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  1. One of a Farke’s biggest weaknesses is admitting his initial line-up is wrong. If his normal policy is in operation, Pukki,Buendia and Cantwell will be lucky to see ten minutes each.....should the need arise.
  2. This is not the time to start without Pukki.
  3. Farke has set the team up for a draw. Dropping the first and second highest goal scorers (by quite some distance), and not getting the best out of Buendia ( a player most teams outside the top six would be interested in buying), is either an unbelievable masterstroke, or complete and utter idiocy. I guess time will rapidly tell.
  4. More experienced? Certainly not more experienced in starting PL games!!
  5. Jeez! Raising the white flag with eight games to go? How many goals has this team line-up scored in the PL this season?
  6. At least it saves getting BT Sports for a month.
  7. Have Southampton got a couple of extra players on the pitch?
  8. Farke never likes to admit he gets his line-up wrong. Hence no half-time changes.
  9. Any number could come off, but I would star with Drmic and McLean.
  10. Formation isn’t working. Needs changing at half-time.
  11. Just switched Sky Sports on 5 minutes ago, has the Norwich match been cancelled?
  12. I would doubt any other team in the history of the PL have had to deal with the defensive injury woes that Norwich have suffered with this season. The chances of getting through nine matches, piled on top of one another, with just two centre-halves remaining fit and playing every minute, Is zilch. With Klose’s recent injury history, it is even worse than zilch. We have been totally shafted this season, something sadly that will never show up in the history books.
  13. That’s assuming somebody manages to find him.
  14. Do you write for The Telegraph?
  15. It would appear that Duda offers absolutely nothing to the side, with Rupp not far behind him.
  16. It appears that both Aarons and Lewis are spending far more time in the opposition half much as they did last season. They both seem to have regained their attacking confidence, which played a major part to Norwich’s promotion.
  17. Whatever happens, I suspect tonight’s match has cost us points on Saturday.
  18. Hmmm? Extra-time..... I see that of all the PL teams playing in the FA Cup this week, Norwich have been afforded the least recovery time before the weekend matches.
  19. Cantwell has become a terrific player for Norwich. Far more spark and invention than either Rupp or Vrancic.
  20. Thanks Bob - appreciate your comments. I’m guessing you’ve spent most of the season in dreamland?
  21. Godfrey’s crossfield passes to Aarons are nothing short of brilliant. Great pass to assist the assisted.
  22. Aarons superb - what an engine! .Buendía MOTM.....showing exactly why he has to play every game.
  23. McLean is one helluva liability at times.
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