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    Hull ticket for sale

    Still available.
  2. Jersey Canary

    Holtby on loan?

    Yes please. Ideal candidate to play behind the strikers as a more classy Hoolahan.
  3. Jersey Canary

    Hull ticket for sale


    I have a spare ticket for the Hull game in the Upper Barclay 3 rows from the front.

    RRP is £30 and the seat is yours for the game at £25.

    Please call 07798725406 if interested.


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    For Sale - Fulham and Man Utd tickets

    Fulham ticket sold as well.  Sorry.
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    Mid term report

    I think with the internal strife at certain clubs I think one of them will fill the void that is the last relegation place.  My bet would be on Cardiff especially if there is no money knocking about in January.  However, WBA are looking as though they are on the crossroads as well as the talk of who their next manager is wouldn''t fill me with excitement if I was a fan.  Again there is talk of no money at the Hawthorns as well so maybe that will effect them also.I think both Palace and Sunderland have had their new manager revival and reality has kicked in.  Clubs are now paying more attention to them thus finding them out.We do have to have in the back of our minds our run in so we need 40 point on the board by game 34 or we are going to be in the brown stuff.  But overall I think we''ll be fine.
  6. Jersey Canary

    Mid term report

    I have nto posted for a while so I thought I would grace you with my thoughts of where we are up to:Yes we still have teething problems within the squad as the team are not quite firing on all cylinders, but the team are drastically better than we were earlier on in the season.  So for all the stick Hughton got early doors (and rightly so), he also needs credit for gradulally sorting the problems out.I am really looking forward to seeing RvW and Hooper playing together in a team that is going to create some chances for them.  It must have been soul destroying for RvW earlier in the season hardly getting a kick and then getting stick for not scoring too often.Hughton needs praise for the pre season signings, Hooper, Olsson, Fer and Redmond are definately an improvement on what we had and I thing we got the players at a good price.  RvW I feel will make it if he is given service and plays with Hooper, but as he has not done it yet the jury still has to be out however I am positive on this as well.Issues - We despirately need a right back who is of similar quality to the excellet Olsson.  Martin is steady and I would say a PL backup RB but not good enough in passing or attacking to warrant a first team place.  Whittaker, although dangerous going forward, his passing the last couple of games has been terrible and his decision making and defending leaves a lot to be desired.  My first choice RB would be Kyle Naughton.We also need another defensive midfielder or another Fer.  In the PL you need to be able to boss the midfield and if we had a Gary Meddel (Cardiff, Canas (Swansea) or Jedinak (CP) type players who are getting rave reviews I think our defensive play would improve.  I think Jedinak who has been getting rave reviews in a poor CP team would be achievable at the end of the season.If we can get another attacking midfielder/play just off the striker for away games, someone like Hoolahan but doesn''t do silly things in dangerous positions and also scores their fair share of goals that would be the icing on the cake.  Would that be Toivenen?  I haven''t seen him play but what I have read that seems to be the best fit maybe?As for Hughton, I can see why he got the stick he got earlier in the season and justifyably so, however, in McNally we trust.  By sticking with Hughton things have improved somewhat.  We are not the finished article by any stretch but are we going to get relegated? no I don''t think so.  There are definately 3 clubs worse than us.  One thing I would really steer clear of is a clamour for the return of Malky, had he not been a former Norwich player the feedback from Cardiff fans regarding their style of play and seeing how they score most of their goals, had Hughton played like that I am sure the Canary faithful would be upset.  Cardiff tend to score from set pieces and play lots of long balls.  Do we really want that at Carrow Road? I don''t think so.  Apart from that I think it''s work in progress, we are not playing at full pelt just yet but there are signs of life at Carrow Road.  A couple of additions and it would be interesting to see where we can go.OTBC
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    For Sale - Fulham and Man Utd tickets

    Man Utd tickets gone, only Fulham left.
  8. Jersey Canary

    For Sale - Fulham and Man Utd tickets

    Hi,I have a seat 3 rows from the front in the Upper Barclay available for the Fulham and Man Utd matches.£25 for Fulham£45 for Man Utd£45 is face value for both matches suprisingly.Call 07798725406 if interested.  First come first serve.

  9. Jersey Canary

    Hughton to ROI; O'Neill to Norwich

    [quote user="norfolkchance1"]How much impact did it have at Sunderland that John Robertson wasn''t alongside him (with Steve Walford)

    The thought about him coming back reminds me a bit about when Mike Walker came back with a great tide of euphoria and it never really happened for him.

    Is anybody still on the board from when O''Neill left last time?[/quote]

    My thoughts exactly.
  10. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    [quote user="The Great Mass Debater"]Fair comment about Ayala, I still feel like I havent seen enough of him yet to form an opinion, but I dont see him in the Bassong mould, fair enough I was probably wide of the mark saying he was similar to the others.

    Turner was good in the games you mention, but I think his consistency in the second half of the season was key. He may well have been consistent earlier in the season, but perhaps we didnt trust him before that point in the season. When someone plays as badly as he did at the start of the season perhaps it took a while to stop feeling like a big mistake was always in him. Perhaps the second half of the season was simply when even the most sceptical became convinced, so more a reflection of supporter confidence than true performances.

    He was terrible when he started though. Hard to know why that was. Was he not match fit? (think he''d had a good run at the end of the season with Sunderland though, but had been out of the team a lot before then) Did he not get the sufficient prep work in pre-season. Did he simply not know his team-mates well enough?

    Hopefully having reached the level of performances he did last season, his teething problems were simply that and he will start the season well.

    Holt was always felt to start the season off form and fitness. Lets hope this wasnt the same with Turner and he starts the season the way he finished the last[/quote]

    That''s how I see it as well. If we are going for more ball playing defenders then Turner might not get a look in and he strikes me of being a player who needs to play regularly to maintain form.
  11. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    [quote user="refjezdavies"][quote user="Jersey Canary"][quote user="refjezdavies"]I don''t mind about the article just your conception of turner as a defender...

    You really don''t have a clue but I fear your not alone[/quote]

    And your opinion is obviously more valid than everyone else''s. You''re just arrogant.[/quote]

    No I''m just right...there''s a difference[/quote]

    No you''re just talking cr@p that''s the difference.
  12. Jersey Canary

    Wigan are after Barnett for £0.5m

    [quote user="Green and Yellow fellow"]Great news, take the £0.5m and get him off the wage bill. Simple.[/quote]

    Good Championship player but not Premier League. Sell and save the wages.
  13. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    [quote user="City1st"][quote user="Jersey Canary"]I could do but I didn''t realise it was such a terrible crime just to paraphrase the article.[/quote]

    you are just making yourself look sillier by the minute


    I am failing to see what I have done that is so wrong. It seems like the message board Police are out in force again trying to stop good debate.
  14. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    I could do but I didn''t realise it was such a terrible crime just to paraphrase the article.
  15. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    [quote user="refjezdavies"]I don''t mind about the article just your conception of turner as a defender...

    You really don''t have a clue but I fear your not alone[/quote]

    And your opinion is obviously more valid than everyone else''s. You''re just arrogant.
  16. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    [quote user="Webbo118"]

    [quote user="Joanna Grey"]"According to one of the papers..." "According to Twitter..." etc, etc. How hard is it to actually state the source?[/quote]

    Haven''t you noticed? Trolling binners never do.


    How hard is it to do some research for yourself? Those who found the article will know I am telling the truth. Whether the article has any foundation is another point. But to go around accusing people and stating things aren''t for you liking is a bit sad.
  17. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    Plus Turner is 29 yrs old I think so age is not going to be kind on a slow CB.
  18. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    [quote user="crabbycanary"]You don''t have to be Usain Bolt to play centre half (ask Rio Ferdinand)[/quote]

    To be fair Ferdinand was quite quick in his time.
  19. Jersey Canary

    Turner to Hull?

    According to one of the papers Turner is going to Hull on loan with a view to a permanent deal.

    Is there any truth in this?

    I would have thought that the way Bennett played towards the ned of the season and the fact that we are looking at expensive centre halves I would that thought this might have legs as Turner is too slow for modern PL football although he did well in the end after a shaky start.
  20. Jersey Canary

    How much money?

    Whenever Holt had a run out of the team either from injury or suspension it took him several games to hit top form. Norwich cannot afford if VWW is not playing to wait a few games for Holt to hit form.

    Plus Holt was a slow starter to the season and this season of all seasons we cannot afford a slow start as we have an exceptionally hard run in.
  21. Jersey Canary

    How much money?

    [quote user="Houston Canary"]No, quite the opposite. When you consider we no longer have Grant Holt, £3m hardly seems worth it unless we''re not in the Prem. and we''re not hunting for lower league diamonds in the rough. You do know that £60m is an annual payment for top level teams, don''t you?[/quote]

    When there is talk of us spending £30m on players and VWW is supposedly on substantially more than Holt p/w, I think these figures are substantial and an extra £3m plus £70kp/w guestimate is extremely handy and not insignificant.
  22. Jersey Canary

    How much money?

    [quote user="Eadie4England"]and camp, ward, tierney[/quote]

    That''s what the etc was for to cover off those released on a free.
  23. Jersey Canary

    How much money?

    [quote user="Joanna Grey"]"My guess is £3m in fees so far and £70k. This for me is a nice war chest to get a couple of really decent first choice attacking player/s. "

    I would be extremely concerned if we were spending £3m on a couple of players for any position, let alone strikers. The £3m will buy 33 to 50% of one striker good enough for us.[/quote]

    It is significant when you roll that money into the £60m TV money we have. This will help buy better quality players. For example, getting a player on a free and paying £70k p/w would be a substantial signing for Norwich.
  24. Jersey Canary

    £2 million+ for a 32 year old

    [quote user="flecky76"]32 is not actually that old these days. Whatever his age anyway, where the hell can you buy a striker who has scored 23 PL goals over the past 2 seasons? Answer, you can''t.

    Consider as well that just staying up again next season gives you another £60m, rather pales a windfall of £2m into insignificance.

    When we struggling in the Champ and League 1 with a £20m debt round our necks like a noose, I liked the idea of gaining monetary wise on transfers and seeking the positives forthe bank balance. Look after the pennies, etc.

    But I''m afraid we are now in the big boys league with a debt free balance. Takiing the positives of minor windfalls from player sales is completely irrelevant these days, or it is when said player is still a key component of the team.

    It''s like watching Richard Branson go shopping in Anglian Square and picking up a couple of coppers he spots on the floor. It won''t happen as he''s setting his sights rather higher than perhaps the days when he was busking on street corners...

    A £2m transfer windfall is potentially rather counter productive here.[/quote]

    The £30k p/w he was on was not insignificant though.