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  1. Wouldn''t waste the energy, I think he''s had enough credit for what he did here but even he obviously realised he needed a change for his career to develop in the way he wanted. He''s just a.n.other teams manager now, some you like some you hate but you get behind your own team and manager meanwhile and quietly rejoice in his downfall as someone who made the wrong choice when it happens.
  2. No. How much would it take for you to perform fellatio on a goat? £1m ? £10m ? £100m ? When you find your price let me know and that is what your soul - your integrity, your dignity is worth. Obviously people into doing that with goats the question is not for you!
  3. We spent a lot of money developing these players to Premiership standard so they won''t be cheap. Him saying he wants them won''t necessarily make it so and it will surely be a decision for our management not Villa''s. Lambert may have taken us for mugs in the underhand manner he disguised his intention of leaving, nothing we could do about his behaviour but the pressure is all on him now to prove his worth to AV, not us.
  4. AJ - we haven''t got a manager at the mo - so who is spending the transfer budget and deciding on the team for next season?
  5. The old standard.... ....Gone to the dogs years ago...
  6. Perhaps I do Branston, I don''t deny that timing is an issue but merely that these things often happen I suppose where not everyone is on the same page. i doubt we''ll ever know the true timeline but rather have to rely on press releases from the club which are infrequent and late at best and the issuings from GH''s agent which do seem miss-timed at best also. At th end of the day I can''t see GH as not having a strong affinity with the club and the people and it wouldn''t disappear overnight unless he took all the posts on this board to heart :)
  7. The way I read it all is that GH was promised a conversation on his contract at a certain point which didn''t happen, and went on not happening. I can''t see any disdain from our club captain but rather promises not kept and if Holt is anything like me nothing would make him wonder about his future more. If he hadn''t wanted to be here then he wouldn''t have asked for an extension to his contract - he''d have got his agent to fish around after the 2nd best season an english striker had had. Forgive me for thinking that whilst we have a right to worry about our club GH has to balance that with being the only person he can trust to put his family''s and his own livelihoods first and the signals were poor at best from the club. Timing might not seem right to us but the close season is only a month long!
  8. Gosh, I always thought he picked it up anywhere on the pitch and then ran all the way to the oppo goal and just slotted them. Nothing stopping anyone talking about the rest of the team but what I find odd is a stadium full singing his name one moment and then a few lumpy bo llocks telling him to feck off a couple of weeks later. Perhaps not everyone will be ready to accept that there seems to be blame on both sides - agent / club for this situation to develop. Along with the rest of the team we''ve had the second best english goal scorer in our team and I for one wouldn''t want to just write him off because a few big time charlie''s on here haven''t got the patience to wait for the club and Holt to sort it out.
  9. There was only ever a limited time period that he would be able to keep his cheese on the cracker.
  10. [quote user="Cluck Nose."]Runningsore can feel safe now that the tricycle gang have duly assembled......Everyone ring their bell to let him know he can come out now.[/quote]But Clucky, weren''t you the one who disappeared following my enquiry about your scriptwriters? Do tell, in private do you call Tangy Jeanette or is it maybe Elizabeth...?MEGALOL Tangy! And now you are back, despite protestations that what I have to say interests you....not at all.PMSL matey.
  11. [quote user="Cluck Nose."][quote user="Ruddygore"]And the monkey joins his grinder...[/quote]No gang to back you up yet ulcerated wound?Oh dear.... [:''(][/quote]Do you use the same scriptwriters as the Crankies? Is Tangy the little one who receives?
  12. With the greatest respect Clucker, you are a boring fu ker.
  13. I saw Elvis in Asda on the Drayton Rd. He''d be a crap manager but I heard he used to fill stadiums.
  14. I have no idea when Lambert''s 1 year rolling contract runs to - ie. when it ends but presuming there is still time on it and that terms have not been agreed between the two clubs then it will get messy for Villa. We can in the meantime employ whoever we wish on a separate contract and call him what we like to do the managers role while Lambert is still technically and to all intents and purposes contracted to us. Bits of paper signed do count for something with the FA, if they didn''t the FA would be facing anarchy and the leagues could next try dual signing players!
  15. Top Lambert moment No 1. "I love it here, I''ll be here until Delia wants to get rid of me".
  16. Cunning more than clever, looks after Number 1. Think he''ll have time to regret this move though but maybe he''ll be just cunning enough to use it as a stepping stone to other things just as he has done through his career. It''s not big, not clever, just the way it is - not sure football management has ever been any different tbh. Let''s face it some times the grass isn''t always greener but another club giving you some attention, showing a bit of interest can turn their heads.
  17. Disappointed now it is finally fact, there will still be some more fallout I expect with Holt, maybe Culverhouse but I think calling anyone who leaves no matter under what circumstances warrants "Judas" - just seems to smack of a bit of lacking more class then the person leaving. Not really convinced that you''re not a binner Wurzell.
  18. Not saying there haven''t been exceptions for some periods Iwan but Lerner is a businessman who has lost half his personal fortune between 2008 and 2011. Things change and maybe MON was an expensive lesson for Lerner who has seen what Lambert can do on a budget.
  19. If any manager at any club who has enjoyed success and brought some pride to their supporters ever returns to bring more it''s only a job at the end of the day. Managers and players are mercenaries - we pay them to do a job - they succeed - we carry on paying them - they fail - we get rid. There''s very little loyalty in football at the paid level, its only volunteers, fans and some owners who are forever.
  20. Villa must be a very big club to be trying to find loopholes so that they don''t have to pay a small family club a little bit of compensation. Sounds like finances are tighter then certain managers may have been led to believe. Always been the same old story at Villa especially during the Doug Ellis days. Tight as a ducks ar se and managers go there thinking they''ve hit the big time only to realise that the pot was full of fools gold. Only time they''ve had some success was when they sold their souls and club into penury with more debt than Greece. Turn around Paul Lambert.
  21. The fact it is 2nd, 3rd lead or even on the radar means we''ve arrived in the big time and even if people have strong feelings about the situation at the end of the day it''s the same story up and down the country through all the leagues to non league. We may feel let down by how two leading figures at the club have behaved or not but our bitterness in public only reduces us - diminishes our dignity imo. Just because some of us aren''t pouring out our disdain or anger doesn''t mean we are living under a rock, some of us have just hardened our resolve and refuse to be brought low by this. The new season will start, we''ll have a full squad with some heroes and a manager to get behind whatever happens over the silly season.
  22. Cruel but fair business management and a bit of patience (which might be a bit beyond the odd city fan''s resources) might yet take us out of the small family club category. Can''t see the small family fans disappearing though.
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