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  1. Zonal marking has failed time and time again.
  2. I fail to see how we cannot play three central defenders (injuries apart) when we have two ultra-attacking full-backs. They were two of our best attacking options last season, and their contribution to attacks is clearly stronger than their defending. Give them license and let one of the three centre-backs cover behind them.
  3. Two years since Welbeck scored a PL goal. It was pretty much inevitable.
  4. Hernandez showing yet again how much he has been missed this season.
  5. Well-taken maybe, but so fortunate how it cane of Aarons’ boot. Will we ever get the rub of the green?
  6. After watching Villa’s performance against Liverpool, and Southampton’s performance against Man City, it underlines just how poorly prepared we have been since the return of the PL. The Norwich City players have not shown a battling bone in their bodies. There was an opportunity to reassess, reshape, and give it a real shot. Farke has mis-managed his three most potent attacking options - Pukki, Buendia and Cantwell - and proven his limitations as a manager. Nothing worse than going down with a whimper.
  7. There is nothing worse than becoming an irrelevance, whichever league you are playing in.
  8. The big problem is that next season will follow all too swiftly on from this season. I’m not sure exactly how much time there will be, but certainly a lot less than normal and less time to shake off that losing habit. Next season looks like being very problematic, especially if Drmic, Duda and Rupp were to be heavily involved.
  9. All the goodwill built up last season has now evaporated. Shocking from both manager and players alike.
  10. At least we know we’re down. Villa, Bournemouth, West Ham and Watford fans are living on the edge. Massive disappointment yet to come for two sets of fans. We have longer to work out where it’s all gone wrong......
  11. You don’t win POTS with gifts like that.
  12. In what has turned out to be a very disappointing season, there are very few candidates for POTS. Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey have had their moments, but are ultimately part of a defensive unit that has proved the worst in the PL by quite some distance. Todd Cantwell has exceeded expectations and not looked out of place in the PL. His goals contribution has been most welcome as well as unexpected. He gave everything and more on the pitch this evening, showing a hunger and desire for success. i can’t think of any player more deserving of POTS.
  13. That misplaced pass from Drmic was unforgivable.
  14. Unfortunately, Cantwell won’t be taking one. Our best player tonight. Hopefully won’t be sold.
  15. Such sloppy passing continues to gift possession.
  16. Was that Buendia rushing down the tunnel as soon as the full-time whistle went?
  17. Will it cost much to change all the giant flags covering the seating to white?
  18. Subs getting just over twenty minutes...generous in the extreme.
  19. Duda. Set pieces. Shocking......truly shocking.
  20. One shot on target. At least we’re ‘having a go’.
  21. Only twenty more minutes until any changes....
  22. Hernandez proving injuries have really done for us this season.
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