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  1. [quote user="step"] Not sure that McN knows how to lose ![/quote] Really? G Holt got the three year contract he wanted That was not long after McN lost us the best manager we have had in a generation, perhaps he was always going to go but McN certainly did not "win". There is a big difference between being a bit of a dick / a bully, and actually being a winner.
  2. Just had a text from a mate and Carl Cort is shopping in ASDA. Could be something in it.
  3. He is not God he just thinks that he is.  Whatever you do dont infringe on any intellectual property rights or he will go straight to the Police that shows who is boss!  It is that kind of High Horse attitude which has embarrassed the club at times and perhaps he should focus on the football a bit more rather than attempting to be Alan Sugar.  It is not a smart move to let your manager and team captain go, just to maintain a reputation of being "tough".  Sometimes it pays to let the Wookie win!
  4. They are not a disgrace, this thread is a disgrace.  They do a job.  They both came in, did a f***ing fantastic job both surpassing everyones expectations by some distance, and now they have decided to move on.  Fair enough.  Make no mistake without those two we would still be in League One.
  5. [quote user="norfolkchance1"] When was the last time a kit release made the top ten of an international news site stories list, even Man U and England don''t manage that.[/quote]Yes what a fantastic thing to get Worldwide recognition for, a club being run by complete Morons who should go and compete in the next series of The Apprentice.  Thats obviously where they would feel more at home, they would fit in do quite well.I will say it again I am actually embarrassed about it as should everyone connected to NCFC.  I hope the whole thing goes away and is forgotten as soon as possible. 
  6. Calling the Police was absolutely pathetic what exactly was the "crime"?Putting up some pictures of some clothes a few hours early?  Well Whoop De Doo, im glad my tax £s are being put to good use by the Police.  The Club have in recent times become so up themselves that it is beyond a joke they should be reminded that the are a FOOTBALL CLUB!  So how about concentrating on playing football not "protecting out intellectual property rights" which is just BS.In my entire lifetime of supporting the club when reading of this it was the first and only occassion I can honestly say I was embarrassed to be a Norwich City Fan.  Calling the Police because a picture of our kit was released early I mean you couldn''t make it up.  Pathetic.
  7. I think he might have been sent off.  We were definitely down to 9 men after that anyway because of at least one Red Card and the only player to volunteer to go in goal was Cody.  He then went on to keep a clean sheet!!! Much to the enjoyment of everyone there and I have never been at Carrow Rd to see a 3-1 defeat be met with such a cheer at Full Time."Englands number 1, Englands, Englands, Number 1"
  8. "Is it a law in football that you can only like one team?"You are allowed to support up to three teams:The team of place you grew up,The team of the place you currently live,The team your Dad supportsFACT!
  9. [quote user="TIL 1010"] You really should get a life and get out more Unhinged Canary.Yet another Cody Macdonald  Thread weekly thread is rather tiresome and boring.[:@] [/quote]You have completely missed the point, it is exactly BECAUSE he is banging them in week in and week out that it is of note/interesting.There is a very good chance he will get the Leagues Golden Boot award, its not in the bag but he is one off the top and that is with ZERO penalties taken and he was injured for the first quater of the Season.  I know it is "only" League2 but really what more could he have done to impress people?I am sure that looking back on the deal, Paying a fat cheque of £££,£££s and letting Cody go in return for Jackson will not be remembered as one of the NCFC Boards better pieces of business.  On the other hand im sure the Gills board would consider recieving a hefty £s up front just after relegation to smooth the finances AND getting Cody was quite a score!
  10. When we lost 7-1 to Colchester who scored the 1?When we went down to 9 men and had no keeper who was the first one to step up and go into goal?Who on numourous occassions set up tap ins for other players rather than shoot from a harder angle just to get the goal himself?
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