussions - it just cuts out and plays some crap music on loop until the start of the second half.
  7. [quote user="Redders Right Foot"] my assumption is - you would need to pay with a credit/debit card that is associated with an address that is not UK based. now - whether or not there''s a way around that I do not know.[/quote] This is apparently not the case, it is based on your location. I am in the Channel Islands, which is now apparently deemed overseas for the purposes of iFollow. The card I used to pay the subscription is from a UK based bank. That said, the app on iOS tells me that the content is not available in my location due to rights issues, but the website works as expected (although you follow the listen now link from the main page rather than the link on the fixtures page). Will be interesting to see if I get access to the live stream for the next game. I should do, I''ve paid the money...
  8. mushy: "I''m listening to it on my iPad as we speak. Download the "Photon" app." Interesting option. Will give that a try. Currently just streaming the audio to the TV with a chromecast. Better than tinny laptop sound.
  9. Unfortunately, no it doesn''t. It relies on Flash.
  10. Haven''t got a copy yet. Was at the beam back and I think I''ll be happy just with the game. I think it would have been good to have some coverage frrom CR but I''m not sure the DVD would do it justice. That was just a fantastic atmosphere, including the one person pitch invasion!
  11. [quote user="Yellow Rider"]Why does the letter / website make no mention of the need to relocate a chunk of City fans from the Jarrold Blocks from K to the normal visitor section for the play off home leg? 99% certain we will play Forest (if we don''t get automatic) and they will have the right to 15% of our capacity. That means half the Jarrold (basically) so quite a few fans will be hunting for spare seats elsewhere! So to say.....''you can apply for your seat only'' is not strictly correct.[/quote] Gulp. We''re in J. Maybe they''ll stick them all in the Barclay instead :-) only kidding. If it happens, I''ll be on that booking system bang on 9am...
  12. Interesting that Norwich are usually treated as "aren''t they doing well, but let''s look at the important clubs". Even this morning on Radio 5 live, it was said that Norwich weren''t even geared up for the Championship setup and here they are looking at promotion to the Premiership. Anyway, back to Leeds - it will be good to see them back in the Premiership.... And so it goes on. How long were Leeds in League 1? Who beat them to the title? Not to take anything away from Leeds (kind of), just using them as a recent example. It seems that it hurts people to give any kind of recognition to Norwich.
  13. [quote user="Paul Cluckbert "][quote user="yellow blood"]Every supporter has to start with a game at some time...does it make me a bandwagon jumper that the first game I saw was against Spurs at Carrow Road when we were in the top division?[/quote]This season ticket snobbery is a recent thing which has divided the fanbase.There are thousands of kids who live a distance away from CR who''s parents have no interest in football. Does the fact that they can''t get to games mean they are worthless? Then what about the elderly? The students? The shift workers? etc etc.The sooner this pompous little clique'' get off their pedestal the better as far as who is a ''superior'' supporter and who isn''t. You get a season ticket with money and have the ability to attend. What''s so special about that?This simply makes them ''fortunate''... not ''better'' than anyone else.[/quote] I don''t think is it season ticket snobbery. I''m a season ticket holder and I think anyone who goes, whenever or however, good on them. I think it is just some people being stupid. I can''t go to every away game, but some that I have been able to go to, I''ve susequently overheard others saying that it is a band wagon thing that more people have gone and that they couldn''t get tickets and it isn''t fair. What stopped them calling the ticket office if they wanted to go? Just accept the fact that people want to support the club whenever they can. Isn''t that a good thing?
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