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  1. Its a lap of appreciation these days, although iv never worked out who is showing appreciation for who!
  2. https://www.canaries.co.uk//content/pukki-wins-war-paint-for-men-player-of-the-season-award So he's already been given the trophy, no presentation on Sunday, on the pitch as usual? Very poor.
  3. Trust me, you don't want to know what my day is.
  4. Hasnt he said that finishing 19th rather than 20th is worth an additional £2M for the club, so that's his aim, and hence despite personal views on here of the personnel, hes fielding what he views the team most likely to achieve that. Obviously views will differ on if he is right or not, but thats his official driver, for now.
  5. Takeaway cup - not easily recyclable, due to the plastic lining, and limited reuses. Mug - Very much re-usable. I know what id prefer.
  6. https://metro.co.uk/2022/05/11/back-to-school-for-whoever-spelled-this-bus-stop-sign-incorrectly-16628261/amp/
  7. I would wish everyone a happy Friday - but @cambridgeshire canary will accuse me of following him, being obsessed and bullying him on his thread! That said, hope everyone is good, inc CC, and having a good one. Cheers!
  8. Couldn't you be pressed into it Dylan ? I'll get my coat.
  9. Very much so, but no matter what the connectivity it still takes your time...... Which was my point. Anyway congrats on the millstone, sorry milestone.
  10. That's 10K posts in under 2 years CC! So on average over 14 a day. I think you should get out more, A lot more.
  11. you're forgetting the fact he wanted to leave, and made that point very strongly. We had him for a year longer than he wanted to be here. Holding player to their contract never works out well - would be another TC situation, with no suitors and value plummeting.
  12. But it suits us this way. We got a large transfer fee , which the club have said was more than we expected. Plus if he moves to a bigger club / again we get a slice. Great business for us. Once a player wants to leave i dont care where they go tbh. Move on nothing to see here
  13. I dont always agree with your posts NN - But in this case I do, 100%. Choices. we all have them.
  14. Oh keep up, FF. Glad to see my post content and forum habits are of such interest to you. Still I should be flattered if it's keeping you away the other forum.
  15. No, I really didn't. And I'm sure you know it unless you're thicker than the dough you make......
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