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  1. I met Ralph Coates about 10 years ago when, as manager of the Marconi Sports Ground in Chelmsford, he was hosting a 5-a-side tournament. I walked up to him and announced ''Mr Coates, my dad says you are a total b*stard who ruined his 1973''. He was taken aback until he saw me laugh and explain that it was my father''s first Wembley visit and was a diehard NCFC supporter (I was a little too young at the time) as I had been since the early 70s. We had a conversation about Spurs and NCFC for about 20 minutes and he was very engaging and an absolutely top bloke. He sadly passed away a few years ago.
  2. Would have been very non-plussed with this when we were in the Championship. Has been.
  3. This is a direct, unedited quote from Mark Halsey on his blog today. Interesting as retired referees are usually rather reluctant to critisise their brethren. ''Looking back at Simon Hooper’s decisions yesterday, Norwich City fans can feel very disappointed and upset. I don’t blame him because if he’s given the game he’s going to do the game, I blame the PGMOL management that appointed him to it. His first decision – the challenge by Glenn Murray on Graham Dorrans – he lost his chance to stamp his authority on the game early on. You look at the challenge – if it’s careless then it’s a free-kick, nothing else. If it’s reckless, it’s a free-kick and a yellow card. If it’s a reckless challenge that endangers the player’s safety with excessive force, it’s a red card for serious foul play. I know it was early in the game, a lot of experienced referees would’ve red carded that, but for me, you could accept it if a yellow card had come out. But he lost his chance to stamp his authority and the players knew that– they knew what they could get away with. From that moment he didn’t have the respect of the players. The second big decision was the overhead kick from Cameron Jerome – for me that was a fantastic goal, that’s what fans pay a lot of money to see, it was similar to Graziano Pelle’s against QPR last season. It should have been awarded, it wasn’t dangerous play, he was in front of the defender, the defender’s gone to try and head the ball away, the goal should have been given – that was the wrong decision. If you go looking for trouble, trouble will find you. Simon Hooper went looking for trouble when he should have just given the goal and got the hell out of it. And then the third major decision which he’s got wrong was a push by Connor Wickham on Sebastien Bassong, it’s an absolutely blatant penalty. He’s in a great position, he’s looking straight at it – how’s he not seen that as a penalty?'' A slightly more diplomatic version of my thoughts however. Still mad as hell at one of the worst displays of officiating I''ve seen in over 40 years.
  4. Having just ''enjoyed'' watching the review of the season DVD ''Straight Back Up'' I thought I would comment on how poor the production actually is. It could honestly have been put together in someone''s bedroom on a basic PC. The sound is distorted in places, the graphics are Sinclair ZX81 style, the picture definition and quality is really poor (think our League 1 DVD), the segues in-between games cheap (some fading in, some cutting in mid commentary) and culminating in only a brief look at the Play Off Final. You don''t even see Russell Martin lift the trophy and you have to watch the DVD ''extra'', ''Goal of the Season'' feature to see the brilliant second goal at Wembley in full, i.e. from Martin Olsson''s interception! In addition the narrator, Michael Bailey, although excellent in print, and I know its only my opinion, doesn''t come across with any gravitas and if he says ''Alec'' Neil once he says it a hundred times. Also there are no interviews or reaction to games or results, no training ground stuff at all. Not a patch on those Championship and Premier League Paul Lambert era DVDs.In short, the production values are really cheap and hardly worthy of a memorable season. Such a shame as this should be a fantastic souvenir although of course it does provoke some very happy memories.
  5. Firstly, Johnson''s booking. Not officious refereeing, mandatory yellow. I actually thought the ref tried to usher him back to the touchline but Johnson didn''t retreat in time and the rest is history. May be a blessing though, definitely OK for ''Boro (but why spend half an hour discussing this to the exclusion of everything else). Secondly, the original post was about Canary Call. We were spoiled with the Goreham/Adams combo; excellent presenter and articulate and thoughtful opinions from Adams. With Butler you have a fan (and I can''t fault his enthusiasm) however he is someone who is far too matey with everyone, continually interrupts, is ill-informed (yesterday''s criticism of the ref booking Johnson and ignoring Eadie the ''expert'' being an example) and is far too fond of his own voice. Just let the people speak, play devil''s advocate if appropriate and move on. Far too many callers are allowed far too long, some upwards of 10 minutes but that may well be someone else''s decision. Used to be a great show (idiot callers included) but no longer I''m afraid.
  6. The biggest problem with Snodgrass replacing Pilkington is when the opposition have the ball. Our shape was very disciplined on Saturday and from there we were able to condense space, win the ball and spring the occasional counter. Pilkington kept Zabaletta quiet as he tracked back, something which Snodgrass regularly fails to do, the consequence of which is that someone then needs to ''break ranks'' to cover, leaving a gap. Also Pilkington is genuinely two-footed and this gives defenders additional problems when facing him up. I don''t agree that the change is an inability to play twice in four days following injury lay-off, isn''t Snodgrass coming back from a knock? Yobo hasn''t played much recently either. I think we just has to accept that Hughton has his favourites. I have a sneaky feeling we''ll get a result tonight though.
  7. This post just beggars belief. It was always going to be a tough ask playing the lone striker in a 4-5-1 formation, particularly for one not blessed with great pace but I for one thought Morison worked hard against a pretty solid and mobile Newcastle defence. I would question whether our midfield joined in quickly enough but even that would be a little harsh. Such is the negativity of OP I would suggest they sod off back to TWTD and leave this message board for those who genuinely support our team.  
  8. I have to say that Radio Norfolk''s hithertoo excellent NCFC coverage has dipped with Rob Butler''s ascent to anchoring The Scrimmage, the Friday teatime programme and Canary Call. Firstly I cringe with his all too matey on-air relationship with the ex-pro guests and secondly he gives the impression that he is the single most important person on the radio at any given point and by that I mean the continual interruption of the ex-pro guests and the Canary callers to pedal and then reinforce his own views. All three programmes used to be essential listening for City supporters. The Scrimmage with Chris Goreham at the helm was good fun but plummeted with a number of guest presenters and now Rob Butler and Canary Call was excellent with Neil Adams in the chair however with Rob Butler, in the mistaken belief that the programme is a vehicle for his views, has spoiled it for most City supporters I know. Less from Mr Butler may be more.   
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