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  1. ''A 1 match suspension which he will serve tonight in the Cup so avaliable for Saturday.'' Straight red card - Shelvey out for three matches, for what it''s worth......
  2. As much as City will miss Bassong if he fails to recover for Saturday, Liverpool will most likely be missing Kelly, Agger and Borini from their Sunday starting line-up. Last year''s result and performance against Liverpool at home, was probably one of the most disappointing of the season. Fans must hope that the players see this as an ideal opportunity to make up for last year.
  3. One of the biggest questions for me is how Hughton will utilize his midfielders when everyone is fit. He blotted his copybook, for me somewhat, when he failed to bring on Hoolahan at home to West Ham in place of Surman, when it looked like we needed far more invention to secure three points, yet trusted him enough to start him away at Newcastle! It won''t be easy getting the balance right, but we must get back to what we were successful at last year - getting down the wings and getting quality crosses into the box. We need to be able to threaten, with pace, down either wing, and I''m afraid, at the moment, Surman just does not offer enough. Our midfield is an exciting mix, and I''m hoping Butterfield proves to be a productive addition. Ultimately they do hold the key to how our forwards perform.
  4. ''I get the impression if Morison and Holt swapped stats with Snodgrass and Johnson you''d be happy.'' Happier, prrobably yes. Ultimately it will be the success of the strikers that determines the course of our season. The midfield stats are encouraging, but Snodgrass is the only likely big contributor, along with Pilkington. Howson seems to be playing ever deeper, and doesn''t look as though he will fire in many, and Surman is.......well Surman. The team need to get back to crossing the ball into the danger area for Holt and Morison aka last year. The sooner Bennett and Pilkington return,(giving Hughton more options), and utilize the areas that Holt and Morison keep drifting into, the more likely goals will stem from our forwards.
  5. ''Well probably the only thing that''s wrong with it is that Holty and Moro are being scrutinised by critical eyes whereas Lambert is being scrutinised through highlight compilers eyes. But on face value it''s spot on'' Just as well H&M aren''t being scrutinised through highlight compilers then, two shots on target between them over the five matches compared to Lambert''s seven, and that''s not factoring in the goals and assists(including games against Arsenal and the two Manchester clubs)..... it wouldn''t make for much of a ''highlights package''. Are we now saying that our midfield is worse than Southampton''s and not producing enough chances for our two main strikers? I''ll repeat that - two shots on target between them in the first five games, no wonder we''re not scoring bloody goals. Holt, as I see it, drifts far too often to the wings where he is clearly ineffective. Both players should be centred more in and around the box, After all, last season we were crossing the ball from both wings far more often and more accurately than most Premiership teams.
  6. Well on the evidence so far, Lambert looks head and shoulders above our two and will give Southampton a fighting chance of staying up, should he stay fit. Lambert''s all round game knocks spots off our two ''big men'' at the moment, who couldn''t look less threatening if they tried.....
  7. ......you could be a Newcastle supporter...... ''same s*** every single week we will never be a good side under pardew its simply not going to happen watching NUFC is no longer fun its like watching f***ing paint dry arfa and ba are keeping pardew in a job he does not deserve to be in as soon as these 2 are sold and that will happen as there far to good for this shower of sh*** he will be in the s*** and so will we sick to death of it get that useless grey haired no lipped cockney f***ing wife shagger out of our club when you are not happy after your team has just won you know something is drastically wrong at your football club PARDEW OUT ''
  8. I''m not sure what others saw, but on a staccato stream, Norwich looked the better side. Pardew looked a very concerned manager for much of the second half, as Norwich looked a team with plenty of confidence and belief. Yes, the goals need to start arriving, but they are certainly not playing like a team destined to struggle all season.
  9. ''So again explain to me why CMS is better than the other guys despite having a poorer return than they last did at the same level?'' Vaughan is a myth - nothing more, nothing less. Ok, so he made his debut at a ridiculously young age, but if you want stats how about this:- in eight years since he started playing professionally, he has scored twenty goals. I make that less than three a year.This is a player whom some NCFC supporters still believe will rescue our season from January onwards, if needs be. Martin has no more proved himself at Premiership level than CMS, but he needs to score twenty goals a season for the next five years to match CMS'' s goalscoring prowess - not going to happen. Kane is a wild punt, may pay off, may not. His career has started at a much earlier age than CMS, who did not sign professionally until the age of twenty. I would have CMS before any three of these, purely on the volume of goals scored. As Holt, Morison and Jackson have shown, scoring plenty at a lower level is a fair indication that you can score at any level, albeit at a lower rate. If Vaughan or Martin could have been used in a swap + cash deal, then I firmly believe the gamble would have been worth it.
  10. The only point that concerns me is Norwich avoiding relegation. With the massive increase in TV monies, relegation will be seriously bad timing for three clubs. Pre-season suggested we needed to add to our strike force, the way the season has gone so far, has added to this belief. All teams need to evolve and improve to maintain their Premiership status. Norwich have swapped Wilbraham and Vaughan for Martin and Kane up front, which on paper, doesn''t appear to be overly shrewd. Norwich clearly valued CMS as they made a bid for him. How much more they would have needed to cough up, very few would know. Would he have been a good acquisition? Again, nobody knows. But the fact that he knows where the back of the net is, and has proved that far more than any of the above four mentioned names, would to my mind have been a fair gamble, when taking in the total cost to the club were they to be relegated this season. I was never in favour of Vaughan being brought to the club as things have turned out exactly as I thought they would. CMS would have given us far greater value for money than Vaughan is ever likely to.
  11. ''We have Vaughan available to recall in January and if he stay''s fit is a far better player than CMS.'' Not only will CMS have scored more goals than Vaughan by January, he will have undoubtedly played more games. If Norwich were prepared to spend £2.5m on a player who seems to have spent the majority of his career in the treatment room, then £3-4m on a proven goalscorer, who is pretty much on a par with Holt and Morison for scoring goals outside the Premiership, would have been a far better gamble. I would have been far happier moving forward with Holt, Morison , Jackson and CMS as our four striker options, two big men and two hustlers, than hang on to ''will he/won''t he?'' Vaughan, and a seriously inexperienced loanee.
  12. '' As for ''based on'', I''d probably agree with Moro and Jackson based on prior form at this level as Jackson was on a 5.5 game to goal ratio last season which would equal approx 7 goals if he played each game, and Moro was on a 3.8 ratio which would be approx 10 goals (he got 9 last season to be fair). Holt could be difficult to call this year, but again I don''t see why double figures and possibly 12 or more is a crazy suggestion. Kane is the real unknown quantity, but if he could maintain a similar scoring ratio to what he managed last year in the CCC, then  6 or more goals isn''t an unreasonable suggestion.''Let me get this right - Jackson would likely score 7 goals if he played each game. Moving forward with your brilliant deductions, we would need to play a strike force of Jackson, Holt, Morison and Kane in order for the four strikers to reach your targets..... With the best will in the world, I can''t see Hughton playing a formation containing four strikers. Your figures/argument are seriously flawed. I would suggest you try harder.  
  13. ''Holt will come good and score 12+ this season, Jackson, Morison & Kane will each get between 6-10 and the rest will come from our midfield.'' Well, what a bold statement that is! Based on?.....the fact that Jackson, Morison and Kane have collectively scored THREE Premiership goals since the beginning of February??? I would hazard a guess that CMS would have reached that total within a month or two of the season starting.... If he wasn''t scoring goals, then his chasing down would be invaluable to our defending from the front. I can''t presume that CMS would have been the definitive answer, but then nor can you presume that he wouldn''t have been. The considerable increase in TV revenue makes it almost imperative to avoid relegation this season of all seasons, and judging purely on pre-season and the opening four games, I would very much doubt that our current strike force will muster a bare minimum 30 goals between them, and potentially 42 goals, as you infer.......
  14. Rhodes may well have been priced out of our range, but I''m not convinced Ince or CMS (6 goals apiece already) were out of Norwich''s price bracket. The longer Norwich go with their forwards firing blanks, the worse it will be watching Blackburn, Blackpool and Brighton, leading the Championship race. There may be no need to panic yet, but the pattern of the season is usually set after ten or so games, and the fixtures that take Norwich to that point look far from favourable.
  15. They would''ve kicked the absoloute c**p out of him All well and good.....it would have earned Norwich plenty of freekicks and yellow cards for the West Ham players. It needed changing, and if Hoolahan isn''t going to be used in these situations when there are no viable alternatives on the bench, why the hell is he in the 25-man squad and why hasn''t he been sold? A ridiculous assumption, if I may say so......
  16. There just didn''t seem enough desire to win the game outright. Jackson may not score enough goals, but once he was taken off (Holt should have gone off before him), there seemed to be a lot less pressure on their defenders. The game was crying out for more creativity in the latter stages.Snodgrass wasn''t creating too much from the right, but Surman, oh dear, best described as lightweight at best, I couldn''t believe Hughton kept him on till the very end.......Hoolahan surely deserved half an hour to try and create some better opportunities? Pilkington and Bennett were clearly missed today. Hopefully Butterfield will live up to expectation. Hughton''s use of substitutes are not as inspiring as Lambert''s were, so far.......
  17. When the fixtures come out, if you''re not looking to take three points at home against the three promoted sides, then exactly where are you looking to win games?
  18. It''s interesting to see how upcoming fixtures are perceived as the season develops and teams jockey for the top table positions. A couple of superb perfomances from Norwich have fortunately paled the result on opening day, and have fuelled a healthy belief in the manager and squad. The next game at home to West Ham looked like a banker pre-season, but results, performances and acquisitions have now turned this game into a potential banana skin. On the other hand, the trip to Newcastle that follows, does not seem as daunting as last year, and if Vile can get a result there, then there is hope that a sensational first goal of the season from Cisse won''t stop us picking up some points. Playing Liverpool at Carrow Road the following week now looks like a great opportunity for three points, as their opening start to the season stutters from gloom to disaster. Judging by all games and performances so far this season in the Premier League, it would appear that no fixture this season should appear too daunting to a Norwich team if they continue in the same vein as they have the last two games. Even the two Manchester clubs have been privy to conceding goals so far, and neither club seemed to have found any early rhythm. So for me, from now on, there is no such thing as a difficult fixture. Norwich have shown in the last two games that they have a squad of players good enough to compete with anyone, at any ground.
  19. Exceptionally confident on the ball, crisp accurate passing.....just the cutting edge missing, but Tottenham have Friedel to thank for the scoreline remaining 0-0. Very encouraging!
  20. I think it''s a great fillup for the club having the England goalkeeping coach. We have two exceptionally promising young goalkeepers at the club who will not benefit from this if they are both sent out on loan. I presume they will only go on loan on the promise of first team football, and it would be very strange if the clubs that took them would allow them regular return visits to Carrow Road. Experience is obviously vital, but the opportunity to work with a highly regarded coach will potentialy be missed. Perhaps the title of the post wasn''t ideal, but the sentiments of the post remain the same.
  21. Not really sure what my point is? That says more about you than it does about me......
  22. Mark Bunn is bought as immediate back-up to Ruddy, so to allow the potential loans of Rudd and Steer for regular first team football (I presume with the proviso of an immediate call-back, if needed). So if our two young goalkeepers are going to spend the season at other clubs, exactly what benefit is there in having Dave Watson at the club? Surely having the England goalkeeping coach will be all but pointless if he can''t spend any time with the very two squad members that would learn the most?
  23. ''This was poor and I am already concerned. Its only 2 games in but based on what we''ve seen so far I think we''ll be lucky to stay up. Every QPR fan on every QPR fans website on the internet knew that we needed a CB more than anything else, yet here we are 2 games into the season and 6 days away from the close of the window still waiting for that glaring hole to be filled! As for today, we needed a phantom penalty that even our players never appealed for in order to score and even then Cissé did his best to screw that up. We lumped the ball in the air despite Garrido and Bassong handling that with ease all afternoon. Couldn''t keep possession when we had the ball. Could have done with Taarabt''s guile and creativity today but as soon as I saw he was not on the teamsheet I knew we''d struggle to create chances. Tarbs instead of Mackie for me. It really genuinely needs to get a hell of a lot better than this though if Hughes wants to avoid a relegation battle this season.'' It may have only been a point for both sides, but Norwich''s general play and creativity, considering the fairly radical change of personnel, and only the second game in, showed great promise. With the added options of Bennett, Hoolahan, Butterfield etc, and a bit more composure/luck in front of goal, the season is looking far brighter than a week ago.
  24. The previous three seasons'' success has been built as much on team spirit as it has on scoring goals for fun. Both these attributes are currently under threat. The goals have dried up, and the strong team spirit has to start coming under question. The Holt issue hasn''t helped, and I can''t see the non-stop enthusiasm of the likes of Tierney and Martin being sustained as their pitch time becomes greatly diminished. The fast influx of a number players is very much new ground for NCFC, and I must say I share the concerns of Ricardo and Scooby.
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