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  1. Or maybe they do want to buy them, but cannot meet our asking price, or their wage demands etc ? not every loan has a view to purchase, they could be used to cover an injury, or a young player who not quite ready yet, but deemed to be better then the loanee for next season, type scenario. Just as an example.
  2. Would that make the people rattling their tins for donations CLUNTS rather than CHUNTS? Or even Cluggers! (Didnt he used to "play pop" ?
  3. I believe that to be the case too. If they arent in our squad of 25 they cannot play - Im also sure those that are under the age necessary to be in the 25 are ineligible to play too
  4. What about if he's using a VPN too!
  5. Jeez NN, I've asked a civilised question. You just can't help yourself can you. Wasn't it you who said earlier about people responding to the poster and not their post.....
  6. I believe that occurred before the recorded incident, from how it's been reported. That's why I asked as you said you were there.
  7. Did you see him blowing kisses or saying he can leave when he likes? Or didn't that happen?
  8. Did you see him blowing kisses NN?
  9. Shame the TV camera man you've mentioned previously wasn't in front of you to record the incident!
  10. Thats no way to refer to your partner!
  11. According to google at todays rates that is £11.60M in GBP, even more impressive.
  12. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/football/peterborough-united/peterborough-united-look-to-raise-millions-with-a-bond-scheme-3682943 It’s a fund-raising initiative to help finance key club infrastructure projects while allowing supporters to get a return on their investment. A safe standing area within the London Road End of the ground is a priority as the club would not be able to use a terrace if they return to the Championship. A modern sports bar open seven days a week is also a target. Funds raised over the initial target of £1.5million will be allocated to the first phase of work towards a new stadium for the city, namely the architectural, surveying and engineering work required to submit a formal planning application. The bond is effectively a loan to the club. The Posh Bond will pay a fixed rate of interest over its five-year term, after which the amount invested will be repaid to the Bondholder. The key terms of the Bond are as follows: 1) 9% interest per annum, 2) 15% cash bonus if Posh are promoted to the Championship by 2026/27; 3) Eligible for tax-free returns through an Innovative Finance ISA; 4) Minimum investment £500.
  13. The "break in" happened when he was on his 10% not working time.....
  14. The fact he is an academy grad is irrelevant. He should not get more negativity because of that status, but he is also is not immune from any because of that status either. He is a 24 year old professional footballer, doing that job that less that 1% of the population can succeed in, and he appears to be throwing away his many chances, and cannot see it.
  15. or maybe because he is just there on loan?
  16. I think he is in the camp of any publicity is good publicity, Even self promotion. the more the better!
  17. Agreed - Strange thought, If either of those happen he will be viewed as another academy success, despite his more recent behaviour for NCFC.
  18. His opening words - Promotion was the target, promotion was achieved, makes me laugh, we wasn't there when they set the target (although I would expect recently relegated teams to all have that as their target) so he wasn't part of that. They have been promoted to the league he WAS in, but couldn't get a team place, so if he stays with us he has gone backwards, if he signs for them (doubtful) he has at best stagnated. PErsonally I think he will return to us, and be sold for less than the reported £11M B'mff had 'agreed' Hes only had bit part appearances, and not even those recently, so not even much of a part for their promotion. Congratulate the team by all means, and show respect, but dont post something self centred. And he wonders why people dont warm to him.
  19. But in the interest of balance...............
  20. Some of the comments / replies to his tweet are interesting too.
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