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  1. Sunflowers were a successful venture for me last year. They were very easy to grow, just sow the seeds in a tray or in the ground and thin them out later as they grow quite quickly as they are large shoots. I grew one flower the size of a dinner plate but the others were the smaller type, they were in the same packet so goodness knows why that happened. Had good Sweet Williams , Asters, Dahlias without much hassle but they needed constant watering and feeding. that is as far as I went this year, next year will be interesting as to how well I can grow other things.
  2. Thanks IF for the advice, will keep it in mind as my elderly neighbour has a garden full of well established plants and we have a good relationship in helping each other out, gardening wise, that is. It is a long flat plot both front and back so am having to build a rockery just to give it some interest. Got a bargain at B&Q yesterday they were selling off their garden arbours and arches before the new stock somes in, got £25 quid off, quite pleased about that and worth taking a look if it is something you are looking for. I will have a go at the seeds next year for a start and pick up shrubs where I can, as IF advises and in about ten years should have a bit of a show (hopefully)
  3. Sadly, I have been told much the same as Shrimper regarding Naples, but a holiday is what you make it, I didn''t go there but Florence, Verona and Rome were spectacular for the history and buildings. Shrimper, where were your previous photos taken, was it Bangkok, I once braved a tuk tuk and was nearly gassed from the petrol fumes, no wonder the traffic police wear masks. The photo of the glass floored building was brilliant, I wouldnt have walked on it but a really good photo, Reminds me of the pathway around the mountain in China which has a glass base, that would really send me round the bend.
  4. Shall I look it up in my gardening mags for you Shyster?
  5. Enjoyed that, it took me back to Sunday lunchtimes of yesteryear.
  6. Thanks Shyster It will happen to you one day too, thats the rub. Enjoy your time until then
  7. Just a tip, I am back from the Sunday Market Boot sale and have picked up about 10 Gardening Magazines, some still in the polythene covers for the fantastic price of £1.75. As they are priced at £3.45 each and I also was given them in an organic carrying bag, I am very pleased and know what I will be reading for the next few months. I find reading about gardening matters online is OK but printing out the pages and taking them to the greenhouse becomes a bind after a while but taking a mag is preferable. They are last years mags but gardening is not something which changes much over the years and the info is still relevant.
  8. Should we start a Joke of the day thread Thank goodness it wasnt A RED HOT POKER""""
  9. Really good topic Shrimper Will have to sit at it, the first couple came to me immediately but will have to ponder on the rest.
  10. No 3 looks like Dicentra, (Bleeding Heart) a pretty early flowering shrub, look it up, it is documented. I agree on the Bamboo, looks like it need pruning back quite severly Last one, ornamental grass, had some in our previous gravel garden, quite expensive to buy and will get its colour back next season.,
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