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  1. Grabban''''s header at Ipswich wasn''t offside. There was a defender on one of the posts I believe positioned behind the keeper so he was defo onside.

    Redmond at Wembley wins it for me if only for the pure jubilation and ecstasy when the ball hit the back of the net! Was an outstanding team goal.

  2. If you have Club Wembley seats then beware, you may well not be allowed to wear your City shirt. I''ve secured two tickets for the game through a contact who works for the football league. Fortunately mine are in the NCFC end, but she did say that if she could only get club Wembley seats that team colours aren''t permitted. However, she also said that despite that some people still sneak their shirts in. So maybe worth you double checking and if there is a dress code, sneak your shirt inside a bag and put it on if others around you are wearing theirs? That''s if you wear a shirt of course!

  3. So how and why am I unpopular then Gainer? Considering I don''t post that often and I don''t recall having ever done or said anything controversial in the past I''d be interested to know what you are alluding to?

    And yes, I have no sympathy for the Scum and of course I''m absolutely delighted that we beat them yet again. However a little appreciation to the fact that they gave us a good game and certainly made us work for it doesn''t hurt, does it? I have no doubt that they would probably be rubbing our faces in it and giving us all kinds of abuse had they beaten us. I like to think us Canary fans are better than that tho and can show a little humility too. It has been a great day and a good game of football played out in the right spirit by both teams and supporters.

  4. . . . And as much as it pains me to say it, well done and credit to Ipswich today. Really gave us a run for our money, especially in the first half. Despite their limitations and their god awful style of play, they played to their strengths and probably had most of us worried at half time. Battled hard and stopped us from finding out rhythm. Fortunately our better quality shine through and the quick start to the 2nd half put us well and truly on top.

    Now let''s go do a job on ''Boro, we owe them one!

    Che sera sera . . .


  5. I think right back has to be one of the main priorities, whether we get promoted or not.

    Steven Whittaker has done well over the last few games and is more than capable at this level, however with Martin now being utilised more in the centre of the defence, we need another body to come in and push Whitts for that RB berth.

    If we were to get promoted, then I think it''s all the more crucial. Whittaker is decent, but I wouldn''t be as comfortable having him as regular first choice in the Prem. He''s great going forwards but this means he''s vulnerable if we get hit on the break, particularly against pacey players of which we know there are plenty in the top flight.

    So for me, I''d like to see the following (if we get promoted):

    RB - First team quality with a bit of pace

    CB - A strong, pacey stopper to slot in alongside Bassong

    Left Winger/Midfielder - We have options for the right, less so for the left side

    DM - A good holding midfielder to slot in alongside Tettey if/when needed and to provide competition

    ST - Another powerful/strong striker/target man type to give Jerome some competition. I don''t think Lafferty will cut the mustard and I''d rather we move him on and bring a fresh face in. Maybe poach Callum Wilson if Bournemouth don''t go up! Maybe not quite the target man type, but certainly has goals in him.

    I think the rest of the squad has enough quality to see us cope. Move on some of the fringe players in particular the midfield where we are probably overstocked. As much as it saddens me to say, perhaps that would be the right time to move Hoolahan on as well as O''Neil and possibly Elliott Bennett if the manager doesn''t see much need for him.

  6. 3 points are 3 points. That is all that matters at the end of the day. AN will no doubt have words with the players for nearly gifting Cardiff something from the game, but as long as we are picking up the points we can''t have too many complaints.

    Let''s give him a bit more than a game and a half before people start proclaiming that nothing has changed or that it''s the same old, same old etc. Some people on here really do like to find negatives at every given opportunity to beat the club with, even when things are looking up. The bottom line is that we are on a very good run, excluding the poor results vs Reading and PNE. Let''s all get on side and give AN a chance to stamp his mark on the team and instil his philosophies. OTBC
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