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  1. SouthOfTheRiver


    I think evidence suggests otherwise, three always have to go down and it's not that easy to get back. Spending in Championship doesn't guarantee promotion. Its all about psychology, its the hardest league in the world.
  2. SouthOfTheRiver

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Top, top player. We won't keep hold of him.
  3. SouthOfTheRiver

    Bennett update anyone?

    Preparing for the game against Orient I''d imagine.
  4. SouthOfTheRiver

    Loan deal involving Bennett

    [quote user="Philipo87"]

    This is just pure speculation with no inside information behind it.

    We all know Lambert wanted Bennett and could not get him before the window shut as Brighton were playing hard to get. It wouldnt supprise me at all if we were to get Bennett on loan untill the end of the season with the move to be made permenant in the summer.

    It would leave Lambert with a bit more time to negotiate and the play to kick up a bit more fuss about not being allowed to leave when he put a transfer request in!


    Never in a million years, This was the deal that never was. Brighton were never going to let him go in the transfer window.