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  1. lol, thanks for clearing that up. sorry for tharting the craze. so is this a genuine attempt at putting together a big coaching team or an attempt to get the compensation the club feels they deserve?

  2. Very interested to see if they stay on. would be a massive boost to the team. Just a thought but would they not have been on a similar one year rolling contract with lambert? in which case might they just let their contracts run out in a month or so then run to the midlands? Hoping not
  3. pidge

    on a positive note

    Chrissy martins just scored against ipswich. Lol

  4. pidge

    Man U Sold Out!

    finally got through at 9.40 and all gone. happy days. hopefully theyll release another batch but seems unlikely
  5. pidge

    Injured players returning?

    i duno, personally i think he was better than good for us last year. im just hoping he can make that step up and solve whats appearing to be the biggest problem we have this year. hoping ward / ayala combo may do a job for us but, as you say, is hugely dependant on fitness. agree rus martins starting to show a few errors but has done an special job out of position. time will tell im guessing, sure lambert won''t throw money at it if he doesn''t have to but if injuries don''t write themselves i''ve got a feeling his hand will be forced regardless
  6. pidge

    Injured players returning?

    Ward coming back could be amazing for us. know hes unproven at this level but i thought he was amazing for us last year

  7. pidge

    Bury St. Edmunds Canaries

    yes mate, very good too. http://www.thegymsportsbar.co.uk/ they show the streamed games too. top job!
  8. pidge

    Bury St. Edmunds Canaries

    lol, two very different places indeed! i actually ended up in the Gym bar saturday and the atmosphere was pretty good, certaily a lota noise when we scored! didnt expect it. worth bearing in mind
  9. pidge

    Bury St. Edmunds Canaries

    sounds good mate, pop into VC after, perect! both queens heads and greyhound are a pretty nice vibe and wont get any stick for being a lonely yellow! Cheers
  10. pidge

    Bury St. Edmunds Canaries

    did you have any luck mate? thinking bout this sat
  11. pidge

    Bury St. Edmunds Canaries

    worth a look around then eh? never the same as being there but a bit more appealing than sat with laptop and a lager. they advertise if theyre showing the game or you just go and hope for the best? dont know about the bushel though, thought it was open but may be wrong.
  12. pidge

    Bury St. Edmunds Canaries

    do they show the non sky games?
  13. pidge

    Bury St. Edmunds Canaries

    dont think there is mate, the only places i can think of are the Gym, bushell or kings but i think they just show the sky games. i shall be watchin via tinternet but not really the same! lol good to see a fellow yellow in bury

  14. a whole summer of celebrating comes at a price. get me out a 4xl