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  1. The one that hit the bar he had covered. If it was any lower, he would got a touch.
  2. Im sure the club are gutted! He shows no interest in playing for us, so, why should his socials be any different?
  3. Exactly, he can't complain DS hasn't given him a chance. Possibly a bit too soon initially and DS has admitted that, but he has given another. Please we dont see training, be he should be first in, last out, and really proving a point. I think he likes the money, and the attention, the (social) media (on hiss terms) but not the hard work required. Typical millennial!
  4. Not sure that is the case, having taken him to Watford last night. If he didn't want him he could easily remove him from the first team squad. I beleive he was training with the u23, and had his first team locker removed when under Farke.
  5. So why is he in the traveling squad?
  6. If his training isn't up to the levels required then why even take him to away games. Give a youngster a chance to experience it.
  7. Extended the deal will mean we potentially will get a fee, if anyone comes in. The downside is we will be lumbered with wages etc for another year if no one does.
  8. That will explain the article in the local press about how he regrets how his time here ended. Getting a positive news story out there. Good luck to him, hope it works out for him.
  9. Typical of our team, to start winning just as the ST renewals are due......
  10. More an ar5e shaped dent in the sofa, I'd imagine?
  11. Enjoy the rest of it. (whats left of it). Ill go back to being rude to you tomorrow!
  12. I believe its a special day for @hogesar today too? Nice of the team to deliver!
  13. when should they play the games required to catch up then? Particularly those teams with a lot to make up.
  14. I get your point - but its worth a challenge, may not change it initially, but may make the club think about it in future years. Or maybe just makes people feel better, and they feel that have had some input into the decision making process!
  15. So they are beyond being questioned / justifying any increases?
  16. Them planes aint cheap to run either.................. The fridge for Delias wine! I wonder if the Soccerbot had an energy rating sticker on it?!
  17. Is this the ***** Official Krul would have saved that ***** thread?
  18. counts in fantasy leagues too - evidently! who knew! ?
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