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  1. It''s the thought that counts! Cheers for trying though, appreciated.
  2. There was an earlier post about BJ, in which DDD In The Fine City wrote : We received the enquiry from Derby a few days before deadline day and it was rejected even tho the money was good, Johnsons agent knew of this so Alex and Johnson had a meeting as he wanted clarification on his position in our team, he was told he wouldn''t be guaranteed many starts in the prem as Neil wanted more width in both wide positions to counter prem full backs being able to get forward, johnson then decided he wouldnt mind going to talk to Derby and with the money so good the club decided to go with the deal, the transfer was his choice as he wanted first team football the club were happy for him to stay Straight from the manager He also said he was surprised fans were moaning saying Bradley could have still started for us but playing centre midfield instead as when he played there two years previous under Hughton most fans singled him out as a weak link, which we did.
  3. Totally agree Norfolk. Maybe he was setting it up ready for next year, states today that next season big changes are to come, then for what ever reason they don''t happen. Over ruled, clubs don''t come in with acceptable offers for our players, whatever, and we stagnate, he can just say, he was unable to do what he wanted, like when he couldn''t offload Ruddy and Naismith previously.
  4. AI is in a no lose situation tomorrow, the team would, we presume already be picked, as someone else has stated, and they would have been working on the gameplay. So if we win, he''s played one, won one. Happy days If we lose or draw, it''s not his selection, plus the turmoil of today having an affect etc. Not his fault. Nice position for him to be in, and could help his chances for the role, if interested.
  5. Agreed Norfolk, and whilst he may not be the best/youngest player at the club, I do respect Whittaker for his recent roles at both right and left back. Knowing that as soon as pinto was fit and we signed a left back he would be back on the bench at best, A good example for the youngsters, yes he is doing his, well paid job, but compare that to be lacklustre substitute appearance from Lafferty against Newcastle. It''s a size/team game, and you need them all to be fighting for you, as you say Norfolk.
  6. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/3063785/alex-neil-sacked-norwich-delia-smith/ Sorry can''t do clicky. Sad to see he wanted Wes to go.
  7. Man to wife - put your coat on. Wife - where are we going? Man - you''re not, im going down the pub, so turning the heating off!!!
  8. If they don''t like it, they can go back to the kitchen. ;-)
  9. That''s something to look forward too then!!!
  10. Fair comment apples. Personally I cannot see how he can stay with a defeat, but with this BOD nothing surprises me.
  11. shaunieboy77 wrote the following post at 10/03/2017 2:13 PM: The glory and the magic of winning the play off final sure beats finishing 2nd.. A great day but need to move on @shaunieboy. Was undoubtedly as good day out, but should the team finishing 3-6 get that, where as the team in 2nd slip under the radar. Teams 1st and 2nd have a couple more weeks to prepare for premiership, but playoff winners you would hope could carry on their momentum.
  12. @vw. Not a celebration of failure as we did get promoted, but there is more glory attached to winning the play off than 2nd place. That said, was a cracking day out with family and friends, and one I''m glad to have shared with my son, and hope he thinks back and remembers it as I do the milk cup final in 85 with my own father. Surely that''s what football is about?
  13. Wembley was a great day out, and a good time to be a city supporter. However, it was a play off, not a cup final. Hence the entire debates of play offs, semi finals at Wembley etc. Would it hold the same regard as say we had finished 2nd, which would have obviously been a better achievement, footballwise, but without the memories of a magical day out, or the play off victory over the scummers.
  14. Why didn''t we get a star on our shirts for the win at Wembley..
  15. That''s the key tho, big O keeping everyone on the fringes happy, so they are snapping at the heals of the player in the shirt currently, ready to take it off him. What you don''t want is fringe player to not think he would get a fair crack becoming disillusioned and leave. Canos anyone? Oh who would be a manager eh?
  16. You would like to think that the waiting Maddison is currently doing would make him hungrier, and keener to keep hold of the shirt, if and when he does get it. Hopefully our younger, for the future players don''t get fed up waiting, and far cough elsewhere.
  17. No room for sentiment in football big O, its big business now. I''d like him to remain at the club in some role, but if his playing days are coming to an end, the club has to move on.
  18. Mister Chops wrote the following post at 09/03/2017 9:25 PM: Why is it you have been at the centre of all this nonsense since you started posting a few months ago, do you think Greavsy? Not strictly true Morty is is? But don''t let the facts get in the way of your sad quest. Now I wonder what your and others game is? Greavsy wrote: Good point SDP, let''s hope people can stay on topic. #8
  19. It''s not just about sacking the manager. Yes that will give a short term lift, as previously stated on here. It''s also about identifying the right manager who is AVAILABLE and WILLING to come here . There will obviously be more candidates once the season end. Does mean not to sack him now, but the suitable replacement may not be waiting to fill the hot seat.
  20. nutty nigel wrote the following post at 09/03/2017 9:06 PM: On the Delia thread alone I''ve batted away six attempts by Greavsy to take it off topic with petty arguments. This is what he constantly did to Morty. It''s all there if anyone wants to see what this Greavsy poster is all about. I refuse to be his next "Morty". You''ve no risk there NN, as I''ve said before I''m not interested, and yes it''s all there to see, as others have commented you are the one taking it off topic. You keep bringing me up, I''ve been out for the evening, and the first post I open is one where you yet again dirty my name, exactly what you accused me of early. Priceless.
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