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  1. I’m sure we will be told in due course that they left no stone unturned, this last 24 hours, to bring in cover at centre back.

    1) Able to head away opposition set-pieces - not a requirement.

    2) Able to put foot through ball - not a requirement.

    3) A degree in zonal marking a strong requirement.

    4) Able to keep possession of the ball between penalty area and centre circle providing no opposition player within 20 yards.

    5) Able to make 5-yard sideways passes.

    6) Able to pass back to the keeper ad finitum.

    Probably not many centre halves out there fitting the bill.



  2. I can’t see how any genuinely clued up Norwich City fan can defend the club’s current defensive situation.

    The Championship has games taking place with barely time to take breath. There should be at the very least four centre-backs and an up and coming youngster that could possibly fill the position at a push.

    We have become such an easy team for opposing managers to plan against. A weak centre will just make things even easier.

  3. This is total incompetence by the club and rather indicates the level of ambition for this season.

    To end up with two ‘half-crocks’ and a player who has barely played the last year or so, beggars belief.

    The defence has been Norwich’s achilles heal under Farke and it doesn’t look like improving anytime soon. It won’t be long before Tettey will be back in defence......until he gets injured..... Who then?

    Hernandez joining Byram and Dowell on the lengthy sidelines?? When is this cycle going to end?

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  4. Let’s be brutally honest, the poorest performing employee of NCFC this calendar year has been Farke himself.

    His stock must have fallen amongst the squad with his team selections, tactics and use of substitutes, providing far more questions than answers.

    His comments, justified or not, show a manager feeling the pressure.

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