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  1. This reminds me of a piece in Bryan Gunn''s autobiography. At Aberdeen Gunn played a long run of games as Jim Leighton was injured. Gunny played really well but as soon as Leighton was fit he went straight back into the team. Fergie said that Leighton was his number 1 and that didn''t chhange even after a long spell on the sidelines. So, if Ruddy is fit he should play.
  2. I was gutted about today''s result and the incidents which lead to them but I am now wondering if the manner of our defeat could actually be a good thing. This wasn''t a game we expected to get much from but we very nearly did, so will the performance give the team some belief going into the last games? They''ll also be pretty fired up and determined to right the wrongs of yesterday so I''m feeling positive.
  3. 1. Since I was 8 (1985) 2. Hoolahan although others are now showing their mettle (Pilkington, Ruddy, Johnson, Tierney) 3. Darren Bent 4. Ummm, Tom Hanks apparently supports them. Always quite liked them but not sure if they are going in the right direction. 5. 2-1 Norwich 6. 10th 7. 12th 8. My great uncle (RIP) 9. My first game was a 0-0 versus Charlton circa 1989/1990. My mum took myself and my cousin. We arrived really early and were sat in about row 4 of the old South Stand in an empty stadium about 2 hrs before kick off. Andy Townsend was having a wander around and came over and said hello. That''s all I can remember other than my cousin gettimg very excited about Robert Rosario coming on as she quite liked him. My first NCFC occasion was attending the Steve Bruce Soccer School in 1987. I was 10 and only one of two girls there. Steve Bruce came into the hall before the start of the tournament and apologised to us all for leaving that season. 10. Well I went to Old Trafford (home end) and it was pretty special seeing the yellow army in the corner and witnessing my team running out onto the pitch at the Theatre of Dreams. 11. Sadly not many as I live in Winchester. Got to quite a few away games in League One and Championship level as there are more teams down this way. Hoping to get to another 4 or 5 this season including one home game as usual. 12. I don''t think about it - if i want to go I''ll save to make sure I get there. 13. Survival. 14. Yes, but it does not seem as obvious as the Bayern Munich triumph when everyone with a small connection to Norfolk suddenly adopted the Canaries as their team. 15. No. As a number have said there are hungrier managers out there - just keep your hands off ours!
  4. I also thought it was a nice touch when the mascots were doing a lap of honour before the game and the Pompey guy in charge picked up the one Norwich mascot so we could all cheer him :o) What a great memory for that little lad.
  5. They could be right, but wasn''t it Talksport who said PL had resigned and was on his way to Burnley not too long ago?
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