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  1. This should be put to him at the first match of the day next yearWhat an ignorant tosser. Just how does he (and Shearer, Claridge and co) get such a job and keep it?
  2. This needs singing on Saturday - not only is it great, imagine if he won POTS and all we could come up with was ''one Russell Martin''Or else something about the Norfolk Cafu, Norwich''s number 2?
  3. Ultimately no.Then again I''d prefer Blackpool to stay up - decent lot, Holloway''s amusing, and they''re probably the weakest of the lot
  4. Boyo I understand where you''re coming from, but disagree. If we weren''t able to splash out on an established premiership striker, then who else would you go for? I would have thought at the top of that list is the two most prolific strikers in the league below, both of whom are out of contract.That''s assuming we go up though, hopefully we can have these arguments for real in 10 days time!
  5. Jas and Alysha, I think what the OP meant was that of the games which we have lost at home, we''ve drawn the return fixture - Watford, Crystal Palace, and Hull.
  6. He is definitely not fit. He didn''t put himself about like he usually does, was not harrassing defenders as much as usual. I actually thought he was pretty ineffective all game. I hope Grant is in better shape for next Monday.
  7. We beat them 4-1We beat them 5-1(someone think of some words) scum
  8. I woke up with a start when Grant Holt made it 2-1 with a penalty into the top left corner with ten minutes to go on Thursday night. Never have I been more irritated by a dream
  9. Random question - why at half time do the subs all stay on the pitch and have a little kick-around rather than listen to the manager''s teamtalk? I thought about this at the Watford game - surely at 2-1 a substitution was imminent, but they were all still out there doing nothing in particular. Wouldn''t it have been better to hear what PL had to say?
  10. That''s a tough one. I think Wes, Vokes could fill in for Holt but I don''t think we''ve got anyone who can fill in for Wes (as the last two games have shown).And secondly, Scunny were crap but Wes and Dani together looked incredible
  11. I saw the title of this and thought ''Where do you start'' so loved the fact that it was your first line!I''d drop him to a 2 - take into accout his pathetic/non-existent attempts to counter Watford''s time wasting
  12. The ref was a joke regarding time wasting but as I saw it the multi-ball system was still in operation after 2-1, but was stopped after a particular incident on the right hand side (as from the away end) at about half-way. There was one of many hoofs into the stands and before the ball had even landed the Watford player has a different ball in his hands and was throwing it in. It was then that the ref informed everyone that the multi-ball system was over.Two things - I think the multi ball system, when operation, favours the home team, as the ball boys are told to give a ball to them straight away. Having one ball levels the playing field a bit. And secondly, the ref should have booked the Watford players for time-wasting early on, set a precedent, and things would have been better
  13. He comes across as a really decent person, although I seem to remember quite a lot of malice felt towards him by a few here (perhaps because of the manner of his departure?) Good for him for getting on with life though, and realising that he had much more than some of his pals at Crewe.
  14. To those who say he''s nothing to do with Norwich now... Interesting points he makes about his time at Carrow Road, and how he''s dealt with retirement generally - well worth a readhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1371652/Dean-Ashton-taking-time-rediscover-football-love.html
  15. Haha I am going there this summer to research (I am a postgrad student) so will of course keep an eye out but I''m not sure how many top class footballers come out of East Africa.... Mariga at Inter and that''s about it?
  16. Appreciate all the advice everyone, thank you very much. I''ll get in touch with Chloe, and of course update all on how it goesArchie
  17. Jas, nu_matlik, thank you very much - a very generous offer. And snakepit Ric - kind wordsI may try and go through the club first as it would be great to get a complete kit (perhaps at the end of the season when we get a new home strip). If not, I may well take you up on your offer!
  18. New member but old poster here, I used to post back in the early 2000s in the days of the very old website and posters such as Foghorn and Mook. Been reading ever since but just haven''t posted, I''m not sure why... Before the forum police attack me for posting in the wrong forum, I apologise but let''s be honest no-one reads the other ones and this may well be more interesting/useful than some of the tat which finds its way on to these forums! I am hoping that some kind soul may have some advice on who to get in touch with at the club about securing some sort of link up between NCFC and a team in Tanzania. A close friend from Pemba Island (who I have converted to being a Norwich fan, he is spreading the word) runs a team called Vijana Leo (the Youth of Today) who have just been promoted to the Zanzibar premier league, but they may have to withdraw because they lack the money needed to travel round the islands and to get a proper strip. I hope to cover their travel costs, but would love to see the team in Norwich colours, from whatever year. I seem to remember a Norwich fan a few years back going to Sierra Leone doing a similar thing. Perhaps people could suggest who to contact at the club or if they have any other ideas - there was a charity called Football 4 Africa doing this sort of thing but they seem to have moved on to others things... Thanks in advance Archie
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