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  1. ....don''t seem too concerned about their current league position.....no more did Everton or Bolton - three teams we currently head in the Premier League. Sadly, Norwich City missed a trick this afternoon. All the hard work produced in the season so far, had enabled a free roll at a cup. Still, I would hope Lambert has learnt a lot about certain players and current weaknesses. Onwards and upwards........
  2. On one level it is great to discover that many fans at various clubs covet the Norwich manager, but on another level it is tiresome to see the frightening arrogance of some of these fans....... http://www.wolveswebfansclub.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7075
  3. That give Jordan Rhodes less reason to stay there for anyone willing to take a gamble on him.
  4. Spending money guarantees you nothing as Liverpool and the like are proving. I would like to see a season of relative prudence for next year, snapping up more talent from the lower leagues, in turn increasing their value, and trying to keep a lid on the wages as much as possible. There is far greater pride in a squad produced in Norwich''s fashion than say QPR, who are proving that spending money willy nilly is not always the answer. If next season Norwich consolidate their Premier League place, then it might be worth splashing a little more cash. I''d rather they continued their current policy - stash the cash for a rainy day.....
  5. Is it fair to say that Paul Lambert has reached the point that Norwich City fans,almost in their entirety, see the team sheet before a Norwich game and just accept whatever team he selects without question? I can''t imagine any other club''s supporters in the Premier League having as much faith in their manager''s decisions both before and during a game. Wenger selections get questioned all the time, Dalglish certainly, Ferguson probably often, Mancini and Redknapp probably less so, due to their over-abundance of riches. If their are still any Norwich supporters questioning PL in any way shape or form, then surely they have learnt their lesson by now?
  6. [quote user="City1st"]" Norwich have all but achieved what they targeted at the beginning of the season, avoiding relegation."That what might have been what a few of the feeble minded and the ever so ''umble were tugging their forelocks about but it WAS NOT what the club were targeting, hence the continued all out assault on the table through having a winning attitude to every game.Bear in mind that finishing 17th would have been a massive failure, not only in a loss of income but a recognition that we barely struggled to survive. The team that went down in 2005 went down because they were not up to it, from almost day one. Teams that are in that state rarely survive long as they are a reflection of things that are wrong with the club. Not simply ''on field'' deficiences.To claim that "17th place is ok and there is nothing wrong with the club", suggests that if the club is in a good shape and 17th is the best they can do then lord help us. If 17th place is achieved because the club is is a bad way then I doubt any lord could help us.Sadly a few of the habitually retarded have somehow convinced themselves that finishing 17th is somehow equivilant to be the last ball drawn out of the bag in cup draw ie if the first 17 balls pulled out of Premier bag are the 17 teams that are not relegated it matters little which number you are as long as you are one of those 17th.Thankfully Norwich City don''t see it that way - that''s why we are in 8th place.[/quote] What an arrogant, pointless and petulant post. If memory serves me correctly, part of the '' 7-year plan'' was to plan for relegation from the PL after the initial promotion, then to return from the Championship a second time, wiser and stronger. PL, on numerous occasions, has stated that 17th spot would be an immense achievement. It''s all very well being clever in hindsight, but no Norwich supporter, if they were to be totally honest, expected the season to turn out the way it has,
  7. The arrival of Pilkington and Bennett to Carrow Road brought hope of a new era of pacey wingers with the ability not only to create, but score their fair share of goals. Pilkington took to the PL like a ''duck to water'', and has been one of the most consistent performers so far this season. Bennett seems to have taken longer to adjust, but I think it''s fair to say that the last two games have underlined exactly why Lambert bought him, and Bennett is starting to look at home in the Premier League.
  8. ''Uncharted'' - of course it is....how careless of me! Good to see a resident ''grama queen'' on the case......
  9. Doesn''t seem quite such a difficult fixture as it did at the beginning of the season, does it? Just as well they slunk out of the Champions League this season, but a shame they got knocked out of the FA Cup. Two Europa cup ties to play compared to our one FA Cup tie, and a potentially tough game against Ajax on the Thursday before the Norwich game, will hopefully work in Norwich''s favour.
  10. For the past four seasons Norwich City players and fans have had to deal with the pressure of potential promotion or impending relegation in the latter months of the season. We haven''t yet reached the middle of February and Norwich have all but achieved what they targeted at the beginning of the season, avoiding relegation. The possibility of a Cup run aside, it will be interesting to see how the management and players approach the rest of the season. Suddenly home matches against the two Manchester and Merseyside clubs don''t look quite so daunting. Do they continue in the same vein as much as possible? Do they become a little more gung-ho? Does Lambert give as much game time to the fringe squad to test whether they should remain in the squad for next season? What a benefit all the superb hard work of the season so far is offering Lambert for his preparations for next season. It has afforded the fans the opportunity to see out the next few months without any fear, anxiety or tension. There is no excuse for negative vibes, booing, or criticism. The next dozen games or so should be cause for celebration.
  11. For the first nine matches this season, Norwich failed to score after the 63rd minute in any Premiership game. This was a slight concern at the time, because the previous two seasons they had built up a strong reputation as a team that spelt danger right up to the last minute. Of the 26 goals scored in the last 16 games, 12 have come in the last 20 minutes, of which 7 have come in the last 10 minutes. After an understandable tentative start, Norwich are now playing with the same confidence that brought them back to back promotions, and their fitness clearly stands up to that of any team in the PL.
  12. If Suarez is a disgrace, what does that make Dalglish? His post-match interview with Sky was absolutely appalling - an affront to common decency.
  13. No goals in the last two Premiership games......Bennett and Pilkington to start on Saturday......lets get back to what we''re good at - accurate crossing and headed goals. Bolton are having to get used to life without Cahill, so should be slightly weaker in centre of their defence.
  14. If Lambert''s learnt nothing else, at least it would sadly appear that tonight has confirmed Crofts is not premiership quality.
  15. Morison scored goals in a below average Championship side, CMS isn''t scoring goals in a below average Championship side....seems to me that Lambert made the right choice. Simple.
  16. With just one goal in the last four months, the Norwich hierarchy must be applauded for dodging that bullet....
  17. Hanson is paid £40,000 per appearance by all accounts - possibly the biggest waste of tv licence payers'' money since the corporation began.
  18. ....as Mark Fotheringham starts training with them......
  19. Should say ''serious'' money aka QPR.......
  20. As both these managers seem to be regularly mentioned in the national media under the same breath, it''s nice to see PL proving more astute with his use of resources. Both clubs had awkward but winnable away ties. With next week''s Premiership matches firmly in mind, Lambert made 5 changes, Rodgers made 10. End result - Norwich through to the next round with the fans ecstatic; Swansea get knocked out with many Swansea fans questioning Rodger''s team selection. Lambert''s use of his squad has being nothing short of brilliant this season, and it has certainly saved the board from the pressure of spending any money this transfer window.
  21. I''m not so sure that Martin O''Neil will be afforded the same luxury as PL when it comes to resting some of his squad for the 4th Round FA Cup tie. A full-blooded derby, played one day nearer to Wednesday, a game their fans won''t want to write off..... Surely this can only help the Norwich cause for Wednesday?
  22. I haven''t got a clue - players, nor formation...... can''t be easy for ''W''oy......
  23. The potential signing of Howson indicates to me that Lambert is as much building for next season as he is ''helping'' his current squad over this season''s line. Howson''s injury suggests he won''t be playing anytime soon, so it also suggests that both Lambert, his team, and Howson firmly believe that Norwich will be in the Premiership next season. It''s a marquee signing in so much as a ''one club'' player, club captain, born and bred in Leeds, is prepared to move to Norwich City. I''m also not sure this would have happened without the brilliant effort of management and players to have got NCFC into the top half of the PL thus far. It is also a signing that underlines Paul Lambert has every intention of continuing his managerial career at NCFC for the forseeable future. Howson continues in the tradition of buying goal-scoring midfielders, a policy that is paying great dividends this season, and something that got ignored for many a season pre-Lambert. I would also hazard to guess that Howson is in a much further state of development than either Pilkington or Bennett, and what a couple of gems they have turned out to be. Whist everyone was focused on Snodgrass, Lambert moves in on Howson....is there no end to this man''s managerial nous?
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