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  1. Well well well, rufjiz upsetting people??? Whatever next? Pmsl
  2. He deserves more goals. Some of his long range shots will soon end up in the onion sack!
  3. Oh sorry about that, I''m new to this site! QPR, Cardiff and Leicester have all managed to attract prem quality strikers. We have the money there, it''s no good in the bank.
  4. Our goal difference is quite poor, goals scored aren''t bad, but goals conceded are pretty awful. We make lots of chances, but only convert a handful of them. So, another striker who could get us a bag full of goals between now and the end of the season is a must. If we can''t defend very well, then let''s apply the ''let''s score more than them'' attitude, which will be great for fans and make for a really interesting end to the season.
  5. Well well well, if it ain''t my old mucker Rufjiz. Have you posted my details on here yet? I''ll give you my kids names as well if you want. You need help! Sicko!
  6. Don''t forget there''s £2m burning a hole in his back pocket!
  7. They are a bit .....um.......immature!
  8. Alright, Harry, are you a DCI? You''ve found me out!
  9. Ah yes, but I reported him to Barack obama. I go right to the top!
  10. Darken, you have my commiserations. Thing is, we''ve met at least 3 times, but he doesn''t know me by sight.
  11. He came to my house with a great big tin of mushy peas and said ''if you and your family don''t eat these, I''m going to report you''. I''m not a northerner, mushy peas are not part of my diet!
  12. Am I meant to be impressed? Did you take one of your stupid cgi banners with you?
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