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  1. SeniorCanary

    Moxey on Radio Norfolk


    Starts at 4
  2. SeniorCanary

    Pick your REALISTIC summer transfers

    The report I read mentioned Rotherham.....
  3. SeniorCanary

    Pick your REALISTIC summer transfers

    There''s an unknown club interested in Tom Bradshaw and we''re playing them in a behind closed doors friendly...

    I chance for them to have a good look at him? Part of the purchase package?

    He reminds me of grant holt and his goals per game are nearly the same as Holts when he was younger at Rochdale
  4. SeniorCanary

    Ricky. This is "his" year, right?

    Anything to the rumour that Norwich arranged for him to have a personal trainer for the last few months?
  5. Ricky looked really sharp at the open training session...

    Would really like to see him do well here...
  6. Apologies for being late..

    I''ll go for a Man City win and Norwich to win...good luck guys
  7. Hello peeps....hoping to get off the mark with these...

    Man Utd home win v Newcastle and Norwich to win
  8. SeniorCanary

    Letting the manager down

    F....cough binner...

    unless you post a pic of you with your imaginary season ticket.....
  9. SeniorCanary

    NCFC fans on twitter ref Grabban

    We get the same idiots here....Binners
  10. Sorry for repeating a previous post....just realised
  11. SeniorCanary

    Bloody Stoke next

    Just watched their game here...


    I''m sure Alex will be confident of a win...I know I am

  12. http://www.fullmatchesandshows.com/2015/08/15/sunderland-vs-norwich-city-highlights-full-match/
  13. I watched the game live, I''ve watched it again here...


    So how can anyone say they didn''t press Norwich?

    They did, we were just to good for them
  14. [quote user="CarrowCanary"]Good Luck Guys...

    I''m going for Man Itd to beat Villa away.

    And Norwich to beat Sunderland 2-1, with Jerome to score anytime[/quote]

    Ooops picked a friday game

    Replace that prediction with mk dons beating preston at home...