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  1. I think your cousin needs to brush up on his GDPR knowledge......
  2. Seriously? There's a first. You keep it up.
  3. And your reply took less that an minute, so by your own definition you must be obsessed with me. Maybe I'm not as obsessed with you as you like to imply. I assume you've noticed I've replied on other threads during this time too. Funny that, participating on a forum! Have a good week, are you working or back to school?
  4. As I said, football is different to the real world.
  5. I thought it was around this time. Minutes awaited then, if anyone is left to sign them off......
  6. Pukki's extension doesnt not mean it doesnt have a relegation clause- in that his wages could still reduce in that eventuality.
  7. Must be a new OSP meeting soon - is there anyone left at the club to drive that?
  8. This isnt just any forum...............
  9. But they can - she theoretically could stay - as this weekends unrest has come from him. I agree her position may be untenable but they didn't arrive as a package, arent employed as a package, so one can go without the other one. She was here before Webber arrived I believe.
  10. If they view it as gross misconduct or similar he wont need paying off! Oh I forgot - football is different to the real world.
  11. Isnt the Waterfront the nominated away boozer these days?
  12. no apparently about it ..............
  13. Imagine a team trying to sign a play, or more accurately renew a contract and they stipulate they can't work a certain period as they are doing some charity work. I'm not knocking the desire to do some good, but there is a time and place, surely?
  14. Webber job is to be the best he can in the role he is paid to do. If successful the fans / board everyone is happy. We haven't achieved this season, and next year he's putting in 10% less effort. Football is an entertainment business and he is one of ncfc component parts.
  15. “My life isn’t to appease Norwich fans,” Webber says. No not his life, but his current job is exactly that. 100% (or should that be 90%!)
  16. Why would the players be driven to giving 100% when he has given a green light to 90% effort being acceptable. Should be leading by example. Only at Nodge.
  17. Same article here without pay wall.... https://archive.ph/DWXnE This quote made me smile ; I get introduced, even at a wedding, ‘This is Stuart, he works for Norwich City’ or ‘He used to work for Liverpool.’ It’s like my identity is just around my job and I really dislike that. If the man that high up appears to be embarrassed about who he works for, he's one of the few in a position to change it. Make it something to be proud of. Although it must be said, whenever I've been introduced anywhere, certainly socially, rather than professionally they don't introduce me a "this is xxxx he works for company, as where I work is irrelevant in that circumstance. I wonder if we were higher up the league, or won a trophy he would view it differently. Has any club won a trophy whilst he's been there?
  18. So that's the third manager who cant get a tune out of him. Hopefully the penny will drop sooner rather than later................... Just a shame that will this negativity his value is dropping too.
  19. Currently have as much silver wear as us in recent times. Its only been a few months!
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