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  1. Cmon Wolfie, we need 100% of you, not 90% my friend!
  2. Cheers Duncan. Let's see what happens. Who knows what the future will hold. The last few months have shown me that. Whilst I may not agree with everything they do, Im fully appreciative of the existing members of the OSP and the time and effort they invest.
  3. I was when it was initially discussed - hence my attendance at the initial zoom call. However I couldn't be part of it how I (admittedly) perceive it to be being ran. Also, and whilst I accept re-election isn't due for another year, I have some pretty big things in my personal life atm that are using all of my energies (and more tbh) currently, so I wouldn't be able to fully commit, as it would deserve. Maybe in the future though, as I am not adverse to ruffling a few feathers - but not sure my style would suit the OSP.
  4. As ive said before - and in this previous post - lets agree to disagree. Still not after a **** for tat conversation, You are entitled to your opinion and to defend that- as am I. As I have said before Matt, I respect you and your fellow OSP members, all giving their time freely, for the good of the club and the larger benefit of the supporters. would it be possible to see, or even for people on the various platforms to comment on the agenda before future meetings? Obviously some items cannot be publicised I understand that. Ive has a little chuckle reading that thread back, and hope we can continue to do that. Not sure if you, or other panel members have seen this suggestion from Diane, re the sharing of future minutes when published?
  5. I admire your defence of the OSP, and certainly don't wish to go over old ground which we have already discussed. As I said we can agree to disagree. From the initial meeting (the one the email / Tilly's link refer to), which both you and ncfcstar confirmed neither of you attended, I expected the OSP to be more challenging of the club. I agree these things take time to evolve and I hope this happens more in the future.
  6. Yes, the email clearly states the launch of the OSP, not sure why that needed clarifying.
  7. Apologies Tilly - only just seen your reply. which confirms the email I posted refers to the same event.
  8. Nope - as have said we can agree to disagree, but the facts seem to suggest otherwise to me anyways. Having looking through my emails - this could have been the invite.
  9. She introduced at the first meeting, pre osp initialization as new to the role.
  10. But appears little chance to raise what the fans want. I know we agree to disagree on this, but in my view the OSP should be asking the club questions on behalf of the fans, not the agenda set by the club.
  11. Thought that was what the OSP was set up to do. Represent the fans.....
  12. Whilst I agree with you LDC - they threw it away for a perceived 'best chance of survival' as appears to be working at Burnley. Had it of worked it would have been seen as inspired, but with hindsight, it didn't. unfortunately
  13. im 90% confident we will aim for top 26 in the country!
  14. I watched them on MOTD, and as much as I can't stand them, they absolutely showed fighting spirit and gave it a good go against Chelsea and got their reward. Big thanks to Pickford too for some outstanding saves. Crowd and fans both encouraging each other. How it should be. (plus I didn't hear a drum!). So as much as I dislike Everton, much respect for that. Not sure I agree with the tactics of letting fireworks off outside the visitors hotel during the night though....
  15. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/update-shared-as-45-y-o-under-consideration-to-be-next-blackburn-rovers-boss/ Apols if this has been discussed before, and I've missed it. I think he would do well there, but could possibly aim a little higher? I certainly wish him well though.
  16. Sorry, but they are moving from quest to itv next season. https://www.mediamole.co.uk/entertainment/broadcasting/news/itv-to-show-efl-highlights-from-2022-23_478927.html
  17. Hang on TvB, why bring me into this discussion. As I've said before I tried to send you a pm, but you can't receive them, for whatever reason. I don't hanker after an apology from you, or anyone else for that matter. You changing your spots would be good enough for me. So let's see what happens over time hey? Although, even though posts have been removed from here I still remember what you said (which I won't repeat).
  18. Your edit button not working FF?
  19. TeemuVanBasten cannot receive messages. Just tried to PM you.
  20. Didn't Pinto injure himself getting out of his car........ https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5438360/ivo-pinto-norwich-freak-injury-brentford-championship/
  21. But its offered based on age of the ST holder, not awarded for loyalty, as you suggest.
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