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  1. Duda seems to be blunting Emi’s attacking intent. Duda off for anyone.
  2. Not only has Farke effected the least change in a match in his limited use of substitutions in the PL this season, but he must have surely offered the least inspirational half-time team talks through the entire season. He hasn’t done his squad any favours by accepting 20th spot since the start of the season. If he ever gets another crack at the PL, I hope he takes huge lessons from his shortcomings this season.
  3. Miracles are finally starting to happen....... ...two substitutes given more than 30 minutes a piece. Is the tide turning?
  4. Todd Cantwell has embraced the PL far greater than any other Norwich City player this season.
  5. It’s ‘all or nothing’ now. We need to get back to what we know best. Two full-backs attacking down the flanks, putting in plenty of crosses. If that needs ‘three at three at the back’ to facilitate it, then time to switch. Buendia has to start every game, and with his goals record, Cantwell possibly too. Farke looks to make changes at ‘60minutes’, if needed. The run-in is for fourteen players giving ‘everything’ in every game. We’ve run out of excuses. Farke needs to step up.
  6. Has Farke influenced the result of a match with a substitution this season?
  7. Attack, attack, attack. We’re at last chance saloon......Bournemouth haven’t scored in their last three matches, so Wilson is bound to find the back of the net. All we have to do is score one more than them. If we’re going down this season, let’s do it ‘all guns blazing’ aka last season. Lewis and Aarons to spend more time in the opposition half than their own. Hit them hard.....give ‘em hell......
  8. Farke has shown a complete inability to prevent us freely shipping goals, and yet, ironically, three of our regular young defenders, Godfrey, Aarons and Lewis are collectively valued at close to £90m! I would still like to see Farke trying three at the back to give more freedom to Aarons and Lewis further up th pitch, but Farke seems reluctant to try anything different. It shouldn’t be underestimated how much defensiv3 injuries have played thei4 part this season.
  9. I trust this doesn’t mean the first firm bid that comes our way for Buendia, this January, will be readily accepted.
  10. If we can’t beat a hapless Bournemouth at home next week then we deserve to be cut adrift.
  11. Our league position leaves the squad ripe for plucking in this transfer window.
  12. Liverpool apart, we must be the most consistent team in the PL.
  13. Eriksen’s first start for Spurs for almost two months...........you kind of know what’s going to happen....
  14. We are failing miserably now. Something needs to change in the defensive department. We wouldn’t be bringin* in Lawrenson, that’s for sure.
  15. Time to bring in a specialist defensive coach in January to work alongside Farke?
  16. Subs on 86th minute?? Farke is not learning.
  17. The chronic injuries early season prevented the team from getting good results which in turn has led to a complete loss of confidence .It has also prevented the team from playing the type of football that seemed to come naturally last season. It hasn’t helped that players like Stiepermann, Leitner and Trybull have been found wanting in the PL.
  18. The new tactic appears to be get to half-time 0-0, and then have a go. Ain’t going to happen with zonal marking.
  19. Amadou really grew into the game and looked more and more comfortable with the ball at his feet. He seemed to grow in confidence as the game progressed. Close to MOTM but for another outstanding display from TC.
  20. It’s bad timing. The Arsenal players were either confused by Emery’s tactics or weren’t playing for him. I would expect them to be better organised defensively, and harder to beat.
  21. Norwich had the most difficult set of opening fixtures, the worst set of injuries that could of befallen a newly promoted side, players playing out of position virtually from the first game, and a complete loss of confidence as a consequence. They haven’t exactly been dealt a fair hand this season.
  22. Corner aside, Cantwell has looked far more influential than Buendia, in just a few short minutes.
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