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  1. It''s when we draw the Scum at FCR in the third round, utterly trounce them and then embarrass ourselves against lower league opposition in the next round ...
  2. [quote user="Eric Pickles Pie Supplier"]Prostitutes only round this main area nearby.  Really obnoxious arena design.[/quote]Suffolk Clowns Unbelievably Moronic
  3. [quote user="SnakepitCanary"]Scott Dann, Roger Johnson, Seb Larsson, Craig Gardner, Ben Foster, Freddy Sears, Demba Ba, Mark Noble, Jack Collison, Charlie Adam, Thomas Hitzelsberger (or however you spell it!), Dj Campbell, David Vaughan and Matty Phillips are all quality players and would be good signings (even if they did get relegated).[/quote]Hitzlsperger - if the wages were affordable, definite yes. Had a couple of good seasons at Villa not too long ago... ah: just looked at Wikipedia... ex Lazio, ex Stuttgart and 52 caps for Germany, still under 30... moving on then...Adam/Foster - no, too expensive again, I suspect.Sears/Noble/Collison - all been at WHU a while, more likely to sign with London club (Fulham? QPR?) than us.Similarly, Dann/Johnson/Larsson & Gardner likely to be in the frame for Villa/West Brom/Wolves as well as teams like Stoke/Fulham/Bolton - they''ve been tested at Prem level and would probably prefer to stick with better-established Prem teams (IMO) if they got the chance.The Blackpool players? Hmmm, they''ve only had this season''s games experience ahead of the guys we''ve already got. DJ Campbell would be a decent bet (as already mentioned) but not so sure about the others.Demba Ba has already failed medicals at Stuttgart and Stoke (per Wikipedia) - would probably want high-ish wages as an international player, too. Sorry, too risky - if City pay big money, we don''t need a potential ''sick note''. Would love it if we COULD get Hitzi though...
  4. Read somewhere that there was a suggestion that because the play-off winners get to parade a (tin?) pot of some sort and the Champs also get a pot to parade, there should be something awarded to the second-placed team.Presumably to stop them blubbing and say " ''s not fair!" in a whiny, spoilt brat, petulant, sulky kind of way...Do you think they gave the yokels down the road something to ''celebrate'' their ''successful'' season?
  6. [quote user="YankeeCanary"][quote user="Harry"][quote user="dhickl"]if anyone deserves a statue, I would put Geoffrey Wattling at the top of the list.[/quote][IMG]http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg3/Ginna_may/gif_smile_027.gif[/IMG]Couldn''t agree more.[/quote] Why do we have to choose one over another. can''t we take a Mount Rushmore approach to this? ( helmet on ) [/quote]Yes, like it...
  7. Yes, Geoffrey Watling without a doubt.If only he had been able to see what NCFC have achieved in these last 2 seasons.However, we should leave some space on the plinth - you know, just in case... 
  8. What about this little gem from the same source? One quote I heard at the derby all Norwich fans should note by TheVoiceOfReason on 20:43 - Apr 25 with 104 viewsFirst ReplyFrom a North Stander as they scored their fourth ''Score as many as you like, you''ll never be us'' And it''s true. Last year we were a division above you. Next year it''ll be you a division above us. And so it goes. But you''ll never win the league or the UEFA Cup, probably never the FA Cup, produce two England managers or have a PFA Player of the Year with his 36 goals from midfield. Who cares what you do. You''ll never be us :) I''ll let you add your own comment in reply to our deluded commentator''s POV
  9. Jay Bothroyd was capped by England in a recent international.IIRC, this is  the same player who trampled one of our players (Hucks?) at CR in the Prem season, ''05/06 and was very lucky to stay on the pitch.Agree, the goal showed great technique, but he''ll be out of the usual NCFC price range!
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