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  1. Im no expert - so im out im afraid! @canarydan23 may be able to assist though?
  2. Does that count as being active though Wolfie?
  3. Im not trying to prove anything, please quote where I have said he is lying or claimed he is not on twitter. The point I was making is being ACTIVE on twitter doesnt mean you have to be a regular poster. Im sure you can understand that point? As Wolfie has himself said - Lets move on. Do you need an agent? reasonable rates!
  4. Agreed - as long as someone scores, and we get the right result its all that matters , its a team game. BTW he didnt officially get an assist!
  5. I think bar concessions most away tickets are £30.00 the max they can charge. Most host know we have a great away following.
  6. You dont have to be ACTIVE on twitter to receive the alerts / notifications. Wasn't any sort of gotcha, as you put it. I guess this tweet from yesterday where the same account is quoted is irrelevant too?
  7. I am indeed - I rarely send tweets personally, but I still get to see what others are saying on a daily basis. Hence my earlier reference to the one sent about the potential increase in prices that I was notified about. Being 'active' does not mean solely sending tweets. Twitter works in so many other ways. I would also add that Matt has provided his twitter on here previously, I would never post anyone's personal details, unless they had previously shared them in this forum.
  8. Lets agree to disagree as personally I think the facts (that are know to me) suggest otherwise, you obviously know more, but thats kindof the point I was raising. However dont want a **** for tat conversation. BTW is this you? https://twitter.com/matcolo just the following suggests you're not on twitter.
  9. 2 games I've been to since these have been a requirement. First one, purple jacketed covid warden walked down the queue asking people to get their passes ready. By the time I'd reached the front mine was still loading. I showed the further covid steward and his comment was "I trust you, you wouldn't be here if it was positive" and let me through! 2nd.match Normal steward (yellow jacket) by the railings near the turnstile. Offered to show passport, his response "not interested in that, there are purple jackets who deal with that" and let me in! Both times for upper N&P around 2.30/45 time. Farcical.
  10. Yes when it comes to pricing structures. its about balance and weighing it up - with value, and how much you want something. Can you get it for less. If I can get the same level of car cover, for less, with a similar provider (so the service is similar I will shop about and maybe move (but cheapest isnt always best, especially in the event of a claim for car insurance. utilities are simpler as its just delivered down a pipe, and effing pricy whoever you are with these days. Sky / BT / Amazon - evaluate the service, does it provide value for money - will you get usage out of it etc? less impact if you cease. I agree S/T are slightly different in a one at a particular club provides as different experience, and you cannot switch as you would car insurance, I totally agree. However I repeat, my point was its always nice to at least feel you have had some influence in the price you pay and the original point still remains, that in my opinion, we have been denied that by NCFC in this instance. Im pleased you enjoy your football and are happy to renew, whatever the cost. whilst it isnt prohibitive, and hope that continues for you I appreciate im still making the same point, in response to your post, and the OSP have not have a chance to respond as yet, so im going to leave it there, for now, pending their comments, to be fair to them .
  11. Im genuinely amazed that you missed the many pages of this thread that has discussed the interaction, or lack thereof for fans (via the supporter group) to have an opportunity to discuss or maybe influence renewal prices, before they are set in stone.
  12. I dont subscribe, so I cannot pay them any less!
  13. I used to get an N&P discount of 5% which was always welcome, but that has stopped in recent years so I pay the same going rate as everyone else. I always renew by the first renewal date too - but i understand that has some 'flexibilty' to it too. The point was more about paying for what you want as the right price. your initial post implied that no matter what people charged you, if you wanted (needed in some respects) the product you would pay the asking price (subject to the fair and valid points you made).
  14. So youll haggle over other expenses, but just accept this one. You final point missed the 'having to be of similar quality / standard' but im sure you knew that really?
  15. I take it you never shop around for car insurance? Or haggle for the best mobile phone deal? Threaten to leave sky / BT ? Use the 30 day free trial of Amazon etc? Just quite happy to pay the full price, as you enjoy the service?
  16. that's why Ive asked the OSP representatives on here their comments. I'm sure Matt or Gordon will reply in due course. Its a fair point re facebook, and all views should be equally represented, but that's a reminder why personally im not on that platform. I have always found the club to be quick and engaging in their replies too - Its quite ironic that one of my communication was about the setting up of the OSP and their roll which would hopefully ensure that fans feel listened too, and have a route into the club. Unfortunately, to me, the sell isn't matching the reality as yet.
  17. totally agree - not every fan will agree or every viewpoint be represented. however my comment below was been kicked out, implying there was consultation. Im just asking where the OSP done this, as im not aware of any process, despite personally asking prior to the meeting. Also given how much canvassing for votes was done here, and how many questions / opinions sought prior to the previous meeting of the OSP there seems to be a wall of silence now.
  18. Totally agree Dunc. However I asked if they (the OSP) were asking for fans views, like prior to the last meeting, and was told not. I suggested it was a closed shop which also got shut down. I just asked how they were engaging with the fans they allegedly represent and was told the content of the meeting couldnt be discussed, despite the content of the meeting (on another subject) then being raised by the same person (I accept this was a more general subject though) on this forum. My comment tonight of the fans not being consulted has been shot down, as this is not the case, but there is to me no evidence to that contrary, either before, during or after the meeting process. Did any one who is not on the OSP get any such communication to share their view? Its all on this forum, mainly this thread, but some initially on the contracts one that Wolfie keeps up to date before it move to here, being a more relevant thread.
  19. Sorry Wolfie it's a fact from my observations, I am a season ticket holder of 10+ years (on my second run). I asked here if the OSP was seeking fans views and was told you didn't set the agenda, and couldn't comment on the context of meetings, although later on another thread you did go into detail into the crouch report, and your /osp panels reading / application of that moving forward. No one has asked my view, or said where I can supply it, by way of sending my comments / completing questionaire / attending a meeting etc. (which the club have done before and I have attended). This is a public forum, provided by the local press, not anything provided by the club and I will not be silenced by you or the club, like you obviously have been. Stay in your lane please. So please explain to me how the OSP have represented mine and anyone else's point of view?? You simply haven't. Apologies again if that strikes a nerve, but again I'm sure your views would be different if you were on the outside looking in and not itk. Thats all factual.
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