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  1. This could be utter rubbish here, which i personally believe it is, but my mates dad works for some builders who said the club have got plans to build an extra tier on top of the city stand this summer
  2. I just texted CANARIES EXTRA TIME to 88442 http://services.pinkun.com/FORUMS/PINKUN/CS/emoticons/emotion-1.gif
  3. A very interesting piece, i noted the bit about us being second highest spenders in the championship this season, surely that can''t be true can it??
  4. Met him at the away supporters party at carrow road last night, top man, he was the one player who was happy to talk to everyone. He''s got my vote now for POTS!! I second that, he is a very friendly down to earth chap, good to know hes good off the field as well as quality on it!!
  5. All home games bar watford Away: Won: 6 Drawn: 3 Lost: 0 going to pompey :)
  6. Its worth pointing out though, that pompey havent won in six
  7. errm just to put it out there, shane long isnt out of contract at the end of the season www.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/reading/9162436.stm
  8. Looking at the table as it is, should cardiff fail to win tomorrow, fingers crossed, i reckon two wins out of the last three would send us up, and that with the sides form and confidence at the moment is highly plausible OTBC
  9. Totally agree he was class, ward had his best game in a while too, keep playing like that and 2nd is ours!!!
  10. Think they''ll come at us early on, but we''ll absorb the pressure, 3-1 city
  11. Could this not be said of Simeon Jackson too, if we go up?
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