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    How much money?

    How much money do you think we have bagged selling Holt, Vaughan, Martin etc in fees and how much wages have we saved as I believe Holt was on £30k p/w alone.

    My guess is £3m in fees so far and £70k. This for me is a nice war chest to get a couple of really decent first choice attacking player/s.

  2. Jersey Canary

    Grant Holt: Let's Have A Vote


    Holt needs to lay each week or he become rusty.
  3. Jersey Canary

    Nathan Redmond Looks like he's chosen us!

    [quote user="CDMullins"][quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Money talks, so i guess that comes into it. I can''t kid myself that Everton arent the bigger team with better players, but I feel we are pushing onwards whereas Everton are in decline. Redmond may be a better fit at Norwich where his pace and directness are desperately needed.[/quote]Why are Everton in decline?Not so sure why everyone are writing them off so early[/quote]

    Everton are a club that has been decline for 20 years. No longer in contention and watched clubs all around them generate more money than them (Norwich turnover £5m less than the so called big club). Unless they get a benefactor owner they will never be a force again and Moyes hit the glass ceiling with them. It''s all downhill from here over a number of years into the mid table/relegation candidates.
  4. Jersey Canary

    Chelsea bid for Ruddy turned down

    £10m plus then sell. £6 for Fraser Forster and job done. £4m to put towards more creativity in our team.
  5. Jersey Canary

    lier or not?

    [quote user="darcy"]I got offered a season ticket on Wednesday -

    I''ve been on the list since around Dec 2011.

    I could pick any of the seats available (there were quite a few - as I was just looking for a single seat!)[/quote]

    I''ve just bagged my second seat and I have been on the waiting list similar time to yourself.
  6. He''s good enough for Ipswich that''s about it!
  7. Jersey Canary

    Palace or Watford ?

    [quote user="Dandy Mountfarto"]Watford, I want to see what the Prem would do about their transfer embargo. The ''right'' thing to do of course would be to let it stand and make them play the first half of the season with only 14 pros + their academy, but when has the Prem ever done the right thing?[/quote]I agree.
  8. Jersey Canary

    Is the Wigan win good for us or not?

    I''m not sure. Hopefully they''ve had damned good party this weekend!

    What do you think?
  9. Jersey Canary

    Intersting read & poll

    [quote user="can u sit down please"]Now i know this may not be popular but for those who havent read the article or voted in the poll, have a look here:http://smudgerncfc.com/I think he makes some great points and sums up some peoples feelings really well. For one thread, please put personal differences to the side and purely comment on the content of the article.Enjoy[/quote]

    Even a biased article couldn''t sway the sack vote you are craving.
  10. Jersey Canary

    Managerial Merry go Round

    [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Kamara was a good signing, Becchio might well still be but admittedly until he gets a chance has to go down as a poor signing. Kane is his only blotch and that was a panic buy. Kane''s injury didn''t help either.[/quote]

    I think Kane will make a top class forward except he was the wrong striker at the wrong time.

    Was Beccio a safety policy in case we got relegated is my thinking.

    Kamara was there as an impact player and to raise morale IMO.
  11. [quote user="mr lister"]

    I have been saying to my Son 4 the last two weeks, the teams coming up are probably the worst 4 a long time.

    Cardiff are probably the only ones who may stand a chance thru their backers.


    Hull whilst they have a mid-east backer I can''t see them really competing in the transfer market with the extra money the existing teams in the EPL will get.


    Play-offs dunno!! If Watford come up they only have 14 full time professionals left after the loans go back. We all know that they can''t have 15 loans in the Prem.


    So IMO if we stay up, and we will I hope, there are already two teams who I think are worse than us!!!


    Aren''t Watford under a transfer embargo until January next year for rule bending involving the non disclosure of their parent club''s involvement?
  12. Jersey Canary

    Lets vote on it

  13. Jersey Canary


    [quote user="Kangaroo Court"]Of course losing the best goalkeeper in the country has contributed to our bad form but whatever you think of the management, they''re not total idiots. They''ve obviously made a judgement based on Ruddy''s performances in the development matches and in training that''s he''s not ready. It''s pointless saying things like ''I think Ruddy would have saved it'' as you have no idea whether he would have done or not at his current level or form and fitness.[/quote]

    The fact is Bunn didn''t save it and it doesn''t get any worse than that. Had Ruddy let it in the we would be no worse off than we are now.

    PL strikers have realised that if the place the ball n the owners Bunn won''t get there due to his lack of inches.
  14. [quote user="chicken"]People can moan and bleat all they like. Villa should have been down to at least 10 men.

    Yet again, the refs bottle it.

    Say what you like about performances of our players and our management and coaching team.

    The fact is this is at least the fourth game that has been completely ''thrown'' by the refs.

    Where would we be with ten more points? Just behind West Brom in 9th in all likelihood.

    So think about that before you blame the players. Think about the fact that we have been given less penalties this season than most people in this country have children in a lifetime.

    Think about how already being on a yellow J.Bennett can take down a player in the box, give away a penalty for denying a clear goalscoring shot and not get a second. How Benteke can grab a player by the throat and only see yellow. How Snodgrass in the first half has two players ahead of him and can still be offside.

    Then cast your mind back to the other games of recent weeks so heavily influenced by the mistakes of the officials. Had we had won today we would have now been sitting on 41 points and in 11th place.

    Premier League? Right now all I feel is that it is a disgrace.

    I''m truly gutted and can''t help but feel, that like in games where you sure bet goalscorer misses a couple of sitters, this is one that might not end happily.

    But my view is that this has nothing to do with Hughton and everything to do with the referees and the fact that we have got sod all from them this season, nil, nout, nadda.[/quote]

    To be fair how many times should have Holt been sent off recently?
  15. Jersey Canary


    I''ve only just seen the Villa highlights and I think Ruddy would have saved the first goal as he has a bigger reach and generally he is a better goalie. I have been calling for Ruddy to be re-instated and I think now is as good a time as any.
  16. Jersey Canary

    Chris Goreham

    Chris needs to ask Hughton at the end of the next game that had he had the chance to re-run 2013''s fixtures again would he have gone about those fixtures differently?

    If the answer is no then needs to be sacked immediately in my view.

  17. Jersey Canary

    End of season celebration cancelled

    [quote user="mendhams_rusty_shank"]its an empty gesture to try and take some heat off

    and, end of season dinners, should be held, at the end.of.the.season[/quote]I agree, why on earth would you have an end of season dinner at any other time than at the end of season is beyond me.
  18. [quote user="Simo8686"]

    [quote user="a1canary"]...because so many of the remaining games are between the relegation candidates. They cant all win. If Sunderland beat Stoke tomorrow, Stoke then play Spurs an Southampton. Let''s not forget Fulham who are on 40 and have Liverpool and Swansea away. So if we do get to 41, that leaves 7 sides other than us who will need to get the same points for us to go down. This is truly horrendous though. It''s all i''m thinking about from the moment from the minute i wake to the moment i sleep. Times like this i wish i never discovered football.[/quote]

    My worse scenario is we don''t pick up another point and go down on goal difference with Newcastle finishing above us, I can see them not getting another point and the same with us, but I think Man C will hammer us and ruin are goal difference, however if we do manage to win Saturday, I would suggest its likely we are safe

    [/quote]This is my fear too although I cannot see us losing against WBA which means that Newcastle need to pick a point up somewhere.
  19. Jersey Canary

    On the downside...

    How many times have we won at Man City over the years?When Man City played Swansea it was at the Liberty Stadium which is a different tettle of fish.And to use your argument against you, had we played like we did against Swansea in the first half all season we would be in the top 8.  Instead we have more Wigan and Stoke away''s than Swansea away and that''s the frustrating thing.
  20. Jersey Canary

    On the plus side

    Do the season ticket prices reduce if we go down?
  21. Jersey Canary

    On the downside...

    If the seaon comes down to goal difference, I can see us getting stuffed by Man City a bit like the Fulham game a few seasons ago and we will have the worst goal difference in the bottom few.Worrying.
  22. Jersey Canary

    On the plus side

    Team for next season should the worst happens:Bunn,Martin, Bennett, Turner, WhittakerBennett, Johnson, Howson, AN OtherHoolahanHolt/ Becchio/VaughanFox, Barnett, Rudd, Tierney, Tettey, AdeyemiRuddy, Snoddy and Pilks will be sold, RvW will be loaned out for a season.Totally against my PL view, I think Kamara would do a job in the Championship. So overall I don''t think the team is too bad for next season with plenty of goals if we play the way we did yesterday.However, I do think well beat WBA and we''ll be okay.  Fingers crossed

  23. Jersey Canary


    Between us and Newcastle IMO.

    Newcastle have QPR away which is difficult and Arsenal at home. We have WBA and Man City.

    Hopefully lethargic Newcastle turn up for the last 2 games.
  24. Jersey Canary

    What my Vile mate said...

    [quote user="NorthWalesCanary"]My Villa mate has been the same. Think the 6-1 win on Monday has gone to their heads.[/quote]Normally after a big win teams tend to draw or lose their next gamre as the previous result tends to go to their heads (unless they are a top 4 team).  Plus the opporsition (Norwich) in the next game may try harder because they won''t take Villa for granted.  Had Villa lost or drawn their last game the phsycology from both teams would be different.Just an observation.
  25. Jersey Canary

    Pilks for the off ???

    I think Pilks iris one of our best players when fully fit and I still think Pilks could be tried as the second striker or the Hoolahan role as he is two footed, relatively quick, got an eye for goal and is around 6 ft tall I would have thought which gives our attacking line more presence. When this argument is put forward I would rather have him in the side rather than KK. Put Snoddy on the left, Benno on the right and give it a damned good go until the end of the season.

    The other thing to consider is Hughton feels he can get better value from abroad, so if McNally can get £10-15m for Pilks then maybe a Carzorla might arrive at CR as he didn''t cost that much more and someone like him is just what we are looking for.

    Just a thought.