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  1. I know they are all fantastic centre halves but I think Ward seems to be a bit less consistent. I love barnett''s pace and everything else but Whitbreads composure wins it for me ;)
  2. Sorry I was just referring to the post somewhere that suggested kamera. I don''t actually think we need a loan as we have Martin coming back from injury and a Grant Holt (say no more) plus we are team that scores from all positions. I have full faith in our strike force and except wilbraham and holt all our strikers are under 25. I am no doubter.
  3. [quote user="Muddy funster"]Strawberry Blonde - you both win the argument - 69?[/quote]I agree with this^^^      ... not ginger strawberry blonde.
  4. I saw someone had posted a suggestion of getting Diomansy Kamera on loan...too late he has just gone to leicester. I do not doubt Lambert in any way shape or form but it is just odd how loan players (strikers) are going everywhere apart from here.
  5. I agree, although they may be considered ''tap ins'' the way he dummied the shot twice for his first goal to make space was brilliant. I just hope that lambert''s decision to not get premiership youth players doesn''t come back to haunt us.
  6. I would love to see Oli come on as a sub on the wing because as you said he has good feet and enough pace. He would also have the confidence to take on the full back after a run of games which McNamee has failed to do recently.
  7. I don''t think Lambert is too bothered about who takes the penalties and said (in his interview) that he just let''s the player that is most confident step up. I only think hoolahan is a regular because most of his always find the back of the net and has been the taker for quite sometime. So the next penalty taker will all be depending on how Wes feels weather he wants to right his wrong or let someone else tale it.
  8. [quote user="dylanisabaddog"] On Internet Explorer   Put your chosen picture in a folder on your computer Top right hand side of pinkun page - click on your name next to edit my details Click on ''enable Avatar'' Click on ''Browse'' search for your picture - highlight it and click ''OK'' this will take you back to the edit page - click ''Update''   [/quote] cheers
  9. Hi all, as you can tell by the title i am new to this forum although have been reading it for some time even though i am only young (so treat me nicely). i was just wandering how to have a picture for your profile. I am also ''Walks on Water'' s son and we have has season tickets in the barclay for 3 years [:D] OTBC
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