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  1. for those of you listening to west brom commentry - are u getting really annoyed about the slagging od we''re gettinng i.e "norwich are scrappy whilst robson on the other hand is trying to build a football playing side!"   is waller usually this bias when commenting on our opposition?
  2. causre mine aint   any ideas or is going to be another frustrating refresh the bbc website?
  3. "its 4 -4 can we get a winner?!!"   nice one guys - its all about belief  - we CAN stay up!
  4. this is directed to anyone who heard radio norfolk this afternoon when we got the 3rd goal.. roy what a legend!  
  5. in tribute to the incredibly fanstasitc role francis has done for norwich city - i propose to mark his return and any subsequent apperances with everyone buying a Phantom Of The Opera mask and wear it! - so go out spend a couple of quid at any fancy dress shop - to prove how much we appreciate him! this has the potential to eclispe the ''inflatable canary - last seen in the UEFA run'' so go forth to buy your masks (and who knows they may come in use else where!)
  6. just download real player...head to the radio norfolk...click onto Listen...and @ 15hrs - you get roy & neil to guide u through..    
  7. its like we''ve won the leauge! come on city next 3 games we''re gonig to win
  8. well atleast with haven''t got that pesky monkey on our back..    
  9. according to mark ''needs his moustache back'' lawrenson "Norwich just can''t get the monkey off their back" can someone shed light on who is this monkey.....and whats he/she doing on our back!
  10. sorry bit of a miss-spelling ...fantasied.....must be because delia is getting to me that much!
  11. you have then.......   well thats the slogan the guardian has used to attract wanabe-fantasy football managers     so as you''ve log onto this topic...what does delia do for you!
  12. its bad news on the greeno front..especially as the gooners have gota right clown in at the moment! but we should try and get 3/4 mil but have bently thrown into the deal i could settle with that
  13. sticking my head on the line, but today is where a season kicks off, beat the everton, indifferent result against newcastle - but then man city & blackburn - will fall at the peril of the mighty norwich city!
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