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  1. Precisely. And had we gained loads of top information presumably we'd have won every game. " I’m going to tell you a story. When I was Bilbao coach, we played the final against Barcelona, who won 3-0. They were generous with us because after the third goal they stopped playing. I was very sad to lose this game. When the game finished I sent to Guardiola, this analysis as a gift expressing my admiration for him. He told me ‘you know more about Barcelona than me.’ But it was useless because they scored three goals against us. I do this to feel well, I see that this information does not allow you to win games. Half of the goals we conceded are from set pieces. if the spying was effective, we would have found a solution on this subject. But it was not useful at all for us."
  2. Some fans, true, just as this threads hows that some of you are irrational and directed by dislike. If you see my posts elsewhere (and I'm the only one posting from one side of the argument here) I have no chip. But yes, we have taken this 'fine' to move on. That's the only logical conclusion as there is no actual remedy to the breach of the good faith rules. The fine has been made up out of thin air. Unless someone can show me where in the rules it prescribes any penalty whatsoever. Had this been Ken Bates the EFL would have been in litigation for years. THAT would be a victim mentality. Radrizanni has acted promptly and some would say been spineless in taking it up the you know what so as not to derail a season which is on the brink as it is.
  3. Equally there doesn't seem to be much in the way of rational thinking here, but that's what you expect from football supporters for who rationality falls by the wayside in a way that we'd never consider at home or elsewhere for fear of being laughed at. The events I referred to are factual. There were no bolt cutters. The 'spy' didn't encroach on Derby land, Lampard didn't even know about it until the police had sent the bloke on his way. Victim mentality works both ways. The Police DID have to apologise for joking about the incident on social media because they realised too late that idiots (as in media and some fans of other clubs without a sense filter) would take their posts at face value I don't think the EFL is corrupt at all. I do think they're incompetent and is currently run by a bloke who sat alongside Ken Bates during a period at our club which was breathtaking in its disregard for rules, courtesy, financial shenanigans etc. Lord Mawhinney did his absolute best to help the club around the administration rather than rub our noses in it. He also tried to ensure fair play for the rest of the league and the end result was as fair as we could have hoped for. So no chips on this shoulder. Perhaps it's too much to be able to ask people to look at things objectively? You'll all dismiss this as a local hack's views, but Phil Hay is usually pretty objective, and it's hard to see where a £200,000 fine fits into a world where racist chanting and getting the inside track on team sheets attracts a cost one eighth of the amount. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-united/phil-hay-column-spygate-leeds-united-and-marcelo-bielsa-a-saga-ended-by-the-efl-taking-a-sledgehammer-to-a-nut-1-9604016
  4. Tremendous instinctive striker and reads the game beautifully. But most importantly immune from injury. That's worth five to ten goals over the season alone.
  5. We took the fine to shut it all off. Of course we don't agree with it internally, and those who say £200,000 isn't much can't have paid heed to fines of a fifth to a tenth of that for racists chanting in UEFA run competitions. Oh, and anyone trying to differentiate between what a manager does and fans does shows just how far down the irrational line some people are prepared to go to justify their prejudice. We get it. Fans don't like Leeds and execution wouldn't have been enough for some. Our promotion bandwagon is slowing (or more accurately yours and Sheffield United's - somehow - is speeding up). We just don't need the distraction. Lies were told from minute one by Lampard, and they became the truth. The Police unwittingly made light of it by talking about pliers etc when there were none (which they admitted when they realised what they'd done) and the representative never entered the training ground despite fat Frank lying about that too. Bielsa didn't help by stating that we should 'take the worse case scenario and say that I have had all teams watched'. He didn't mean he had (a number are behind closed doors), but was saying let's just assume it because that's what lazy journalists and biased opposition **** rakers would do. Even now they talk about pliers and fence cutters. There were none. Not that many of you care or are interested in the truth. The false outrage from some has been truly pathetic. But when it comes to us reason goes out of the window. Anyway, we're now thinking about painting our away dressing room walls pink because it apparently provides an unfair advantage to the home team by reducing testosterone levels. I can't think what 'cheating' club thought of that but no doubt we'll be fined for it if indeed we do adopt it.
  6. Last season we averaged 31,525, a large increase on the previous season's 27,698. The capacity is 36,500. We've not averaged below 21,500 since 1988. And who would have thought it? A football club's attendances being dependent on success 15 years after relegation and implosion. What an alien concept. Back then you were averaging below 20,000 for every season but one between the end of the 70s and around 2003. You even averaged under 15,000 for several of those years. So, come on, be real. Anyway, password problems and illness has stopped me getting back on since the game, and though water has passed under the bridge since I'll buck the trend and say that unfortunately you were the better team on the day and thoroughly deserved your win. No ifs buts and maybes. Some of you will argue, and Vrancic's injury won't help (and I bet you all pray for Pukki's continued good health!), but if you don't go up there's something wrong. We just need to shake off those pesky Blades between us, though you could say the same about us. The transformation has been amazing since our visit to Carrow Road. I don't think any team in the Championship is equipped to go up this season, but you've been the best of the bunch. EDIT: I mean go up and stay up, obviously!
  7. And that picture is 11 years and 12 days old. League One v Doncaster. The attendance was 31,402. If you're going to have a cheap pointless pop at least don't look stupid while doing so. https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/elland-roads-east-stand-upper-tier-remains-empty-during-the-news-photo/834085166 http://www.wafll.com/leeds-statistics/leeds-2007-08.html
  8. Only the perennially dull Middlesbrough and inexplicably Hull have stopped us scoring at home, while only Hull (again!) have stopped you scoring away from home. 0-0 seems a real outlier, but stranger things have happened. 2-1 to either side. Impossible to call which way IMO.
  9. Of course we're worried. The second best away record coming head to head with the best home record. It has the makings of a classic. But seriously? Driving up and then just one beer in the hotel? And at the ground for an hour before kick off? That's rock 'n roll!
  10. The entire exchange is interesting for what it doesn't say. The police have been made to earn their corn on the thread and have done so with good humour. However there are numerous questions which aren't answered but the implication is that Derby have blown it up and quite possibly lied about the pliers and whether the police came onto their land. Best for all parties if it's laid to rest now, despite an understandable desire to find a scapegoat.
  11. Adult prices for the East Anglian derby start at £38 and presumably go up to £48 as this appears to be an A+ game. £40 for away fans. Adults - £40 - £39 at Leeds65+ - £30 - Same at Leeds but it's actually 60+ whatever the NCFC wesbite might sayU18 - £25 - 16-22 £26 at Leeds U16 - £25 - £18 at LeedsU12 - £17 - U11 - £9 at Leeds Time to stop throwing stones. £37 for Cat B, £39 for Cat A. Ludicrous £5 surcharge for match day sales but as that doesn't apply for home sell outs (to avoid the scenario where home fans try to get in on the day) that's not come into play much this season.
  12. We have this every year. Yes it's ludicrous, but it's been that sort of price for years now. People act all surprised. We were charged £35 this season, £30 last, but there was a midweek game a few years back where it was £40. Looking back at my purchase record I paid £33 in 2010 at Carrow Road. That's £42.10 in today's money according to this calculator. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1633409/Historic-inflation-calculator-value-money-changed-1900.html You're charging Sheffield United £35, I think, and adult tickets start at £33 and go up to £43 in your stands. Against you we'll charge £33 to £39. There's not much between us really, and this is a massive game. We'll sell out, and by the looks of it so will you. Why would any club charge below the going rate in this division when our TV deal is so awful?
  13. [quote user="Rupethebear"]About 2500 me thinks.[/quote] You''re correct. City & Leeds will share the stand behind the goal with a block for segregation. You''ll get the corner as usual in addition.
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