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  1. ncfc forever

    norwich shirts books and programmes

    Hi guys and girls i have shirts and tops programmes and books

    Badges etc for sale any one interested let me no and is it worth trying ebay cheers

  2. ncfc forever


    Sorry iPad changing the words again

  3. ncfc forever


    There seems to be a lot of talk about Wigan and villa but Newcastle are in a big mess and have to tricky games qpr away won''t be easy as they have no pressure on themselfs then arsenal at home we big very hard if arsenal still need the points.
  4. ncfc forever

    No michu for Swansea

    It gets worse just our luck wouldn''t be surprised if Wigan win ths easy
  5. ncfc forever


    God I can''t see it as there form as dropped of but we need them to get us out of this mess
  6. Yes we will be fine becchio and holt will be a handful hope they play together
  7. ncfc forever

    happy with signings

    I''m happy becchio is quality and kamara has the unexpected in him would have liked some more creativity in the midfield but we will just about be ok
  8. ncfc forever

    Need to do a Newcastle

    Lol didn''t think of that I do myself think hughton is the right guy for the job I guess we all have our thoughts on that I will be honest I never get to many games but I do watched every game live on the streams 2 or 3 players of quality would be all we need to change our fortunes but yesterday was a very low point as a supporter but not as bad as a relegation no where near
  9. ncfc forever

    Need to do a Newcastle

    Would love to see us do what Newcastle did and give this place a boost and get 4 quick signings in of great quality wolfs winkle and biglia would do for a start I just hope we ain''t disappointed yet again in a few days time
  10. ncfc forever

    Assessment of squad

    I wouldn''t want any of those strikers you mentioned we need to spend big on a top name to really make the difference just hope it happens as January may be to late

  11. ncfc forever


    So who is it going to be getting fed up waiting lol
  12. ncfc forever

    Tom huddlestone

    Spurs letting him go out on loan now he would be perfect strong and great passing ability maybe hughton could pull this out the bag then a striker and we are done

  13. ncfc forever

    Morning rumours

    Bassong will join qpr today so that one ain''t gonna happen the argentinian that Southampton are after would be quite handy
  14. ncfc forever

    2 tickets to villa game avalible

    hi there i did come on here a few days ago the tickets have now arrived 2 seats in the norwich and peterbrough lower row 1 seat 59 and 60 if interested i will send to you by special delivery tommorrow as long as i have received paypal payment first if you are intrested please pm me really wish i could go but cant make a sunday game. these tickets were won with a barclay card .
  15. ncfc forever

    New Kit small update

    Hi guys the new kit is going to be made by italian company errea but i have no news on the design but normally errea go for a tight fit shirt.
  16. ncfc forever

    Playoffs At Best

    Its hard to not get disapointed when we have done so good this season but that was a very poor result.