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  1. Savage doesn’t need to say anything. He’s just a dinosaur like the rest of them.
  2. Pukki needs to be wrapped in cotton wool from match day to match day. If only Hernandez was as enamoured with bungalows as he is with Argos!
  3. Jeez! What a crappy start to the season... Zimmerman...Klose....Drmic....Hernandez...Idah... Starting to look light at the back AND front.....
  4. Excellent second-half. Underlines the character of our squad. Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey have impressed...even though we’ve conceded four!
  5. There are only two changes that can be made at the back - Hanley and Krul. We either change tactics or beef up the midfield.
  6. Liverpool drew two games at home last season....and won the rest. It’s not even one point dropped tonight.
  7. Silver lining.... ....cracking good start for Fantasy Football team......
  8. Amadou for Trybull, anyone for Hanley, and the outlook is bright. We are playing the Champions of Europe...
  9. Somewhat unusually, the starting lineup was predictable. This is Hanley’s golden opportunity!
  10. Outdo Sheffield United and play four roving centre-backs?
  11. It will make ‘ extra time ‘ even more of a lottery than it is now. Easy solution :- Use a ‘ stop-clock’ that everyone can see, and everyone will know the game finishes at ‘ 90 ‘ . Never hear any complaints from the rugby community.
  12. “It’s been a long time but thank goodness it’s over” says Mrs. Naismith..... Well it didn’t have to be such ‘ a long time ‘, did it? If stories are correct, Naismith picked up the equivalent of an average 6 years’ salary by not signing for any other club until 1st August. What a couple of bell**ds.........
  13. At this stage of the pre-season, bedding in a new DCM is looking extremely unlikely. it would seem a central back three of Zimmermann, Klose and Godfrey ought to be a potential formation, with Godfrey there to cover the attacking full-back. There is so much creativity in our attacking players that one less, on occasions, shouldn’t be as detrimental with this current team as it might have been in our PL teams of yesteryear.
  14. Am I wrong in stating that Sky Sports News have shown the goals from every friendly match today involving teams from the Premier League?............. .....except for one....... Any ideas as to why? Oops! Right on cue....SSN finally find the tape...
  15. Was that not their final warm-up game?
  16. Not ideal playing the majority of the game against 10 men.
  17. Almost brings to an end the most successful summer of player contract signings in the history of NCFC.
  18. I’m not sure which one can be classed as Norwich City’s talisman - Emi or Teemu?
  19. He certainly looks a little unorthodox......... .....but the big question is:- Does he take a good penalty?
  20. The one we’ve all been waiting for! Never known so many contract extensions signed in such a short space of time. All more important than signing new players.
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