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  1. Thanks- The Lighthouse at Walcot would be fine I will try there.
  2. Thanks Lord Horn It would be easier to return home than go to London. Simply does anyone know a Pub within say 15 miles of Stalham where the game will be shown.
  3. I am away from home on Good Friday In North Norfolk Stalham Area. Can anyone tell me a pub in the area that will be showing the game on Sky Sports.
  4. After Saturday and the expectation that we shall be crowned champions at Sunderland I expected another huge response for tickets a la Preston. After offering two Sunderland tickets at face value or less and receiving zero response where has the support gone or have you all retained your earlier tickets when the game was postponed? How many tickets have been sold does anybody know? I know its a Tuesday but how many times in a lifetime does one have the chance to see your team become league champions. It ought to be better than Crewe.
  5. Stevenage Fan Absolutely spot on - total common sense. Ist Wiz please read, digest and consider-but still keep posting.
  6. With great respect 1st Wiz I have been reading your rants and moans and have sympathy with some of your views. What is worrying me is the fact that despite our league position at present you and others criticise the players to a degree that it can only affect their attitude and form if they read this board. What I find totally unacceptable is the abuse levelled at players at the ground if they have a bad five minute spell. The latest is poor Hendo who has been moaned at for not taking on players when I believe he has possibly been told not to-the evidence is his performance at Everton-He ran at their defence in the second half and scared the living daylights out of them. I thought he was Huckerby in disguise! Lets comment constructively on this board and get behind all the players on the pitch especially Rivers and Easton. Look what the crowd chanting Flemings name has done for his recent performances. I speculate why this is happening and would offer the following explanation. There is climate change, the En Ninyo effect and worries over genetically modified food. I suspect that there is another genetic effect - genetically modified supporters where a rogue gene has infiltrated some supporters from individuals who mainly come from the south but support ITFC. I have supported NCFC for over 40 years (sorry) and up to twenty years ago it was always known that as soon as a Town player played badly the crowd would moan and get on his back and this continues today. This never happened at Carrow Road until the last 10 years so how can this trait be reversed? I have an answer also. Unless some fairy godfather or godmother injects £1m plus into the ITFC share issue it could fail to reach the initial £1.25m target so that all monies have to be returned. This could lead to insolvency and ITFC being wound up as well as perhaps LEEDS. City supporters would then realise how lucky they are and the gene would regress. Perhaps Master Green, Old Boy and Nottingham canary who have also supported City for over 40 years might also like to comment. Wiz since you live in Suffolk the bad gene has less distance to travel as well as for Bury Belvoir and Bury Green who sometimes suffer from its effects. As for me, also now living in Suffolk and having been conceived within a stones throw of The Nest, I have an immunity. Sensible comments please!
  7. The best ever was in the Pink un after the 58/59 Cup Run And The Manchester United Game. I just about remember the game but the headline is forever "BLY BLY BABES"
  8. Snake Pit R I am getting worried about you-you never seem satisfied these days. Edworthy by any standards has performed well as any member of the team and has probably been the second or third best player for the last ten games. Just because he had an average game at Goodison is no reason to say the jury is out Hucks has had a couple of bad games also. As for Mackay-he may look crude at times but look at how many goals the defence has let in-they are the meanest in the league. Players have bad games posters to this website sometimes have bad posts possibly due to illness, in your case a lttle bit of verbal diorrea perhaps given the number of posts you have made today. Hope you are well soon.
  9. Bury G I hear what you say but there were a lot of empty seats in the City stand and an aweful lot of people who wanted to see the game and were disapointed. The convoy to Toffee land assembles at 09.00 hours at Belvoir Castle? PS Does anyone know if our dear friends at Portman Road have raised enough money in their share issue to pay the printers of the Prospectus and if so how much to date.
  10. Lets stop the self congratulations and gloating over other teams misfortunes because at the end of the season god willing we will be in the promised land and will still need money for strengthening the squad. One player who comes to mind is Peter Crouch. Season ticket holders and fans who have bought shares have been magnificent so how can we raise more money perhaps from new potential fans or those who cannot purchase a ticket because the home games are a sell out. The following idea came to me at the recent Forest game-there were a number of empty seats belonging to season ticket holders and those seats could have generated income. We cant all watch all of the games so why not have a scheme that if season ticket holders do not have anybody to take their seat they inform the club and the seat is then given to anybody at a flat cost of £25 with all money going into the NW player fund. The seat will have been paid for twice, a desperate fan will be able to see the game. will want to come again, and extra player money will be generated for the cost of a call which will not cost the club. Come on NCFC marketing what is wrong with this idea.
  11. Lets not get all worked up and possibly say too much which might scupper a deal at the end of the Premiership window. Just consider this: If the Board offered DH a deal which would make him the highest paid player in NCFC history and he turned it down thats it. Very prudent not to offer any more-a broken leg - money down the drain like the other Darren at Leicester! All premiership clubs perhaps bar 3 are worried about EU competition Rules a la SKY and will not be offering anything like the deals that have gone on before. All players including DH will slowly realise this through their agents! At the end of the Premiership window if DH does not have a better offer he has a choice, either stay at Man City on fantasic wages for 18 months and play in the reserves or join NCFC in front of adoring fans and accept a superb wage. I believe that it is a difficult choice for DH. A difference of say £5K a week does have alot of sway. Even KK might get fed up with paying him and have a quiet word with The Board in mid Jan. Remember Worthy''s words-we have to be patient. Lets get behind Leon and SV and show that we can live without DH that might just focus his mind to pride before money. After these sober thoughts Xmas can begin and I am off to the pub. Merry Xmas to all of you.
  12. Ever faithfull in the Boards prudence but I hope that we dont hear today something along the following lines:- "The Club have agreed terms with two strikers this week which has a considerable financial commitment to the Club. Although our bid for Darren Huckerby has been accepted we cannot agree to his wage demands." Before such words are contemplated the Board ought to know how gripped supporters are in being behind the push to the premiership. In my case my 93 year old mother who is in care in the midst of ITFC supporters and has followed the canaries since 1921 is not giving me or Baby B a christmas present and is buying NCFC shares instead to be a family heirloom. I bet Master Green, Ist Wizard, Bury Belvoir et al are all buying their wives/mothers the same present and some vice versa. Merry Christmas to you all but unlike others I do not advocate burning the ITFC prospectus because it will become a valuable collectors item after the inevitable happens.
  13. Master Green Glad to know there are realists out there-pity many other supporters still live in a permanent dream world-Hey but whats wrong in dreaming sometimes. I am resolved to DH not coming and hope Crouch can be afforded. Did you see him last night; brought on as sub. had the ball played to him about five times and beat the Chelsea defender in the air everytime (unfortunately for us) as O''Leary must have been impressed.
  14. Master Green I hear what you say and dont disagree with you-but I did ask what would YOU do? Its difficult to be honest isn''t it?
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