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    The New Shirt Has Arrived

    Having read all the posts I have to say I wholeheartedley agree with footycanary.......





    about the shirts. Just about everything else that was spouted was pure drivel!

  2. Pboro Canary

    Norwich City fans

    Peterborough for my sins
  3. Pboro Canary

    The best goal you ever scored?

    Playing 7-a-side against another company in the same building as ours & managed the perfect hat trick - glancing header from a corner, left foot tap in but my third was the best.


    Corner at our end was cleared up the pitch where myself & the last defender were standing. I dummied to run towards the ball drawing the defender with me which took him too far away from the flight of the ball before turning with a bit of pace to take the ball down & head towards goal from around the halfway line. As I approached the ''D'' the keeper ran out to close me down so I chipped the ball over him. Curling my run off to celebrate I noticed I''d overhit the shot & it was looking like it would hit the bar & come back out. Heading back towards goal I was pleased to see the ball kiss the bottom of the bar & drop in.


    Cue maniacal celebrations as it was the first (and only) hat trick I''ve ever scored! Good time

  4. Pboro Canary

    Who's applying then?

    Application done! Plan to mention 9-2 if I get given the chance!!
  5. Pboro Canary

    Strikers - Goals - League

    Holt - 11

    Jackson - 8

    Vaughan - 8

    Morrison - 6


    Pretty sure Russell Martin will out-score Chris Martin for us this season

  6. Pboro Canary

    Name and Number?

    [quote user="Wizard Horn"][quote user="PhatCanary"][quote user="Pboro Canary"]

    I know this is entireley too soft to say on this forum but I''ll be waiting until my wife gives birth to our first child in November to get my shirt done, at which point it will be ''Daddy'' with the number being whatever day she gives birth on.


    I apologise profusely for my soppiness!!


    No need for apologies,having your first child is a wonderful thing and i don''t blame you for wanting to be a bit soppy,having four kids i can tell you from experience you feel like it with all of them! Good luck for November. 


    Hear hear - good luck in November - and good luck in the future when you have to buy them a new shirt every season!!!!



    Thanks for the kind words guys - I''ll be more than happy to buy them a shirt each year! I''ve already been warning people that if it''s a boy I won''t be tolerating anything being bought that''s blue & white!!!

  7. Pboro Canary

    Name and Number?

    I know this is entireley too soft to say on this forum but I''ll be waiting until my wife gives birth to our first child in November to get my shirt done, at which point it will be ''Daddy'' with the number being whatever day she gives birth on.


    I apologise profusely for my soppiness!!

  8. Pboro Canary

    Norfolk through and through

    Ledley King (s Lynn)
  9. Pboro Canary

    Here is the new kit guys

    Shirt ordered = happy me!


    Loving the retro simplicity it has to it - roll on the moment when it gets put through my letter box!!

  10. Pboro Canary

    Morison goal compilation

    If Messi had scored the goal that Morison did against Scunthorpe pundits everywhere would be wetting themselves with joy!!

    Looks a better player than what I remember seeing of him & if he can do that for us along with Holt, Jackson & Vaughan, we will have one hell of a strikeforce!
  11. Pboro Canary

    James Vaughan goal compilation

    Great pace, strength & an eye for goal - looks like he could be something very special in a green & yellow shirt.

    His third against Pompey (fourth goal on the vid) came from a very Holt-esque set up too
  12. 1. Peterborough United (2.3 m)

    London Road

    2. Leicester City (36.4 m)

    Walkers Stadium

    3. Northampton Town (37.0 m)

    Sixfields Stadium

    4. Nottingham Forest (43.2 m)

    City Ground

    5. Notts County (43.5 m)

    Meadow Lane

    6. Milton Keynes Dons (44.5 m)


    7. Lincoln City (44.8 m)

    Sincil Bank

    8. Coventry City (52.2 m)

    Ricoh Arena

    9. Derby County (53.9 m)

    Pride Park Stadium

    10. Burton Albion (58.7 m)

    Pirelli Stadium

    Carrow Road is 83 miles from my gaff, but I''ll be damned if I was going to support a team in blue & white just because they are my local!!!

  13. Pboro Canary

    Colchester fans still bitter.

    I''m quite upset by this article to be honest. Not so much the content within but the fact my comment at 2:50pm was edited. It should read at the end ''Please check your facts before writing such twaddle'' [:p]

  14. Pboro Canary

    Favourite goal this season and why

    Have to agree with the two that have already said Holt''s winner vs Reading. Sweet enough after being robbed at their place but made all the better as it was Harte that didn''t notice Holt coming in to tuck it away
  15. Pboro Canary

    Mark Bright - Twitter



    Looks like someone beat me to it - Personal Life, 3rd Paragraph!!

  16. I''ve sent a message through to David McNally on Twitter to see if he could get a message through to Simeon - you never know - it might help!!


    If you need any photography doing give me a shout - I won''t claim to be the best but I am relativley local (Peterborough). You can have a look at my stuff on http://www.flickr.com/photos/morphew84

  17. Pboro Canary


    Pah! We''re only competing against Bayern Munich, AC Milan & Valencia for his signature - should be easy I reckon...... [;)]
  18. Pboro Canary

    What y'all listening to?

    Currently flicking between Foo Fighters - Wasting Light, Chase & Status - No More Idols & Brandon Flowers - Flamingo
  19. Not sure what the costs involved would be etc. but have you considered hosting a game for ''Joe Public'' who can pay for their place on the pitch. If I remember rightly Norwich did/do something similar for charity where they get a couple of legends to play for each side.


    I for one would put in a cheeky little bid to be able to walk out at a proper football stadium in front of friends & family for a match.

  20. I think the OP was referring to Darel Russell rather than Russell Martin (Hence the ''relegated with PNE'')


    Wouldn''t surprise me if it was Wilbraham - feel sorry for the lad as he just started to find his feet before getting injured but don''t think he''ll cut it in the Prem.

  21. Just a thought but didn''t Simeon play for R&D for a few years - might be worth someone getting a message to him to see if he could help. Obviously I''m not suggesting he could pay the whole amount but he might be willing to help out with a donation out of the reach of most of us on here.

  22. As we''ve not been past the third round in either the FA Cup or League Cup for the past two seasons & have been promoted in both, I''d be more than happy going out early in both, keeping the squad fit for the league & not having to worry about midweek trips away to League 1/2 sides who will be more than happy to kick seven bells out of our boys for 90 minutes.
  23. Pboro Canary

    If he did go, we know he wont....

    [quote user="zemas tendon"]

    Top 5 Replacements

    1.Paul Ince

    2.Big Sam

    3.Dario Gradi

    4.Lee Clark




    In your other thread you say we could easily replace him now we have Premier League football & money, and your number one candidate to replace him would be Paul Ince?? [^o)] [8-)]

  24. Pboro Canary

    Lambert Can Go

    Can''t see what would have changed between Lambert saying he''d sign a 20 year contract with us if it was offered to now aside from the fact that a job at a now Championship team in turmoil that will need so much wage cutting & rebuilding that I think it will struggle to come back up has become available.


    Viva la Lambert!

  25. Pboro Canary

    If he did go, we know he wont....

    O''Neil or Chris Hughton