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  1. Blimey!.....If you haven''t bought into Paul Lambert''s philosophy after back-to back promotions, then I guess you never will.... I wasn''t too sure about Morison and Vaughan, but collectively, and for the relatively low amount of money that has been spent, I think these seven signings are absolutely spot on for NCFC at this moment in time. Where exactly were these players with Premiership experience going to come from? Birmingham? Blackpool? West Ham? Hull? Burnley? Portsmouth? Many players there to choose from, but all tarred with the relegation brush, and therefore pretty much proven not good enough. I firmly believe that City''s squad of players is stronger than Blackpool''s at this stage last season, a team heavily reliant on one player, and they went very close to staying up. Pilkington and Bennett have the potential to surprise a few people, and I guess I, like hopefully the majority, will give this squad of players plenty of slack during the coming season.
  2. That was aimed at some supporters inside the ground on matchday, who no doubt will find it difficult to break a habit of a lifetime!
  3. Paul Lambert and the Norwich City Board have worked together during the close season, to add seven potentially excellent additions to the squad. Supporters would be hard-pressed to criticise any of PL''s summer buys. Some might have preferred CMS. Some may think an extra goalkeeper should have been brought in. Others belief an additional centre-half was essential. None of this matters anymore - unless PL has another trick or two up his sleeve. The squad is pretty much complete. An experienced goalkeeper would not have guaranteed avoiding relegation - two former England keepers,Foster and Green, are testimony to that. The Norwich squad are almost entirely untried at Premiership level, but it is safe to assume that PL will have every player giving 100% in every game they play. This is undoubtedly the most exciting squad ever assembled at Carrow Road. Attacking football would appear to be uppermost in PL''s mind, as every one of the seven signings leans that way. It is time for the moaning to stop and the doubts to be put at the back of some supporters'' minds. Players will misplace passes, miss golden opportunities to score, and make mistakes that lead to conceding goals. Norwich will undoubtedly get turned over heavily from time to time. Now, more than ever, PL, his backroom staff, and the players deserve 100% respect from the supporters. It''s high time that EVERY Norwich City supporter sang from the same hymn sheet - inside and outside of Carrow Road - and backed NCFC to the hilt. The last two years have been monumental, and it would be fitting if the moaning and groaning, sniping and whingeing went on the back-burner, and this group of players and management staff get the total backing they deserve.
  4. Sacking Paul Lambert is a quite unthinkable scenario, that fortunately, with McInally in charge, is extremely unlikely to happen, Two seasons of unbridled success has earned PL two seasons of failure, Relegation this season, followed by failure to return to the Premiership the following season, would still place Norwich City in a better position than before PL arrived. Itis far more likely that PL will walk long before any thoughts of sacking him, and it as much the responsibility of the fans, as anyone else, to ensure that PL is given every opportunity to cement NCFC amongst the elite.
  5. The Norwich City Board must be loving PL''s transfer buys so far, as much as the fans. Nobody can be sure what this season holds for Norwich City, but Lambert, spending comparatively very little, has assembled potentially the most potent attacking force in the history of NCFC. As if the forwards aren''t prolific enough at the various levels they''ve played at so far, the midfield - Hoolahan, Johnson, Crofts, Bennett and imminently, Pilkington, is positively brimming with career goals and assists. There would seem little doubt, at this moment in time, that Blackpool will be Lambert''s template. As things currently stand, our defence would not appear strong enough for the Premier League. Lambert''s philosophy up to now has been less about keeping clean sheets, and more about scoring more than the opposition. Naturally that will prove harder in the Premier League, but Lambert''s signings suggest that he''s going out with all guns blazing..... Should be fun!
  6. [quote user="barclaybabe"]before we get ahead of ourselves, ive been researching the swansea and qpr situation and theres nothing in it. its just stupid people making up rumours. good luck to both teams, they are on equal status as us. we just want our team to feel like we are in the best situation. conjure up better newsfeeds please[/quote] Poor research......poor post.....
  7. It''s amazing just how many pundits and neutral supporters have Norwich as odds-on favourites for relegation next season, and yet they''re failing to take into account the planned and professional way Norwich City FC have embraced promotion to the Premier League. Players are leaving Swansea like a sinking ship. Pratley and de Vries gone, Taylor and Rangel possibly to follow. These are not just squad players - all four were an integral part of Swansea''s promotion. Taarabt has put his cards on the table, and would appear quite happy to further his career elsewhere. If QPR were not a one-man team last year, then they were a two-man team...Taarabt and Kenny. Taarabt''s departure would be close to catastrophic. Warnock''s relationship with his board would suggest that he might well prove to be an early managerial casualty next season, which could only be detrimental to QPR''s survival chances. So as things stand, Norwich''s preparations so far can only be applauded. They are way ahead of their fellow promoted teams on moral and supporters'' optimism. At this moment in time, I know which of the promoted teams my money would be on to avoid relegation next season.....
  8. ...and it''s hardly surprising!! Bucketloads of Liverpool fans questioning Daglish''s (nay, King Kenny''s) sanity!! £20m for Henderson?? Ok, it probably won''t end up quite as much as that, but give me Bennett for £1.5m or Johnson for free, any time of day.....
  9. ...for how to tackle promotion into and from the Championship.... Recognition/envy seems to be growing from fans of Championship clubs - it looks like ''the Norwich way'' could fast become the template for other clubs to follow....... Thehappyseagull wrote: I''m gutted. I wouldn''t blame Bennett for trying his hand in the Premier League. it just seems unfair that we''ve got promoted and our two best players have left us. This is a tough one to swallow. Lambert is clever though, he''s not signing average Premiership players who would command big wages and not give everything for Norwich, he''s getting young, hungry footballers. Just a shame he got Crofts last year and (probably) Bennett this year. I hope this doesn''t happen. Top post. Agree entirely, Norwich have adopted the perfect strategy for success without ''doing a Wigan''. It''s all sustainable growth and they are not only keeping the wages real by targetting who they are, but getting the benefit of that extra edge that a batch of hungry players provides individually AND as a team. I believe we intend to follow a similar path, though it''s immensely frustrating that Norwich didn''t have to deal with another Norwich with their shrewd policy while we have i.e we lose some of our best where they didn''t. So a harder task I will be for us to try to achieve what they did as we have more rebuilding forced on us than they did.”
  10. "Before coming up to Scotland I went to Monday''s League Managers Association dinner. Obviously, I was a little disappointed to be the only manager winning his league not to win a divisional award. Sir Alex Ferguson was manager of the year in the Premier League, Brighton''s Gus Poyet in League One and Chesterfield''s John Sheridan in League Two. Paul Lambert, of Norwich, was the Championship winner. It''s particularly disappointing because without a doubt it''s been the toughest and hardest job I''ve done in my career. I took over a team 14 months ago that was facing relegation. I completely changed the team around in the summer, which meant it had to gel immediately. I think people look at our owners and assume we''ve spent billions, but we have actually been very thrifty with our money. To lead such a hard division almost every week of the season is something I''m very proud of and it is disappointing not to be recognised." No recognition by Warnock of the immense job that Paul Lambert did to win the award.......unlike the rest of the managers in the Championship.....
  11. A pointless and irrelevant post because it doesn''t warrant an answer. Football is all about opinions, and although Vaughan signing may not leave every Norwich supporter dancing on the ceiling, everybody will be hoping that it works out, the doubters hoping they are proved wrong, and the fee of 32.5 m is heavily dependent on appearances/Premiership survival. Vaughan has not delivered on his early promise, there''s no reason to suggest that Lambert can''t be the manager to reignite his career.
  12. Ok - 43 league starts....the rest are made up of cameos off the bench. So his 30 starts last season add up to 70% off his career starts. I''m hoping this works out well, and I firmly believe Lambert has earned the right for fans to fully accept every decision he makes. The one thing that sits uncomfortably with myself, and probably many other supporters, is the price....if it is anywhere near accurate.....
  13. It is customary for supporters to get excited about any transfers their clubs get involved with, but I still maintain these two potential signings appear to be massive gambles for the prices suggested....none more so than Vaughan. A player with ''bags of potential'' he may be....but with just 43 league appearances (including a smattering of Premiership games) at the age of almost 23 suggests he has gone a long way from fulfilling it. He has had a number of injuries, which have undoubtedly contributed to this, and will ultimately reflect on his price, hopefully. Morison has had just 85 career league appearances and will be 28 close to the start of the new season. His goal-scoring record speaks for itself, and if signed, he will hopefully be able to step up to the Premiership. CMS would be a massive gamble, but I''d be very surprised if he wasn''t available to play far more often than Vaughan......with the goals to match.
  14. Nothing wrong with getting the signings in early, but to be honest these two seem to be happening in double quick time! In Lambert We Trust etc. etc. ........but it appears that Palace and Millwall supporters deem the fees bandied about as being way too high for the players we will be getting. Would still prefer a gamble on CMS with his work-rate and goal-scoring/assists record - but that could prove a wrong move once he played in the Premiership. Didn''t think we''d be splashing the cash quite so early - just so long as it isn''t knee-jerk....
  15. Turn on SSN, wait for the Premier Lge subtitle to come up...and what comes on......West Ham this....Blackpool that......Birmingham the other..... Then the Champ''ship subtitle comes up and it''s all the Norwich news..... As far as I and every other Norwich fan are concerned, Norwich are a Premiership club.....so what the hell are SSN dragging their heels over?.......surely we''re not having to wait for the play-off final before Norwich are officially recognised as Premier League???
  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1385319/Liverpools-Dani-Pacheco-keen-Norwich-return.html ......he could have just said he was going back to Liverpool to fight for a first team place......but he didn''t........
  17. I haven''t read anything in the press quoting anything Culverhouse has said - he seems to keep an even lower profile than Lambert. It would be interesting to read his views on being back at Norwich and the changes he has seen in the club compared to when he was originally here.
  18. Mark Bowen has frequently been linked with the club whenever a new post needs to be filled, so it is somewhat ironic that Ian Culverhouse is the coach as Norwich gain promotion. The two former full-backs were an integral part of what was possibly the best footballing team NCFC have ever produced. So it is somewhat fitting that Culverhouse is a link with the current team, which contains two dynamic full-backs that have played a massive part in Norwich''s promotion. Culverhouse''s history with Norwich City could play an important part in the future if PL is tempted with other managerial offers, as I''m sure the two of them have formed a strong team that PL would be reluctant to break up.
  19. Not sure about him showing jealousy - just thought he was incredibly generous with his praise of Norwich, to the point where I hope QPR earn promotion with us.
  20. Sean Derry (QPR) was in the studio and was extremely complimentary throughout the night. Top man, top pundit. Cotterill was magnanimous as well.
  21. ....is there a tiny part of anyone else out there who would love to see the EDP or the Pink''un interviewing a Croft, a Russell, a Clingan or a Bell, who all went off for ''bigger and better'' things, on their take on Norwich''s current position? I would even like to read an interview with Roeder or Gunn to see what part they feel they played in the reincarnation of NCFC...........
  22. Nearly 23 yrs old, and has failed to live up to early promise. Not overly prolific, and seems to have added ill-discipline to his game. No thanks.
  23. Despite the decision to move the local derby fixture to the Thursday evening belonging solely to the police, NCFC are considering making a protest to the football league. Derby County, Cardiff, and several of their rivals gained a considerable advantage by playing in the warm sunshine on Saturday afternoon, conditions that were replicated on Monday. Having been forced to play on the Thursday evening, the Norwich City players were completely unused to playing in such high temperatures, giving a distinct advantage to their immediate rivals, Cardiff City....... It had been hoped that at this stage of the season everybody would be playing from a level playing field, but it would appear, in this instance, that is not the case....
  24. ..is at it again...... http://www.walesonline.co.uk/footballnation/football-news/2011/04/25/dave-jones-rues-norwich-rest-advantage-after-late-goal-91466-28581663
  25. Regardless of how results go in the next three matches, Norwich fans musn''t lose sight of the fact that the team has surpassed all expectation this season by at least reaching the playoffs. Winning back to back promotions is undoubtedly one of THE greatest achievements possible in football, surpassed only by winning the Premiership or Champions League. Paul Lambert and his squad have guaranteed the playoffs with three games to go. They are showing a togetherness, desire and an ability confirming that the dreams of every Norwich City supporter are in good hands. Go to Carrow Road today in good heart. Enjoy every single moment of this run-in, as moments like this don''t come round too frequently. The celebration of this season''s achievements should start today....so, no nerves..... stay 100% positive, just like the management and the players, and help push this fantastic squad of players over the line......
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