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    Nathan Tyson

    Having Usain Bolt in your side is okay if he can hit barn door, but Tyson can''t. He''s not good enough for Forest he''s definatelty not good enough for us.

    McGugan is a really good shout IMO.
  2. Jersey Canary

    Avram Grant Sacked

    I''d be more interested to see if we get a sell on fee when he goes.
  3. Jersey Canary

    Richie Le Laet

  4. Jersey Canary

    External Striker Options

    I''d go along with Johnson. Good call.
  5. Jersey Canary

    External Striker Options

    It''s only until the end of the season. The other alternative is to go into matches with small men up front and try an d blitz teams with pace.
  6. Jersey Canary

    External Striker Options

    If Holts injured for 2-3 games, Vokes gets recalled we are lacking a big man option and I thin O''Connor is worth a look.
  7. Jersey Canary

    External Striker Options

    I think we can if they are free agents
  8. Jersey Canary

    External Striker Options

    I reckon that we shoudl take a look at Gary O Connor who has just been released by Barnsley. As he is a free agent I think we can snap him up.

    He was once sold for £2.6m and is a big lad who can replace Holt and or Vokes until the end of the season. If he does well who knows maybe we keep him.

    The other alternative is to have a look at Benni McCarthy to see if he is fit enough to do us a job until the end of the seasons but he does have a weight problem according to David Sullivan!

    What do you think?
  9. Jersey Canary

    FA charges QPR on seven counts !!!!!!

    I recon they should be docked any points that this Faulin play played in plus a fine. I am not sure how many points they accumulated over this time but this strikes me a fair.

    I believe this problem was over a month so that could be potentially 12 points or more. QPR got off to a long unbeaten start so it will definately cut into their points tally and bring clubs like Norwich, Swansea etc into play.

    Just a though!
  10. Jersey Canary

    New Striker

    Next season Cody will be more useful as he has a bit of creativity as well as potency. Jackson is just potent (if given a run in the team).
  11. Jersey Canary

    New Striker

    If I was PL I would loan Jackson back to Peterborough with a view to selling him in the summer as a make weight for CMS. We can cope without Jackson as Hooly can play as second striker. We will have Wilbry back shortly and Martin also.

    What do you think?