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  1. Yep, 3-0! We could be promoted tonight....
  2. It was silly of them to leave, but it''s their problem and not something to get worked up about. They missed the joy at the end of the match, the rest of us didn''t. Don''t be angry with them, it''s not worth it. Just let them rue the fact that they missed it!
  3. They won''t mess it up. I don''t really care, either - as long as we win our last two games and go up, that''s all I''m worried about.
  4. For me, it wouldn''t quite be the best season ever, but still bloody good. 1992-93, 93-94, and 2003-04 are my three favourite seasons.
  5. He is in terrific form and his big improvement has come at just the right time. Great for him and crucial for us. I''m pleased for him, and he''s making a fantastic contribution.
  6. I''ve just got back. God, what an afternoon! I thought we''d dropped two points for sure and that it was out of our hands. What a wonderful moment when the third goal went in. Terrific celebrations with everyone off the bench and onto the pitch, and the players getting mobbed in the corner. Fantastic moment and a big, big goal. When moments like that happen, football is the greatest thing in the world!
  7. It''s good to see such good things written about us in the national press. We''d be a good addition to the PL!
  8. He was before my time as well, but it''s always sad to hear that one of our ex-players has died. RIP.
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